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Posted 12/10/08 , edited 12/10/08
I would love to visit South Korea someday.
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Posted 12/10/08
Rape sure is nuts

A recent study suggests Genghis Khan's direct patrilineal descendants today constitute ~8% of men in a large area of Asia (~0.5% of the world population).

With 16 million living men carrying his Y-chromosome, Genghis Khan had about 800,000 times the reproductive success of the average man of his age. What was his secret?
Posted 7/28/09
hmm i was suprised when i read it ......... i dont really understand it though............ but i think its all in the past and we should focus for our present AND the future
we all know that presently japan and korea are doing great unlike some asian countries like my own..............
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Posted 6/21/10

tobydiah wrote:

Why are people arguing about countries? I only care if I AM better than YOU.

Japan is strong. Korea is strong bla bla... If I go up to John Ruiz and tell him that Puerto Rico is weaker than South Korea; he'll knock my ass out and tell me that HE is stronger than ME. Quit taking credit for things other people are doing. A an ugly person is ugly regardless of their culture and a retard is still retarded as well.

Black people do a lot of that shit; taking credit for what other people did :/
Well every race for that matter
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Posted 6/22/10
Do not feed the trolls.
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Posted 7/5/10
what the hell are u people talking about for me japan and south korean are both asom e and i was born in south korean so chill out people my god
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Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/17/10
I'm from the philippines and i think both south korea and japan are awesome. Even though japan did treat my ancestors like crap but then i realize that we have to move on in order to live in a better place. I feeel sorry for those ppl who live with hatred, theres more to life than hating someone or something.

I suggest we should just move on and correct our mistakes from the past and treat each other as equal ;]

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