Downloading Vocaloid songs?
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Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/24/08
songs like levan polka are easy to be found, but songs like 'cantarella' which i spent almost one week finding it..

so can anyone link here the page where you can download vocaloid songs? including cantarella, cause curretnly i'm really needing that song
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Posted 7/7/09 , edited 7/8/09
From Yahoo! Answers

To download using nicosound(for every and any song):
~In the 'more info' box on youtube vid pages people usually post the nicovideo code for vocaloid songs (eg.sm735276), just copy that code :D
~Then paste it into the pale yellow search bar/box here on nicosound:
~It should take you to a new page for that particular song, where you may preview the song etc.
~In the middle of the page there is a box with two tabs on the bottom, just click the 2nd one(it says 'パソコンへ転送' which means transfer to pc)
~then it should download directly to your desktop that all there is to it hehe!

(very rarely they can't rip the song and so, you could find another video or pv of the same song and try again)

Alternatives(some songs):

Sometimes people upload songs onto 4shared(direct download site) eg:
or you can just search for them yourself.

And there's Kazearashi's mediafire you can download from too, but most of the names are in their original language Japanese, but not all:

I asked the same question on yahoo! answers and this was the best one out of 2 answers given to me.
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