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Favorite Member of Favorite Bands
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24 / F / somewhere in Asia
Posted 11/20/08
LeeTeuk of Super Junior...
i also like SiWon and Donghae..

YoonA of SNSD..

YunHo, ChangMin and JaeJoong of DBSK

MinHo of Shinee

JungHoon and MinHwan of FT island
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22 / F / In AnCafe's Cafe =P
Posted 11/20/08
i will only name my favorite band ever which is TVXQ / DBSK
My favorite member from TVXQ is Hero JaeJoong
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Posted 11/20/08
S.H.E.- Ella
Fei Lun Hai - Calvin
F4 Vanness - Vic
DBSK - Hero
Super Junior- Hankyung & Heechul
Arashi- Sho & Ohno
News - Ryo
Kat Kut - Jin Alanishi
Lollipop - Ah Wei
Shinhwa - Eric Mun
183 Club Ming Dao
Spice Girls - Mel C & Mel B
Take That - Jason Orange
Pointer Sisters - Anita Pointer
Bee Gees - Robin Gibb
Dir en Grey- Kyo
No Angels - Sandy
Destiny,s Child - Beyonce

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30 / F / California
Posted 11/20/08
Micky from DBSK!!

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25 / F / California, USA
Posted 11/20/08
DBSK > hero & yunho
BIG BANG > t.o.p.
SHINEE > jonghyun & key
SUJU > kibum
NEWS > yamapi
KAT-TUN > kame & jin
ARASHI > jun
FAHRENHEIT > wu chun & aaron
LOLLIPOP > wang zi
F4 > jerry yan
SS501 > hyunjoong
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27 / F / from japan to phi...
Posted 11/21/08

minhwan from ft island
Posted 11/21/08
Park Jung Min from SS501
Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae and Lee Teuk From Super Junior
Andy & Kim Dong Wan from Shinhwa
Park Jung Jin from A'st 1
Seo In Young from Jewelry
Yoo Bin from Wonder Girls
Marumir from U-Kiss
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27 / F / Holland
Posted 1/4/09
Favorites ..

Funny :

KAT-TUN - Koki
NEWS - Kusano/Koyama

Sexy :

NEWS - Yamapi

Personality :

KAT-TUN - Kame
NEWS - Shige

Cute :

KAT-TUN - Ueda
NEWS - Tegoshi

i don't have a #1 Favorite .. because i like them all best differently lolzz ...

for the ones i do have a favorite :

KANJANI8 - Yokoyama
YaYaYah - Shoon
ABC - Fumito
HeySayJump - Takaki
KisMyFt2 - Taisuke

Ohh maybe also fun to say :

Not favorite >.<

Taguchi to Taiyou ... those two are SOOOOOOO irritating lolz .. but ahh well makes me laugh still >.<
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25 / F / france
Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/4/09
wonder girls Ye eun and Yoo bin
dbsk Yunho
big bang T.O.P
arashi Jun
Kattun Jin
Shinhwa Minwo
baby V.O.X Eun hye
suju kangin
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26 / F
Posted 1/4/09
from dbsk-all^^
big bang-all
ft island-Hong gi n JaeJin
shinee-Kei n Jonghyun
Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/4/09
Well...I don't really have many favorite bands, because I'm more of a random listener...I've listened to many asian bands (mainly japanese), sometimes I just enjoy listening to their songs and like some of the members, but I don't consider myself a 'fan' of them exactly...the only band I consider myself really a 'fan' of is KAT-TUN, they're the only j-band I listen to on a regular basis...they are also the only JE band I'm a fan fav members are Kame & Koki!

As for the other JE bands...well, I occasionally enjoy listening to some of their songs, but again, not a fan of either of them...however some of the groups do have members I Arashi I really like Matsujun (he's no.4 on my top 5 idols list), and in Kinki Kids I quite like Domoto Koichi.
Regarding all the other JE boys...well...I'm just neutral towards them.

As for other asian bands...there's also S.H.E, my fav from that group is Ella, although I do like Hebe too...but Selina annoys me though.

to be quite frank, I like more solo singers than groups...even though I like quite a few bands (but to certain extents), Kat-tun is the only band I'm really a fan of
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34 / M / angeles city
Posted 1/4/09

bamboo rocks
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25 / F / With KARA, DBSK,...
Posted 1/4/09
Park Gyuri leader of KARA

She's the girl next to Eun Hyuk
Posted 1/4/09
Ji-Young from KARA ... She is unbelievably cute <3
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24 / M
Posted 1/4/09
Jari Maenpaa from the European Viking/Celtic/Folk Metal bands Ensiferum and Wintersun:

Petri Lindroos from the European Viking/Folk/Melodic Death Metal bands Ensiferum and Norther:
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