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Create Your Own Anti-Akuma Weapon !
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Posted 11/8/08
to b able 2 heal others
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25 / F / • ♥ Varia Headqua...
Posted 11/9/08
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M / Singapore
Posted 1/22/09
I would like it to be an equipment type.
With powers to heal and destroy people.
I can seek into the past and future of a person.
It will be purple.
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Posted 2/1/09
type : parasitic

name of innocent : angel bow

appearance : bow with angel wing

it comes out from my hand.. a bracelet on my hand and active it bcome a bow on my hand

arrow shooting out with angel;s wing then same fuction like judgement.. hit the opponent directly without miss
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Posted 2/1/09
magic type also ok but i have never seen a magic type ..
Posted 2/2/09 , edited 2/2/09
dunno, would definitely have equipment type since parasitics are so rare.
I can't even choose a weapon that I feel would be suitable for fighting akuma...
I love brass knuckles but I feel like it may be hard for fighting them, so it would
have to have a pretty good power... I used to like the thought of tonfa, but then
I read KHR and Hibari had them. If I am gonna come up with something I wan it original. heh

I'll get back to you on that.

Regardless of the weapon I always thought it'd be cool that it had the power to store the souls of the akuma
that it has destroyed, and as it stored more it got more powerful, being able to release the souls as a form
of energy in one attack. Like saving the weapon up. Course it'd have a downside of some sort.
There must be consequences!
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26 / M / I really.. hate t...
Posted 2/17/09 , edited 2/17/09
I already put a lot of thought into this one :3

type: parasitic

inoccence/antiakuma: Gray Wings

appearance: When not activated, the wings appear as a large gray bony line covering the spinal cord. When activated the wings grow into two large wings (like Toshirou Hitsugaya's Bankai in Bleach, the way its like wings made of layers of thick spikes)
At second level the wings expand and cover the hands, becoming two large stone bone claws
Under full activation and beyond Gray Wings take its full form. Two feathery wings sprout from the back and the claws change to one black and one white. Gray Wings becomes Hope's wings

function: In its original form Gray Wings grants flight. Also, like Allen's arm it can expand and grow as willed by me. This can be used both offensively and defensively. Also, Gray wings can fire off Bone stone spikes like feathers in rapid succession.
In its second form Gray wings looses flight, but retains all other powers. It also becomes more versatile in direct attack and becomes more powerful.
In its final form as Hope's Wings, Gray Wings has none of the powers it has under second form. It grants flight, but its main power is no longer in direct attack. Hope's Wings power is to unlock emotions buried deep in the heart of an Akuma, defeating it with its own past humanity by reawakening the human soul inside of it. This power is also effective against a Noah though not as much. Also, Hope's wings can be used on a human in order to empower them with its shine. It can amplify the synchronization of any Exorcist and their Innocents, and when used on a regular human it can grant a temporary anti akuma power to that human. Hope's wings still has a small amount of direct attack ability, and increases my speed monstrously. However, every time Hope's Wings is used for a direct attack it has a heavy recoil.

I have more where that came from, but that ones mine X3
Still working on a crystallized level for it though.. but I'm not sure if Parasites go Crystallized...
Posted 3/20/09
type: parasytic

inoccence/antiakuma: shadow

appearance: dark markings all over the body

function: i can use the markings and turn it into anything (sword, Gun, car)

downside: >.> it burns
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Posted 3/22/09

Type: 2 Parasytic types

Innocence/anti Akuma weapon: Sanctuary Bow/Demons Blade and Tundra Wings

Appearance: On my left arm there would be a black tattoo of a cross for the Bow and Blade and the Tundra Wings are A grayish white and on my back.

Function: Sanctuary Bow is a healing type weapon that heals the wounds of my teammates when a teammate is shot whit this arrow they are healed slowly.

In level two it can heal faster and more wounds

In level three it can heal the effects of the Akuma virus permanently.

Demon Blade: Is a katana that is pure black powers look long enough and you can see the blackness of your own soul! Has the power to create two additional blades that are controlled with the mind

In level two it becomes even sharper and it gains more power if im angry also changes my eye color black as the blade it self

In level three it calls the souls of demons from Hell to do my biding.

Tundra Wings: they are wings that enable me to move a super sonic speed for only five minutes

In level two its color changes and changes power it can't provide super sonic speed but enables me to fly fast

At level three it provides nether but changes color to white and black the left one is white and the right one is black and it boosts the Sanctuary Bow and Demons Blades Power ten fold.

Down sides: If using Sanctuary Bow Third form it as a time limit of 30 minutes if used for 30 minutes it will make the user fall asleep for three days.

When using the Demon Blade third form if the user is to weak the demons will try to eat his soul.

If using the Tundras first level for more then five minutes will start to break down the body when not used fully it takes another five miutes to be able to use it again when using the third level it will use the users life to use on every attack.
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24 / M / usa
Posted 5/16/09
mine would be a parasytic type and it (i have the image in my head) it looks like a tatu on most parts of my body (my face, back, and arms) but i can invoke the tatu to wings (wing shape on my back) and invoke my left arm sorta like allen and wit my right hand i invoke and out of it comes (unseeable) strings that connect to 5 pupets that i hve imagined and my eyes turn black and a beak mask will apear to hide my face. i would ues the (crimson collor) wings fly around and the mask to see the enemies torcherd soul use my pupets to lure them in and use my left arm to destroy them. (sorry if i mispelled!)
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23 / F / US
Posted 6/1/09
Not sure what my weapon would be.
I just want a parasitic one.

Eating a lot like Allen sounds like fun
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22 / F / Surrey
Posted 6/2/09 , edited 6/2/09
Type: Parasitic
Name: Dark Daisy
Description: A daisy tatto intwined on both arms. It changes into a bow, maybe a bit like Kagome + Kikiou's a little more though ( Inuyasha )
and the bow is black with a white arrow that will hit its target everytime.
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27 / M / Deep within my pe...
Posted 6/4/09
type: parasytic
Appearance: A spiraling, white horn covering the entire surface of the right eye
Function: When released, the skin covering the right area of the face melts off, reveling a pearlish white coloured skull, which can duplicate other bones. Bones can either be as hard as carbon, or as weak as graphite. On command bones will aim at the target accurately without user even lifting a finger.

[ When deactivated, skin will heal back at a fast rate ]
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32 / M / Singapore . . .
Posted 6/6/09
My innocence is gonna be a real whooper
Innocence type: Parasitic crystal
Element :Darkness
Name of innocence:God's "dark" side
Appearance/ function: It can take on many forms. First, like Leenalee's blood crystal, my innocence is conjured from inside the body. It first turns my body into crystal. So, when I get blasted, the affected body part vapourises into dust, and then regrows. Thus, my body is almost indestructible. When I grow stronger, the crystal body will grow stronger. Next, my sword can be summoned from another dimension when I need it and returned to the dimension when it is not needed. Finally, my dark ability allows me to control various self created beams and stuff, with the most basic form as chains. And most of the stuff come from the ground or walls. I can fire beams from my hand, of course.
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26 / F / California
Posted 6/8/09
I'm so glad I found a post like this! I've thought up mine LONG ago! haha

Type: Parasitic

Innocence: Crystal Isis

Appearance: A dark green emblem on each palm with a decorated line that connects to the tatooed bracelet on the wrists....they're not tatoos though--they're part of my innocence. Also the same emblems are on each shoulder.

Function: Bright green Crystals form in the hands, wrists, and shoulder blades that can be used for armor, gloves, and shooting spikes. Also, when touching others, I can feel strong emotions and heal broken souls.

I mostly came up with the healing of the soul cuz I was thinking of reviving Kanda's hurt soul. XD You know how the time between the healing of his wounds have become greater? Well I came up with a story where the reason for this was cuz his soul was hurt (its most likely not true but who cares) and I would be the one to heal him ;D

Yeesh, Im such a fangirl
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