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Create Your Own Anti-Akuma Weapon !
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26 / F / California
Posted 6/8/09
no relation to MrAllenWalker's innocence. I came up with mine a while ago

Its just a weird coincidence, I swear >.>
Posted 6/29/09
mine is like allens but its diff

on one side of my arm is like a huge blade which is covered in veins and blood vessels and u no the bloody stuff it reaches from ma shoulder to fingers

the other side is like this big glove which reaches from ma shoulder to fingers its like a white glove with yellow outlines its got layers so some parts of the glove sticks out

i havent thought about the power of it but its like allens

the bloody part is the akums side
the white yellow part is the people or god part
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Posted 7/13/09
It's not something I would use but..

Type: Equip
Name: (can't think of one)
Appearance: Electric Guitar
Function: Sends out destructive sound waves from strumming the strings
Destroy Akuma with the power of Rock and Roll
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27 / M / Earth, US, Califo...
Posted 7/15/09
inoccence: brain....the ability to notice their existence in a 5 km radius and predict their whereabouts, and the ability to decide if they are to exist or perish......kinda cheating power but o well,
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M / Norway
Posted 7/27/09
Type: Weapon
Name: 666spikes
Appearance and function: a round iron ball that changes it's form at the users will.
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25 / F
Posted 8/8/09
1. 2 anti akuma hand guns
2. a whip
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28 / F
Posted 5/9/10
Type: Parasitic
Weapon/Innocence: my blood that can harden and turn into different weapons!
example: Scythe, chainsaw, twin guns, cannons, chains, a large sword, a spear.. and mooorrreee!!!!
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27 / M / nueva ecija,phili...
Posted 5/18/10
i would like:


innocence:love strike

appearance:a red heart on my chest

function:a loneliness-killing innocence which makes two persons(even two guys or girls)can love each other despite of their growing anger to each other............

no down sides ok?
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117 / F / Within a child's...
Posted 5/30/10
Type - Parasitic
Name - Weigth of a Thousand Gods
Apperance - My skin turns black all over, then silver tattoos (like henna) around my body
Function - Fighting close range, my style of fighting is Tai Chi, and when ever I touch a akuma its weigths increases 5x
Ultimute Move - My legs and arms grow a armer around it and smachs everything to bits in a range of 25 kilometers around me

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21 / F / United States
Posted 6/20/10
Type - Parasitic
Name - White/Holy Thunder
What does it do? - I can summon white thunder that electrocutes and obliderates the enemy... i could create strong magnetic fields and magnetize akuma so they smash into each other....

Other Forms - It can take the form of a broadsword formed from my blood, which then is used like a lightning rod that i can control, i can slash into enemies and electrocute them from within

i just thought that whole thing up within the last 10 minutes

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20 / F / New Jersey
Posted 6/30/10
dunno what catergory it would be included in but it would be nice to control shadows. like being able to turn them into blades or bows or shields or wings. i think that would be cool
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117 / M
Posted 7/16/10
mine would be


name: nameless (cant think of one :p)
appearence: stars that i draw on paper/anything i can find, then infuse with innocence

Function: crumple several in my hand , and then they ignite and send out a purging wave, and using more makes them stronger

drawback:it takes time to draw the star perfectly, and if the paper tears before i use it, then it becomes useless.
Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/17/10
Bare with me I had'nt seen this in a Good LONG time.

Innocence type: Equipment

Name of innocence: Dragon's Tooth

Appearance: Silvery Long Drench Coat with a Hoodie. Light as feather.

Function: Can't be Peirced by Most Akuma attacks & Can also Phase other Anti-Akuma weapons while in the 2metre Radius.

Note: This innocence has No actual Offense, but can be used in combination with other weapons to inflict a Phased Element to the Akuma.
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25 / M
Posted 7/18/10 , edited 8/6/10
name: Alexander Boleyn
age 17
type equip
bio: born in Briton however why traveling in India he came across a lamp (yeah u guess it a "genie's lamp) (oh Alexander looks like sasori from naruto with the red hair and no expression however with red curse marks)
weapon: Genie Hunter
appearance: sword, when activated his sword glows white with incantations wrote in red on the blade,
ability: "Awaken!" his sword is as hot as lava but not on fire. Anything it cuts the incantation symbol appears and turns the enemy into ashes. (a very long process the more cuts the faster) he has three attacks called wishes.
First Wish: He can tap into the genie's power through the incantations written on his blade. He can move the incantations anywhere from the ground to his own body or the air.The more he use the incantations the more the incantations appear on his body. When the are on his body he is faster and stronger and is Psychokinetic. When he stabs his sword into the ground and the incantations become a seal (like lavi). The seal size can be multiple sizes. As a result creating a powerful fire storm. Also by waving his hand in the air he can create fire projectiles.
Second Wish: Genie's lamp! The sword red incantations appear on his body and the sword becomes a dark hole that absorbs any attack and powers the blade for a quick counter.
Last Wish: Awaken! his sword shatters and the genie spirit is free. The mist surrounds Alexander and the red genie spirit rises. He has the power of hell fire.

Just like lavi, Alexander can stab his sword into the ground creating a huge seal that makes the mist to come from the ground.
Just like lenalee the innocence can protect its master at will. Alexander is a new type of exorcist called a soul type (that is the red genie spirit if u did not notice)
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25 / M
Posted 7/20/10 , edited 7/15/11
millennium earl uses the Boleyn, a royal family in England in order to take over Europe. However in doing so two siblings Isabella and Alexander both become exorcist
bio: Rich, spoiled girl used to getting her way. Everyone to her were like puppets. She only loves and vows to protect is her brother
name Isabella Boleyn
age 20
innocence: parasitic
weapon: marionette
LVL 1: she is able to create strings out of her soul and attach it to anyone
LVL 2: she is able to create puppets out of the elements.
LVL 3: she summons death to truly free the souls the millennium earl stole

both her and her brother are a new type of exorcists called the soul type because they summon others to fight for them
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