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In the Heart of u...
Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/24/08
Rain in Beijing street

Rain at Backstage & Rehearsal

omo!! It was awesome oppa!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
With my own TV registration hehe!!
I didn't't move from the hotel today

credit: to nina and jas

Rain at Olympic Closing Ceremony othre pic!!

source: benamoo / Korean news site
credit: to mbc HD

Rain, Kelly & Leehom: Beijing, Beijing, I love Beijing

Tonight's Olympic closing ceremony will be live broadcasted around the World. Hong Kong singer, Kelly Chen along with Korean popular singer, Rain, Taiwanese singer, Wang Lee hom, Mainland singers, Han Xue and Tan Jing will sing the song "Beijing, Beijing, I love Beijing" together, also 200 performers will perform shaolin kung fu, will be great.

To avoid any mistakes during the live performance, the organizer request the singers to record the performing songs in advance just in case, the songs included Kelly, Rain and Lee hom's song "Beijing, Beijing, I love Beijing" and another song sing by Andy Lau and Joey Yung.

Source: Apple Daily News
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Posted 8/24/08
i saw him on TV,
i told my family that he was
performing but they all looked at me like wtf....
"he's not Chinese why is he performing"
i was like just watch and see^^
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Posted 8/25/08
yeah I saw him too =D
lol I told my family as well..only mom and bro wanted to see him but poor them
they were sleeping n I couldn't move from my place to wake them xD

nina u're awesome!!!!!!!
thanx for the photos
Posted 8/25/08
well i'm not watching tv much because of my parents so i watched it on youtube and he was pretty handsome i was surprised about his new hairstyle he was looking like an real chinese, i had to look twice to make sure its really him and not someone else
rain's stuff
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Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/25/08
OMG!!!!!! HE WAS REALLY great omo!! Love him so much!!! I told mum too about him when she was watching with me and she said that he was the hottest of the group!!!! Hehe!!

love u baby
and I really liked the cut of hair he was handsome like always!!!!
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Posted 8/26/08
Yeah i went kinda nuts when he came friends and I kinda have formed a small Rain fan club... so we were all on the phone when it was on. Rain is HOT as always..but i like him with longer hair..hehehehe. ..and i feel so proud for him becos he was invited to sing. u had to be be SOMEONE to be invited. its a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity!
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Posted 8/27/08
honto ni???
woah... its a big step forward for Rain.
Hey, what happened to his hair?
it doesnt suit him..
i agree with RainAddict, he is much handsome with longer hair.
Posted 8/28/08

JeongJi-hun wrote:

[Aug-28-2008] Rain: Nikon D90 CF 49s clip
Rain: Nikon D90 Cf video

from tuliplilacshirley @ youtube

Rain Drinks In Olympic Emotions

Singer Rain has spoken about performing at the Beijing Olympic closing ceremony on Sunday. The Korean singer sang the closing theme song “Beijing, Beijing, I Love Beijing” with other Chinese stars, including Hong Kong-based Kelly Chen, Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom, and Chinese star Cecelia Han.

There had been increasing curiosity surrounding Rain’s participation in the ceremony, because his agency refused to confirm it. On Monday, the agency finally broke its silence, saying, “Rain signed a contract to perform at the closing ceremony some three months ago when the International Olympic Committee made an official request. But the contract required us to keep it confidential.”

Before going onstage, Rain said he felt honored and excited when first asked to perform, as though he had been chosen for the national squad. He also seemed overwhelmed with joy after the ceremony. “I have never felt this nervous since my debut,” he said. “I was very moved to see people around the world gather and enjoy this occasion of harmony and festival.”

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Posted 9/17/08
man i soo missed out on this b/c i was doing my stupid laundry at the time!!!! just by lookin at the pics i think that those two chick are too close to ma OPPA!!!
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Posted 9/19/08
AHHHHH I saw him also!!! i was soo surprised nd wen i saw him i was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH its RAIN!!!!!! I couldnt believe i was seeing him live on my very own TV!!!!! AHHHHH!! lol
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Posted 9/21/08
He was at the closing ceremony!?1 Aww, man, I so missed him!
He sure looks great in those pics, though.
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