Name a good MMROPG game...
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Posted 3/24/07
That you enjoyed and you want someone to play it too... Because I need to play a new game but I don't kow what.

Here is what I'm looking for:

-Game must be extremely long (over 50 hours of gameplay or more and still not done)
-Good gameplay
-Great story (tell me something about it, too but not all!!)
-I have:

I'm currently only willing to play those consoles. So please anyone, my Spring Break is killing me to boredom. I need to play something. Don't put FF games, for I already beated FFX-FFXII but not all (oh and yes, including 5 for DS). So, anyone???

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Posted 3/24/07
There are lots of threads for MMORPGs and RPGs already! Here are two, but there are probably many others as well:

There are various threads on specific games too!
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