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Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/25/08
This group is looking for a new MODerator right now.

If You Want To Be A MOD:
You must either able to speak fluent Japanese or be good at editing pictures and membership cards.

What Kind Of MOD Will I Be:
Type 1: You'll be a MOD who will be responsible in the groups' Membership Cards.


Type 2: You'll be helping with the forums and answer the questions they ask.


Application Form

Type 1 - Language MOD

Why do you want to be a MOD?
How often can you help the group?

Type 2 - Editing MOD

Program you're using: (like photoscape/photoshop/lunapic/etc.)
Examples: (at least give us some of your own-made examples like avatars or membership cards or banners and etc.)
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