Racing for your Love
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Authors Note: Hy there xD I know my id is meliss but can you call me Temy-chan please! Cause it’s from my real name -.-’’ Anyway enjoy my new fanfic.

Racing for your love.chapters 1-5

Chapter.1.Character bio.

Mikan Sakura: 15 years old.Girl.She has long auburn hair and brown hazel orbs.

Imai Hotaru: 15 years old.Girl.She has short raven hair and purple orbs.

Ogaswara Nonoko:15 years old.Girl.She has long blue hair and grey orbs.

Umenomiya Anna:15 years old.Girl.She has long pink hair and blue orbs.

Natsume Hyuuga:16 years old.Boy.He has short raven hair and crimson-red orbs.

Nogi Luka:16 years old.Boy.He has short blond hair and aqua-marine coloured orbs.

Kokoroyomi Yume:16 years old.Boy.He has short brown hair and brown orbs.

Andou Tsubasa:18 years old.Boy.Short blue hair and blue orbs,a star shaped tatto under his right eye.

Misaki:17 years old.Girl.Pink hair and pink orbs.

Tobita Yuu.16years old.Boy.blond hair and yellow eyes.He wears glasses.

Koizumi Luna:15 years old.Girl.long blond hair and blue eyes.

Chapter.2. The newbie?

A certain brunette was laying lazzily in her bed watching T.V till....
„Yeah?” said the brunette lazzily.
„Mikan-chan you gotta come quit! A race is going on and a newbie is here,I don’t know his name but he’s hot!!!”
„Calm down Anna! First.Tell me where the hell the race is?”
„In the south, the 2nd area!Hurry up before you loose him!” Anna chuckled.
„ok I’ll hurry up. Try to keep your head on its place till I get there”
„Very funny come on I gotta go”
They hung up.Mikan took a short shower and changed her clothes.She was wearing a black mini-skirt,a quite revealing red T-shirt and high heeled boots which were also red.She quickly ran to the place Anna told her.
.In the south a the 2nd race area.
Mikan finnaly arrived and went to a group of girls.
„Hey everyone!”
„You’re late!” said Hotaru
„Meanie....” said Mikan
„Hey Mikan-chan! You gotta see that newbie! And his ride too!” Anna butted in
„Fine ,fine where is he?”
„There” Anna pointed to a HUGE crowd.
„You’re joking right?” Mikan said in a I-can’t-believe-it tone.
„Unfortunately..... not....” said Anna sweatdropping.
After they got trough the WHOLE crowd they were panting with their eyes closed.
Mikan slowly opened her eyes and she was stunned.In front of her was a boy with messy raven-hair,leaning on a black motocycle.He had red crimson eyes,white pale skin which suited his looks.His body wasn’t too masculine neither femine it was just perfect.He was perfect.She was mesmarized by him till she saw his lips moving and heard a voice saying.
„Take a picture,it’ll last longer.” The boy said sarcasticaly.
Just then Mikan realized that she was staring at him.
„Hu-uh-hy” were the only words that left her mouth.
„Hn” was his simple reply.
Mikan faught the urge to stare at him but...well... lost and she found herself starring at him again.His face was stoic.Not a single emotion displayed on it.
„Oi Mikan-chan!” said A boy with short brown hair.
„Oh hy Koko”
Two other boys came from his back.One with blond hair and blue eyes and another blond with yellow eyes.
„Hy Luka!Yuu!” the brunette said cheerfully as she took another glance at the raven haired boy.The other 3 boys looked at what she was starring and sighed.
„So,he’s your new victim?” said Koko still sighing.
„Yeah...” the brunette responded with an innocent smile.
„You’re really dense for a playgirl you know that?” said a deep voice behind her.
„mou Tsubasa that’s not true! Anyway Koko... know something about the newbie?”
„Not much.His name is Natsume Hyuuga,16 years old.That’s all I found out”
„That’s pretty usseles..” sighed
„He’s not the sociall type I guess...”
„He’s at our school...and he’s not social at all.I hardly got him to speak to me for more then 5 minutes..” said Luka
„He’s at your school???? Why didn’t you say that earlie-.”
She was cut off by the announcer
„The race will start in 5 minutes.All the competetors are asked to go to their places”
„Oh I gotta go little girl! Watch me win!” said Tsubasa VERY conffident on himself...
„I hope he looses...” Mikan whispered,but Koko heard it.
„Mikan he never loosed before...what makes you think he’ll loose this aren’t thinking that a newbie can beat him do you?”
Mikan sighed...After 5 minutes all the racers were on their motocycles in the middle of the road,side by side (with distance of course:D).The announcer started...
All of them dissapeared in high speed.The race went as it ussually did...with Tsubasa in the lead,but near the end something different happened.Natsume „the newbie” took the lead right in Tsubasas face and he WON?!
„I..” Mikan started
„...Can’t...” Koko continued
„..believe...” Anna continued
„” Hotaru? Even she was damn surprised.
„KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” all the fangirls? Yelled.
Tsubasa couldn’t believe his eyes.He lost?To a newbie?It was a Huge shame to loose especially to a newbie.So he quickly shouted.
„I want a rematch!”
Natsume took his helmet off and Sighed? Strange...
„What...Can’t accept loss?”
Everyone stared at him.He was challenging Andou? He didn’t know who he was dealing with...most of the people tough.Tsubasa was himself annoyed by his words he just couldn’t find a right comeback and no excuse came in his mind.
„Did the cat caught your tongue?” Natsume was really asking for it...
„Y..You little annoying brat!” he yelled and marched towards him to land a punch on his face but he...dodged it!
„You’re really acting like a cave-man you know that?” Natsume continued with a smirk plastared on his face.
„hmmmm....he’s intresting...” Mikan said smiling to herself „I think I’ll play with him a little longer.”
„’re getting mean....” said Koko sweatdropping
„it’s usseles....she was born stupid and she’ll remain that way” said a smirking Hotaru
„Hotaru! know what! I’m not going to argue with you this time.I wanna see what happenes between those 2” she said poiting to Natsume and Tsubasa.
„What did you say?!” Tsubasa yelled
„I know you heard me Andou.”
Tsubasa tried to punch him again but he just continued dodgeing it...
„You should stop with the drama you know.You lost.Deal with it.It’s not the end of the world.” He said still emotionless as ever. „Or you want to get attention?”
At those words Tsubasa stopped;he’s bangs covering his eyes and he ran away.
„Coward...” Natsume whispered.
„Hy again!” said our cheerful brunette looking at him.
`that girl aagain...` he tought.
„What do you want?”
„Oh how rude!”
„I was just wondering....since your only 16 are you allowed to ride a motocycle?”
‚Crap’ he tought again ‚they caught me’
„Mikan-chan’s right!” said a random girl.
„Yeah he isn’t allowed to use the motocycle!” another guy said
„He cheated” another one said
„Crap.Thanks a lot little girl” he said
„I was just wondering...”
„Keep those kind of toughts to yourself!” he said
She leaned closer to his ear....she stopped when her breathe was tickling his hear.She put a paper in his pocket and whispered in his ear „Go NOW!”
He didn’t waste any time.He quickly hopped on his motocycle,turned his engine on.....and Out he was!
„He ran away!” said a random guy
„Coward” another one said
„Still he was a good driver...” a girl said
„yeah,he beated Andou...who by the way... where is he?” another one said
„What the HELL did you excepect him to do? To stay here and be beat by you?” Mikan asked
„Yaycks! She’s scary” everyone whispered
„ they’re gossiping me...still I’ll make that hottie mine soon enough...”

~~end of chapter~~

Chapter.3.Moving on?

Later Natsume finnaly arrived home.He went to his computer and found something that annoyed him.He didn’t close the chatroom and this is what he found....

BlackRose:Hey?did Natsume go?
Mochu-kun:yeah I guess so...
I-am-random:he left his PC on....
Annoyed-one:and he’s always surprised why his electricity tax’s so high *sighs*
Mochu-kun:where does he sppend his money anyway?
BlackRose: dunno
I-am-random:Maybe he buys himself some bra’s *laughs*
BlackRose:yeah... *laughs along*
Annoyed-one: 34B or 36C Natsu-chan?
BlackRose: looool
Mochu-kun:hmmmm guys you know....he’s still in the chat and when he comes back he can read this you know....
I-am-random:Natsume I didn’t do it on purpose
BlackRose:I only laughed.please don’t kill me.
Annoyed-one:hehe....*sweatdropps* please spare us
Mochu-kun:I don’t have anything to do with this!

Natsume was annoyed.He started writting.

Natsume:I see you”re having fun....
BlackRose:I didn’t do anything
Mochu-kun:it was Erin’s fault he started it!
I-am-random: what?it isn’t my fault!
Natsume:would ya’ shut up
Annoyed-one: was the race?
I-am-random:so .... you got kicked out?
Natsume:more like made a run for it...
BlackRose:oh! The Big Natsume Hyuuga made a run fot it? *laughs evily*
Natsume:you wanna die?
BlackRose: I’m not saying anything anymore
Annoyed-one:So...did you buy bras *giggles*
I-am-random: *laughs*
Natsume:Do you have a death wish?
Natsume:there’s your answer.
BlackRose:Mou onii-chan you’re being mean!
Natsume:Shut up Aoi! No one asked you.
Mochu-kun: *sweatdropps* ANYway why did you run for it?
Natsume:A stupid girl found herself asking „I was just wondering...since you’re 16 are
Are you allowed to ride a motocycle?” geez that stupid girl....then she leaned
Closer to me and shouted in my ear „Go NOW!” and I just reacted at what
She said and made a run for it....
Annoyed-one:oh how sweet! Natsu-chin is in love!
BlackRose: *sweatdropps* where did you get that one from?
Annoyed-one: hehe ...
Natsume:I forgot. She put something in my pocket! Where did I put my pants?
BlackRose:Onii-chan... are you....
I-am-random: NAKED?!
Natsume:I’m in my own house *rolles eyes* and no.I’m in my boxers...
Annoyed-one: you forgot bra....
Mochu-kun:I don’t think that was a good idea Rony...
Natsume:You really want to experience hell do you? *annoyed*
BlackRose: anyway *glares at Rony* what did she put in your pocket?
Natsume: her....cell phone number?! WHAT THE HELL? „meet me at the same place
You just ran off from after 3 hours.Don’t be late.” This is ....STRANGE.
Is this girl a mind-reader or what?how did she knew I was going to runn off?
Mochu-kun:Intresting...when did she gave it to you?
Natsume: an hour ago?’re going right?
Natsume: No
Annoyed-one:oh come on MAN! You gotta get over Karin at a time!
BlackRose:Rony you idiot!
Mochu-kun:Rony you stupid!
I-am-random:you shouldn’t have said/write that....deliquent...
Natsume:sorry...I guess I’m to weak to get over her...and I’m not ready for another
Annoyed-one:COWARD! You act like Mr. High-and-mighty but you’re nothing
Under your shell.
Natsume:You’re exactly right.I’m nothing.
BlackRose:Onii-chan.... *glares at Rony with all her might* shut up already!
Mochu-kun:It was enough Rony...really...
Annoyed-one:I won’t stop till he says that he’ll go! And he’ll go!
Natsume:If I go that doesn’t mean that I have to date her.
Annoyed-one:Fine.But you’ll go.
Natsume:Whatever.I’m gonna take a bath then.
BlackRose:Onii-chan wait...I guess I’m too late right?
I-am-random:what did you do to the bathroom?
BlackRose:I just left my camera in there and it’s ON....
Annoyed-one:oh please blackmail him!
BlackRose:I’m not you Rony!
1hour and a half have passed.
Annoyed-one:I tought you fell in the toilet...Man what took you so long?
I-am-random:the bra wouldn’t fit? *giggles*
Natsume:oh spare me with your bras’s getting annoying...
BlackRose:Anyway... *sweatdropps* you should get going onii-chan you don’t
Want to be late 
Annoyed-one:Just get going.... cya later Natsu-chin
I-am-random: bye bye and good night sleeping beauty
Mochu-kun:bye Natsu-chan
BlackRose: bye bye Onii-chan and good luck (lool Erin)
Mochu-kun:he’s back to his old self....
BlackRose: It didn’t last long either...
Annoyed-one:This is the last time I help him
Natsume:Don’t gossip people while they’re around! *rolles eyes*
I-am-random:You’re hopeless Natsu-chan...
Nastume:I don’t care.Cya!
And with that he closed the chat and headed to the door...

~~~end of chapter~~~

Chapter.4.Seduce me,huh?

In the south.The 2nd race area.
A beauttiful brunette was leaning on a wall while wondering...
‚He’s late.He really won’t come?I never tought about that...’
‚Wha’ the? Oh it’s him! He came! What the hell is wrong with me?’
A black motocycle stopped in the middle of the road.The driver took his helmet off revealing a raven-haired boy with bloody red eyes...
„You’re late.” Mikan pointed out still with her cheerful smile.
„Whatever...Why did I come anyway?”
„Don’t ask me.You’re the one who came!”
„Why do you want anyway?”
„You’re rude! Anyway...about the races ....I somehow talked them into accepting you to participate in them even tough your age doesn’t allow you...”
„WHAT?” he looked very and I mean VERY surprised!
„You heard right.You can participate in the races now!” she said still smiling but now the both of them were sitting on his motocycle even tough none of them noticed...except Mikan...
„You’re not joking right?If yes where’s the camera?”
Mkan giggled.
„It isn’t a joke,but I want something in exchange as a prize...” she said,leaning closer to him...He wasn’t able to react,he was atractted to her but the fear of getting hurt again was as strong as ever but he didn’t move.She leaned much more closer ‚He’s slow.I didn’t tough he’s the shy type’ she said giggling in her mind.They’re lips were 1 inch away,Mikan was almost capturing her target ‚I knew he couldn’t resist me.But he’s nice I guess I’ll stay with this one for a little while’ They were almost kissing but Natsume quickly turned his face away,preventing the kiss... ‚Wha’ did he just turn away?What the heck?’ „S-sorry...I just can’t...” he forced the words out of his throat. She was shocked.He rejected her?Imposibile!she never got rejected. ‚he’s intresting’ she tought.
„I guess I’m not ready yet after all...” he sighed...
„What did you just say?”
„Huh?N-noting...I gotta go.So would you mind getting of my ride?”
„At least give me your messenger id so I can tell you when the races take place?”
„My name without any space or anything else.Cya” he took off.
„That was strange! And new.I’ll definetly make him mine! He’s different from the other.”
After 20 minutes Natsume got home.He just hopped on his bed.He gave more tought about what just happened a while ago and a smirk was plastered on his face.
„Seducing me,huh?” he said with a oh god biggest smirk you ever saw...
Back at Mikans house.
„hmmm Plan A failed...” sigh „I guess I have to think about Plan B....” she was deep in tought when ..
Ring....Ring...Ring.... the phone rang.
„’s you Anna....”
„Soo.....was he a good kisser or it were only his looks?”
„I didn’t get to kiss him...”
„Wha?Now I’m confused.Explain.”
„I’ll say this only once in a life time so listen well...”
„I was rejected”
„ittee stop shouting in my ear!”
„’s just something suprisingly new!that boy maybe has some self-respect.”
„A little too mcuh for his own good.”
„Mikan-chan if you don’t want him give him to me!”
„Dream on.At least I got his messenger id...”
„Well,that’s a normal and low start.I wish I had a boy like that...” and she was running of the plot.
„Anna come back to earth.Terra to Anna ,Terra to Anna,Anna you there?”
„very funny Mikan-chan...go to your computer now!I want his id!”
„I told you!I’m not giving him to you dumbhead.”
„I don’t care! Just log in,make a confference,invite him and ask if he has some friends!”
„geez you’re really desperate Anna...”
„Dumbhead...” she whispered to herself „this will be intresting!”
So...she turned her computer on,loged in and made a confference.more to her surprise Natsume was online even tought it was 3 in the morning....
„This will be fun!” she smiled ..

~~~Mikan-chan formed chat~~~
~~~Anna-chin joined the chat~~~
~~~Hotaru-sama joined the chat~~~
~~~Koko-kun joined the chat~~~

Anna-chin:So...where’s Hyuuga-kun?
Mikan-chan:I can’t just put him in the chat like that,you know....
Hotaru-sama:And why not?
Mikan-chan:I dont know.He’s different frm the other crappy boys.
Koko-kun:thanks very much Mikan-chan.
Mikan-chan:sorry Koko forgot you were here...hehe...
Hotaru-sama:just invite him already ok?
Mikan-chan: fine!

At Natsume. was it?
Natsume:terrible.I told you I wasn’t ready but no...You had to be Mr I-know-everything.
Annoyed-one:You’re hopeless Natsume...
Natsume:oh SHUT THE FUCK UP!
I-am-random:Natsume why are you scared?Are you impotent?
Mikan invited him to her chat but he didn’t notice so he tough he was writting in his chat.
Mikan’s chat.
~~~Natsume refused to enter the chat.message:Dear,Erin.If you are
Impotent that doesn’t mean I am.And if you say that again I
Swear I’ll smash that little face of yours to pieces+you’re putting
Stupid things in Aoi’s head!if she’s going to ask what’s that you
Answer.*curses Erin under his breath*
Koko-kun: *stares adn can’t beleave his eyes*
Mikan-chan:I think that he wanted to write that to someone else...*laughs*
Anna-chin: I never tough he can say these kind of things *laughs madly*
Hotaru-sama:I didn’t know he could talk so much...
Mikan-chan:I wonder who’s Aoi *still laughs*
Anna-chin:Just invite him again *recovers from the floor still lauhing*
Mikan-chan: fine *still laughs*

At Natsume.
„Ups...geez...this is embarassing...and I had to write thos ekind of things too...damn you Erin!”
At Mikan’s chat.
~~~Natsume joined the chat~~~
Natsume:Ignore what I said before it wasn’t adressed to you.
Mikan:I tought that...
~~~Luka-pyon joined the chat~~~
Luka-pyon:Hey mikan,anna,hotaru,koko NATSUME?!
Natsume:Do I know you?
Luka-pyon:I sit next to you at school,you know....
Natsume:You’re the bunny boy?
Luka-pyon:*sweatdropps* How come you’re in this chat?Aren’t you always
With those weird people?
Natsume:I’m in another chat with them....
Anna-chin:Invite them to our chat
Natsume:You asked for it
Hotaru:I have a bad feeling about this...
~~~Mochu-kun joined the chat~~~
~~~Annoyed-one joined the chat~~~
~~~I-am-random joined the chat~~~
~~~BlackRose joined teh chat~~~
Natsume:If you guys say something stupid I’ll kill you tomorrow.that goes for you too
BlackRose:Onii-chan you’re mean again!
BlackRose:yep! I’m HER sister Hyuuga Aoi nice to meet you!
I-am-random:well you see he spends his money on bras
Natsume:I warned you Erin... *annoyed*
Mikan-chan:So he’s Erin?
Hotaru-sama: so he’s the impotent one?
Annoyed-one: =))looool Erin...Erin...poor Erin...
I-am-random:Natsume....what the hell did you tell them?
Natsume:Nothing.They jumped to conclusions.
BlackRose:oh yeah by the way what does that mean?
Natsume:GREAT!You explain dumbass.It’s your fault in the first place.
Koko:Why am I feeling like I’m left out...
Hotaru-sama:maybe because you are...
Natsume:I told you „You asked for it”
Mochu-kun:Hye guys I’m back my sister bought something for Natsu-chan!Guess
What? *giggles nervously*
Natsume:If you say one more word you’re dead *curses him*
Mikan-chan:I never tought you were this social Natsu-chan.
Natsume:Stop calling me like that! *grins*
Mikan-chan: why?
BlackRose: you don’t need to know why Mikan-chan 
Mikan-chan:now I’m more curious....*sighes*
Natsume:If someone spills out a word I’m not talking to none of you again.
Annoyed-one: offf fine....
I-am-random: fine.....
Mochu-kun: you really know how to treathen people
BlackRose: That’s his speciallity...
Mikan-chan:*laughs* you guys know him so well! Since when are you friends?
Annoyed-one: 6-7 years now I think....
Anna-chin:Wow that’s long!!
I-am-random:I don’t know how we managed this far with this hopeless-lover-boy...
Natsume:Erin.YOU.ARE.DEAD. I’m off to his house. Brb
I-am-random:oh no! Rony help me!!! I don’t wanna die!
Mikan-chan:relax! He can’t be serious!
BlackRose: oh yes he is. *sigh* he doesn’t lie...
Mikan-chan:that means that he’s at his house now?!
BlackRose:exactly!they’re neighbors! Soo....All I can say is...Poor Erin...
Mikan-chan:Let’s pray for him..
I-am-random:Rony...If you will let him out of his closet today I’m going to do the
Same thing to you.
Annoyed-one:N-Natsume...? what did y-you do to him?
I-am-random:I just punched him a little and locked him in his closet for 24 hours why
BlackRose:Onii-chan!!! That’s mean!!!
Mikan-chan:yeah Natsume you’re mean.put him free.
I-am-random:Tch fine...
BlackRose: I’m.speechless.
Annoyed-one:me too.he acctually listened to her.that’s new.
Mochu-kun:A dog that found it’s owner I may add?
Mikan-chan: just made him a dog....
Mochu-kun:Sorry he’s more like a cat that’s why we call him kuro neko(black cat)
Natsume:I’m back home.You know...Mochu...if you call me an animal again....
Mochu-kun:I swear not too!
Nastume:Whatever...I gotta go to sleep and...btw...dumbheads it’s 5 in the morning...
Mikan-chan:I really...don’t care....
Natsume:whatever *rolles eyes* I’m goign to bed now.Night.
Mochu-kun: Night!
Annoyed-one:oh..need your beauty sleep Natsume? *giggles nervously*
Anna-chin: =)))))))))=)))loooool
Hotaru-sama:explains why he look like that.
Luka-pyon: Hotaru...Hotaru....
I-am-random: Nighty night sleeping beauty *laughs along*
BlackRose:I think this will end up bad....
Natsume: I can’t think straight right now.My head hurts.I’m going to sleep now.
BlackRose:Onii-chan you alright?
Natsume:I’m need to worry.Night.
~~~Natsume left the chat~~~
BlackRose:kyaaa something’s wrong with onii-chan!
Mikan:He said he was fine.
Mochu-kun:and you fell for that?
I-am-random:he jsut said so,cause he doesn’t want us to worry...
BlackRose:I’ll go tomorrow at him to see what’s wrong.
Mikan-chan:Can I come? Please:D
BlackRose:Ok,If you want too...Meet me at Sunrise boulevard’s buss stop tomorrow at
1 afternoon.
Mikan-chan:Fine I’ll go now bye bye.

~~~end of chapter~~~~

Chapter.5. He’s Sick,huh?

Meanwhile at Natsume.He turned off his computer and lied on the bed sweatting and panting hard. „Damn it....Stupid cold...” he tried to put himself on his feet but failed and fainted back on the bed.
The next day.
Mikan met Aoi at the buss stop and now they’re heading towards Natsume’s house. ‚She has the same hair colours as his....but her eyes are black....I wonder why....’
„We’re here Mikan-chan!” said Aoi pointing to an apartment complex. ‚I was excpecting something fancy but why does he live in a different house than Aoi...’ Mikan tought...
Aoi knocked at the door.Knock...Knock...Knock...
„Onii-chan? You there?”
„I guess he isn’t”
„Then let’s see” she said opening the door. ‚I was surprised that it wasn’t locked’ Mikan tough
„Onii-chan?” Aoi said in a worried tone.They walked to his bedroom opened the door and saw a fanited Natsume on the floor,sweatting and panting hard.
„Onii-chan!” Aoi yelled and quickly ran by his side and woke him up
„Huh?What are you doing here?”
„I just came to see if you’re okay.You’re a mess!” said Aoi.
„You should visit a doctor Natsume” said Mikan.
„NO WAY!” said Natsume almost yelling.
Mikan looked surprised at a chuckling Aoi.
„He doesn’t like doctors” she said.
„Shut up,Aoi...” Natsume said
„Aren’t you supposed to be in pain?” asked Aoi.
„Acctually my body’s numb.So I feel ok.You can leave now.”
„kyaa that’s no good!I’m going to the doctor.Mikan-chan stay with onii-chan till I come back.
„Sure” Mikan responded with a smile.
‚crap’ Natsume tought ‚I have a bad feeling about this...’
So Aoi left and Mikan & Natsume were alone.She helped him to the bed and put a wet towel on his forehead to reduce his fever.
„Ne Natsume?”
„What?” he said
„Why did you lie to us last night?”
„Not your business”
„oh come on!”
„Hn” was his „smart” reply...
Natsume sat up on his butt and stared at her.
„Natsume you should be sleeping now.”
„I slept all the night.I’m not sleepy...”
‚I can easily take advantage of him like this!I’ll just use his sickness!’
She leaned closer to him.
She leand closer.
„Tell me....”
They’re faces were 1 inch away.
„Why didn’t you kiss me last night?”
„I-.” He was cut off by her lips pressing on his and her tongue slipping into his mouth.
‚Plan B a succes!’ the brunette tought happily...
He was schoked but then he understood why she made him talk....for him to keep his mouth open...
‚He’s not such a bad kisser as I tought he’ll be... I’ll have fun playing with this one.’ She tough as happy as ever...
‚This is called taking advantage of the sick’ Natsume tought to himself as he found himself kissing her back.But then a not really pleasent memory of a girl came into his mind. ‚Karin...’ he tought as he quickly pushed away from Mikan.
„What the hell do you think YOU’RE DOING?!” he yelled.He was pissed...
„What do you think I’m doing?” she said with a confused face.
„Ruining my life?Stop getting any closer to me! You stupid girl!You don’t know who you’re dealing with!”
„N-Natsume?!” she asked more confused then before ‚What the hell is wrong with this boy?’
„get out NOW!”
„I said GET OUT”
„I don’t care.”
„You’re pissing me off”
„I promised Aoi that I’ll stay with you till she comes back”
„I feel better.Now you can LEAVE” he said pointing to the door.
„I’m not going so get used to it!”
His bangs were covering his eyes as something wett and lucious was falling from them....tears.... ‚What the?why is he crying now?He’s strange...’ Mikan was more confused now then ever I mean seriusly ‚What was wrong with this boy?’
„I...can’!” he yelled the finnal word and he fell flat on bed looking like he fainted.He was holding his head tighing the grip on it every second.
„Natsume! You alright?”
„Go away!I don’t need anyone!I’m fne by myself!”
Poor Mikan just couldn’t figure out where those words were coming from.He was suffering right before her eyes but he denies it and keeps stating that he’s alright.What was wrong with him?
„I’m don’t need....anybody to hurt me more....” he said,tears streaming down his face,still holding his head in his hands but this time his voice was more softer....more like hurt....
‚To hurt him anymore?What the hell is he saying?oh....I never tought about taht befo-...and I was planning in doing the same thing to him?! What was I thinking?The poor guy is dying right in front of my eyes and I planned on hurting him even more...but...he’s the first one to made me acctually regret being a playgirl...This one’s different.A lot more different.I’ll treat tis one different...guess it’s time for a long and definitte relathionship and I think this boy would be perfect.You’re really something Hyuuga Natsume....You make me go crazy...’ teh young brunette tought smiling sadly at herself while,tears were finding their way on her cheecks... Natsume looked up from his agony to the teary brunette in front of him.
‚Great now I’m hurting someone else!just GREAT!’ he screamed in his mind
„I’m s-sorry ,please don’t cry because of me...” he said between his sobs
„I’m not crying because of you...I’m crying with you....I’m sharing the pain and sharing the lies....”
He started at her wide-eyed,tears never stopped falling from his red orbs...
She was looking at him painfully...she never tought someone can suffer so much...she couldn’t help herself but jumped in hir arms hugging him tightly.He didn’t react.He just let her hugg him and continued his sobbing on her shoulder.
„You shouldn’t keep all the pain to yourself you’ll end up killing you in the end..”
She pushed him slowly away to look in his eyes.His crimson-red orbs were mesmerizang.She couldn’t resist.She had to kiss him again.Even if it was only for once,she had too.So she locked her lips softly onto his and surprisingly he closed his eyes and kissed her back.After they broke the kiss they were in the bed,Natsume half-asleep because of his fever and Mikan well...for the first time in her life...truly happy with a boy... Not long time after they fell asleep in each others arms.The door slowly opened reavealing....
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I'm STILL working on my other story's last part....and I'm working on this one too and lots more...I know..I'm an idiot hehe....anyway Hope you enjoy these 5 chapters... I'm going to put another five when I finish them but I have great ideas about it! Hope you enjoy my stories this far...
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waah! so cool!!! luv it!!
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lool I'll be posting to this story again tomorrow I'm at chapter 8 already and I wrote half of it:D But my mom's sending me to sleep 2 more chapters and I'll post 5 more chapters of this story then I'll finish the other one hehe Blame my stupidity if you don't like the story!
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i love this story....cant wait 4 th next 5 chapters.....great story temy-chan
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It's good...Keep it up! And thanks 4 posting it.^^
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LMAOS!!! I love the parts in the story while they are chatting about Natsume...
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the first five chapters are great!! want to
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when will the continuation of the story be posted??
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