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Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/26/08
Calvin and Chun "one-on-one" interview
-Transcription credited to corinav of Fahrenheit Family Philippines

Q: You were able to perform on stage at Pinoy Dream Academy last night. How was the experience?

Chun: The experience? Very exciting but very nervous as well because it's our first TV program in the Philippines. But of course we are very happy that we had this chance to go...
Calvin: And the audience was great. They were so into it.

Q: How does it feel that you're so popular in Asia in just a span of 3 years, which is a big feat, right?

Chun: I think we are lucky, you know, that we got so much support from so many people from around the world, you know. Because we are working very hard of course and we have feedback, which is a great motivation for us.

Calvin: I think because the four of us shoot quite a lot of dramas and our albums. So our dramas can be seen like all over these places, these countries, so we have to thank all the media that made us be seen.

Q: You mentioned that you've done a lot of TV series before, right? Which among the dramas that you've made is the most memorable for you?

Calvin: All of them are memorable.

Q: Is it Romantic Princess, Hana Kimi, Tokyo Juliet, KO One or X-Family?

Chun: I think in all dramas I have really good memories.
Calvin: I think all the dramas are memorable. Each one is unique for us. And we're still learning in every drama. I think even when we shoot the next drama we're still learning 'cause there are lots of things for us to learn.
Chun: Yeah.

Q: How about the leading ladies that you've worked with? Whom are you closest to?

Calvin: Closest to?

Q: Yeah.

Chun: For me I guess...

Q: Is it Ella, Angela or...

Chun: I guess it's Ella because she's from the the same company. And we always meet each other from the start. Even before we filmed Hana Kimi we already knew each other. And then we have a lot of cooperation, like we work together.
Calvin: Yeah. Like to those female leading roles with us, I think we are all friends. But we are all busy most of the time. So like we get very close during the filming, the filming time, but after the filming we might just... We don't have contact with each other...
Chun: Very sad...
Calvin: We're busy but we're still friends.

Q. You both grew up elsewhere. What is it like starting a showbiz career in Taiwan? What adjustments did you have to make since you finished your studies in Australia (to Chun) and Canada (to Calvin)?

Chun: For me because I was born in Brunei and my family lives in Brunei, the adjustments I had to make was like... everytime I go home I feel lonely at the start, you know. Until now I still miss home. I think it's a big adjustment I need to... I still need to adjust my mind.

Q: How about you, Calvin?

Calvin: For this question, most of the artists they will say that they are losing their privacy. But for me I don't want that to be changed too much. I still go out with my friends, even with my female friends, to go out and have dinner. I just don't want to be changed too much. If I care too much, I will lose many, many things. SO I still want to be the original one, original myself. But the other thing is losing time to spend with my family. That is true. Even if I live with my family in Taiwan. I can see them most of the time but whenever I go home, they are already sleeping. And when I go out, they are still sleeping, or when I wake up in the afternoon they have already left for work.
Q: What do you miss most about those countries, like Australia (to Chun) or Canada (to Calvin)? Because you finished your college studies there, right?

Chun: Australia is just... I just went there to study for maybe 5 years. Most of my time is in Brunei. And what I miss most about it is maybe the air! The feelings. Everyday when you wake up you are in your house, with your family. That's very different.
Calvin: You know one thing, the similarity between Australia and Canada is their population and their size. I think it's about the same. So we have the same things to talk about. Whenever he talks about Australia, I talk about Canada. And I'm going back to Canada at the end of August for the SUnshine Boyz contest I was in. And this year I'm gonna be the special guest, with Arron of Fahrenheit. SO that's a good thing, I can go back and look around and breathe the fresh air there, enjoy the sunshine and the beach.

Q: When you're not busy with your TV shows or your album tours, how do you spend your free time?

Chun: Free time...
Calvin: Nothing much. Dine out with friends. Movies. And sit back at home, eating. (Chun makes eating motions with his hands) He eats.

Q: You eat a lot?

Chun: I love to eat because I seldom have time to go to a restaurant and to enjoy.

Q: So since you mentioned yesterday that you're not dating anyone right now, can you just describe to us your ideal girl?

Calvin: The appearance and the look doesn't have to be a certain type. To me what's more important is the feeling, like she cannot be just a girlfriend, she can also be family or a close friend with me, to share everything with me. I can even express my fears and my worries in front of her and I won't feel like it's a shameful thing for me to express my fears.
Chun: Same thing. I think feeling is very important if you want to have a long-term relationship. Both of them trust each other, they are willing to share everything. I think that's the most important thing.
Calvin: And you guys have the same values, to have the same life goals, to work hard together.

Q: Do you have a weird experience with a fan?

Calvin: Most of the time they are sweet.

Q: Weird or funny.

Calvin: The thing that is most troublesome is that they wait downstairs at my place all the time, late at night.

Q: Just to see you.

Calvin: Like one night when I finished work, I was on my way home and it was 12:00 in the morning and she's still waiting there by herself and it's raining! And I said, "Why are you still here? It's late." And she said, "It's okay, my friend, my family will come pick me up later." But I think it's just not good. She makes her family worry and makes me worry.

Q: SO what do you do if she just stays there?

Calvin: If there are fans downstairs at my place, I just tell them "Go home. I won't do anything with you, I won't take pictures with you, I won't give you my autograph." Because if I keep doing that (givng autographs and taking pictures) they will think it's worth it for them to come at my place.

Q: Okay, how about you?

Chun: I think... that's the thing, we hope they can be very safe when they follow us, when they go to our activities. Because we don't want them to do something that's dangerous and makes everybody worry.

Q: Okay last few questions. I'll just throw random questions at you and you can just say whatever comes to your mind. Favorite food?

Calvin: Seafood. What about you?
Chun: Anything but oily meat. Because I love lots of food.

Q: Favorite hobbies? Or sports?

Chun: Basketball.
Calvin: Basketball.

Q: Vacation spot?

Calvin: Any island that has a resort...
Chun: Beach!
Calvin: ...with beach and sunshine.

Q: TV shows?

Chun: Friends.
Calvin: Any action movie.
Chun: TV shows!
Calvin: Any movie! I love movies.

Q: Favorite sleepwear? Boxers, pajamas or briefs?

Calvin: Boxers.
Chun: Yeah.

Q: Shoe size?

Calvin: 10.5

Q: Perfume?

Calvin: Givenchy.
Chun: Guerlain.

Q: Greatest fear?

Chun: Losing someone close to me.
Calvin: I think so...

Q: One thing you can't live without?

Calvin: I will say internet!
Chun: Family?

Q: That's okay. Celebrity crushes?

Chun: Michael Jordan! I have a crush on Michael Jordan! (laughing)

Q: Female!

Chun: Still Michael Jordan! (much laughing)

Q: How about you Calvin?

Calvin: I will say Angelina Jolie.

Q: Are you a homebody or a party animal?

Chun: Homebody.
Calvin: Half and half. It depends.

Q: One thing that people still don't know about you? Like habit or anything...

Calvin: Sometimes I think too much or worry too much, 'cause people see that I seem so objective and outgoing all the time.
Chun: I don't know, I can't think of one.

Q: Okay last one. Any beauty regimen to keep you looking gorgeous as always?

Chun: Drink lots of water, and fruits.
Calvin: Fruits? Be happy, enjoy what I'm doing.

Chun and Calvin: Mabuhay readers! Please keep on watching Romantic Princess!
Credits: Support Fahrenheit
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Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/27/08

Calvin: The appearance and the look doesn't have to be a certain type. To me what's more important is the feeling, like she cannot be just a girlfriend, she can also be family or a close friend with me, to share everything with me. I can even express my fears and my worries in front of her and I won't feel like it's a shameful thing for me to express my fears.

HAHA I could so be his Ideal girlfriend! ^____________^
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