Anata wa dare?
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Posted 8/27/08
Minna youkuso!
~welcome everyone~

I n t r o d u c e Y o u r s e l f

New and senpai members, the old thread for introduction has mysteriously disappeared.
Therefore, by all means, please use this one to introduce yourself and let everyone get to know you.

Please, if you can, do so by following this data.
(I'll start)

NAME: Yuniko
AGE: 16 years old
LANGUAGE: Nihongo (norm Japanese and the Kansai Dialect) English and Filipino (Tagalog)
INTEREST: Anime, music and games.
MSG: This is where you put your message. Like "blah blah blah blah" Although if you can't follow this data, then please, introduce yourself in your own way. We'd love to get to know you.

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Posted 8/27/08
NAME: Kaori
AGE: 14 years old
LANGUAGE: English and Chinese.
INTEREST: Anime, singing and editing.
MSG: WTH is this?

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Posted 8/27/08
名前: 銀
年齢: 30
言語: 、英語、フランス語日本語、オランダ語
興味: 他の文化、言語、日本製アニメおよび武道。
メッセージ: 私は楽しい時を過すためのんきな人である。 私は旅し、実際に調理することを愛することを愛する。

Name : Silver
Age : 30
Language : English, Japanese, French, Dutch
Interests : Anime, Martial Arts, Language, and different cultures.
Message: I am an easy going person who like to have fun. I love to travel and really love to cook.
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