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Want to be a Crunchyland MODERATOR?
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17 / M / Tokyo-3
Posted 8/27/08 , edited 9/18/08
Edit: Applications are CLOSED! I'll be reviewing them in the next few days, hopefully deciding by monday the 22nd. I will be PMing the ppl who are accepted! thanks~~~ good luck

Hihi guys,

If you've been playing crunchyland, you know that new item Designs are open to submission from anyone who can draw well ;P. The pending submissions show up here. At first there weren't that many so I was able to handle it...but now there are so many! 75 pages last I checked...the regular cr mods have been helping out approving items, but it'd probably be better if it was from someone who's familiar with item stats and prices and stuff.

Sooo...if you have been playing it a lot and know if items are made correctly (damage, defense, price, etc) and want to help out, apply below~


1. Approving items, new avatar classes, and new npcs.
2. Reporting and balancing bad items

Fill out:

1. Why you think you're a good fit to be a mod
2. Your highest avatar level
3. How many hours have you played crland?
4. Your experience with other similar online games

The most important part is to be FAIR when you approve items. Preference will be given to those trustworthy individuals who have a lot of crunchyland Designs approved and high level avatars. ;P

Application deadline is September 18th!

Time Left:

No chatting in this thread. It is for applications only.
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24 / M / The Netherlands
Posted 8/27/08 , edited 9/18/08

My Application

1. Why you think you're a good fit to be a mod
*I play Crunchyland everyday and I'm active.
01* I know what good/bad quality items are.
02* I know all the items of every avatar.
03* I want to help the Crunchyland players for good items/npc/avatar.
04* I look the latest items and scoreboards everyday.
05* I have alot knowledge of items of other online-games so if I see it's an item from a other game I will disapprove it.
06* I am in the scoreboards (level 97 Girl #1 player and I am legit.) and I know what high level players need.
07* I can blindtype, my computer is fast and my English is incredible.
08* I know everything of Crunchyland.
09* I have played Crunchyland a long time.
10* I know alot ways to level up fast.
11* I will be the best mod.
12* I am leader of the group Crunchyland2008 .
13* I know all the Crunchyroll rules.
14* I have alot of free time (every week at least 40 hours).
15* I can go on crunchyroll at school, the library or at home.
16* I have 4 years experience with games.
17* I am serious in this game and I'm not going to be mod for show-off.
18* I want the game is going to be great!
19* I work hard and I never give up.
20* I have made good crunchyland forum topics.
21* I always make good decisions.
22* I'm getting alot friends to play Crunchyland.
23* I watch the forums every hour.
24* I watch the scoreboards every hour (it's fast to check what the new equips are for high level avatar).
25* I look at the pending items (item, npc, avatar) and rate them every day.
26* I look at the latest designs every hour.
27* I always report if a crunchyland forum thread is a duplicate or spam.
28* I will handle the designs-thiefs to give temporary bans like a week or year.
29* I will pay attention to every avatar class item (Avatars without alot items will get more).
30* I look at the latest updates everyday.
31* If I am mod Crunchyland will be alot better .
32* I have fast internet.
33* I also support alot low level avatar-players to get to higher levels (Not training your account, just tips to level faster and changing you into a more active player).
34* Alot players look to my application and take it seriously to ask my help.

2. Your highest avatar level
level 97 Girl

3. How many hours have you played crland?
more than 90 hours pure fighting with monsters (100% true)
more than 32 hours collecting Udon (100% true)

4. Your experience with other similar online games
I have played, on EuropeMapleStory I have a level 87 hermit Phame and one level is like 15 hours there I am leader of a guild named Grinders. I also played MapleStoryGlobal (America) I have played an online pokemon game without 3D on the internetbrowser. I also have played World of Warcraft private servers and Cabal Online. and I have played and Neopets, Cabal Online, Flyff, Fiesta, Skyblade, Last Chaos, Fiesta, Digimon RPG ,Funzone on, Guild Wars, Ragnarok Online, Rappelz , StarQuest Online, Tibia, Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, Pokemonplushies and Gunz the Duel.

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23 / M / ☺☻☻☺
Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/29/08
1 even tough i never made a single design I try to go on crunchy whenever i can even if i cant go on much, also i like to help people and im use to saying no for ridicilous requests

2 Level 50 boy

3 around 30+hours

4 i was a game master for a maplestory private server i also played a game called Nostale =P ans the gaame starcraft was awesome i cant name all of them >.>
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F / Au pays des merve...
Posted 8/27/08 , edited 9/17/08


1.Why you think you're a good fit to be a mod

-I play on crunchyland 24/7 everyday but i play more on the weekends
-I look at the latest and pending items, avies, NPCs everyday
-I look at the top score list everyday
-I look at the crunchyroll forums
-If I looked through the pending items right now I would know every item except the new ones
-Whenever I look through the items there are always some that i would want to accept and ones to delete....i would have that power if I was a mod
-I am fair and i would make sure if the item fits the criteria for level to equip, power, and price
-So basically i'm familiar with the items
-i think some items mods accepted no offense really stink like the some of i want to be on of the mods so that won't happen again
-whenever im on the computer all i do is go on crunchyroll
-my computer was just bought 2 weeks ago and has fast takes 1 second to load a page
-if i was a mod i would complete the tasks/duties for a mod....
-Basically i'm a really active user on crunchyland
-I haven't submited any items but i would because i don't have photobucket...and i don't know any other way to get a transparent backround
- Plus being a crunchyroll mod is something i am capable of

2. Your highest avatar level

Look to my avatar to see the level or above...cause if i tell you right now it might not be updated. I'm on the scoreboard (Yay!) and i'm the first chibi on the scoreboard!

3. How many hours have you played crland?

I'm online from when I come home from school till I go to sleep which is more than 6 hours a day but i play more on the weekends.
4. Your experience with other similar online games

Gaiaonline, neopets, adventure quest, etc.
-Most of my experience is from gaia cause i've been on it for a looong neopets thats even longer...but i don't think that just because i haven't played as many games (example: maple story) as other people gives me a disadvantage at being a mod.
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Posted 8/27/08 , edited 9/16/08
1- lets see...i made some items for the Fairy avatar, i got 72 accepted and the rest is still pending.. i want the new avatars to have more outfits just like the boy and girl avatar, but in good quality and good stats as well ^_^...

2-my Fairy avatar is only lvl 26 " its not the highest lvl... but for the fairy avatar i think its pretty good... i think"

3- i play Cl whenever i had time to ^_^ , most of the time i design items for my avatar " i got 60 items accepted so far..."

4-i've played these online games... they may not be as similar as CL but the buy and sell system is same :): WOW, lineage II, final fantasy XI

i really want to stop ppl from stealing others work, or even take pictures and edit them to suit the avatar

ooh and i support bluewitch201 ^_^... im sure she will be a fit mod, she knows what a good quality items are...she is fair and knows the game well :), and zadesu as well...she is really nice and helpful! she helps everyone here in CL ^_^
Posted 8/27/08 , edited 9/8/08
~My application~

1) Why I think you're a good fit to be a moderator?

I think I am suitable for being a Crunchyland moderator because I have a wholelot of experience. I have moderated Pokemon Netbattle and other flash games, but I am now retired. I also have a whole lot of free time and I have recently had a Crunchyland playing addiction.

2) My highest avatar level?

My highest level avatar is now on level 15. ( I deleted my other avatars recently and my former highest level avatar was in level 26)

Since I'm steadily leveling up: [avatar]4295098581[/avatar]

3) How many hours have I played Crunchyland?

In total (including my old avatars) I would round it up to about 10 hour - 15 hours.

4) My experience with other similar online games?

I also have played games such as RuneScape, pokemon Netbattle, Tanks, Shaiya, Gaia Online, Maple Story, Electric Man, Ray, Dirt Bike, Doodle Defender and a whole bunch of random online mario games. (I have stopped playing them, so I do have time.)

Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/28/08
1. Why you think you're a good fit to be a mod
- I've been an active user in the past.
- I played crunchyland every day during my leisture time plus I'm skillful with online and rpg game.
- I know how to add price to an item because I do it a lot in my part-time job, and that include checking the latest items.
- I always be fair when I add price to something
- Although I never upload anything, I do have some labeling experience from my friends.

2. Your highest avatar level
- My Kira avatar lasted only up to level 10, and I made a big mistake when I add attributes to my character, so basically I'm going to start again

3. How many hours have you played crland?
- It depends on the level that I'm aiming for. For example, if my level is 5 and I'm aiming for level 10 in order to get the new accessories for my character, I would spend almost all day to do that. If I don't have a target level, I mainly play it for one or two hours, and I'm off to the chatroom

4. Your experience with other similar online games
I have experience with Runescape, Gaia Online, etc. Some of them are not similar to the Crunchyland avatar game, but that's not going to be a problem to me.
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22 / F / Edmonton, Canada
Posted 8/27/08 , edited 9/17/08

1. Why you think you're a good fit to be a mod

-- I play cl a lot, and i believe i can handle balancing the items and i know about the stats and price,
-- 145 of my designs approved
-- I have a high level avi and a 57 chibi
-- I really want to stop those people who copy other's hard work,
-- I go through pending lists everyday and I really feel like clearing it out.
-- I believe my judge ment of quality graphics and I have experience monitoring webs from my own site and all.
-- i've being playing cl almost since the day it started so i kno most of the items
-- i feel that mods now are irresponsible towards approving items, since the following has being occuring:
bad quality items!
disapproved items after approval for a while
many avis' lack of items
high rated items are not being approved for a long time
-- my school has a policy of not giving homework if possible so i can be on a lot of time

2. Your highest avatar level
86 girl

3. How many hours have you played crland?
not sure. but i play a lot...but nowadays i usually just look through forums and pending....i level my avi like a few times a week.

4. Your experience with other similar online games
i played runescape , gaiaonline, dragonfable, neopets, and some other ones, the longest ones i played were runescape and gaia, but i quited after i mastered runscape and go everything i wanted on gaia.

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Posted 8/27/08 , edited 9/3/08
1. Why you think you're a good fit to be a mod

From an observational point of view, I am aware of some of the imbalances as far as what items between the classes and NPC has been approved. I've taken some time to compare and contrast on my own accord seeing some of the flaws in how their approvals between the major classes and pricing have been executed in relation to the overall game. I am willing dedicate some of my time in ordeer to improve and expand this game.

2. Your highest avatar level

My current character is Fenris, level 80+ Girl.


3. How many hours have you played crland?

I've been playing this since July, about 1-2 hours a day depending on my mood. Although I've taken a break for the last week or so due to my personal gripes with some of the execution of the game's mechanics.

4. Your experience with other similar online games
I've played browser based pseudo-MMOs similar in execution to CL like Kingdom of Loathing and Forumwarz (tried out AdventureQuest but that game is pure failure) and MMOs such as MapleStory.
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In between H3LL a...
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 9/2/08
1. i like designing and makin new items 36 only
3.15 days
4.i play maplesea bootes travian c&c call of duty and cabal
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 9/13/08
yaay~ D;

1. Why you think you're a good fit to be a mod

- I like to play crunchyland, vote for items in the pending list and read in the forum
- Also i love to design items for avatars without so many stuff.. Currently only 12 approved but also a lot still pending
- If im a mod i will work hard and make more free time for it
- I will disapprove when something is 3rd, pixeled, very very ugly (v_v), copied from a other game, and if there's a other items that looks the same
- I wont change the stats from items but only change the required level and prize
- Before i accept something i will give some time to give the right prize and level for it and look what avatar need the most items
- Of course I will help and listen to people with crunchy land problems

2. Your highest avatar level
level 20 neko girl

3. How many hours have you played crland?

I dont really count it lol but i like to battle with my avatar 1+ hour and then read on forum and look at the pending list

4. Your experience with other similar online game
I played a looooot of online games XD (addiction <3) But the most similar online game i played is gaionline and roliana
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28 / M / Los Angeles
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 9/12/08
1. Why you think you're a good fit to be a mod
~~~I know most of all the regular mods
~~~I've been around crunchyland since its release to non-star members so i have experience with items, like for example, why items are rejected, why they don't look right on avatars, and etc.
~~~Another good thing that ive been around for so long is that Ive seen a majority of the items so i can tell if something is copied.
~~~I created the first and to my knowledge only crunchyland design group.( i am also a mod in the group "crunchyland"
~~~I have experience in photoshop and other art programs so i can tell the difference between low quality and high quality items.
~~~I can tell the difference between an item designed by a person and an item copied and edited poorly by wannabes who think its cool.
~~~I am for stricter punishments for crunchyland rule breakers, like stripping rights to vote, and upload, and even if necessary stripping the right to have an avatar all together.
~~~I linger in and out of the main crunchyroll chatroom so in case a person needs my assistance id be on available most of the time. "California time same as shinji's" in case i need shinji's approval on something ill be the same timezone and he wont have to see it a day later in case its important.
~~~I've actively supported Crunchyland
~~~I've tried getting mods more involved with crunchyland
2. Your highest avatar level
3. How many hours have you played crland?
~~~100+ marking illegal design uploads 0.5 stars >_>;; , i'm not sure of the hour to level ratio so ill say around 20 on leveling up to 31
4. Your experience with other similar online games
~~~I've played gaia and neopets, maple story, some of those games you have ads for on the front page

(other reasons)
~~~Cause you love me >_>
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30 / M / Land of the Durian
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/28/08
1. Why you think you're a good fit to be a mod
In relation to the games i played online, i am very experienced player. I know how to balance the game by choosing the items which is appropriate in the crunchyland. I always visit the Pending Items because of the new items to be approved which makes me excite. Being a moderator has a big responsibility, it requires knowledge, not limiting once learning's and collaborating with other players and mod's. I love the game, i know the game is limited like PVP but still its fun.
2. Your highest avatar level
level 42 BATMAN(ongoing)
3. How many hours have you played crland?
30hours above and more hours to go...
4. Your experience with other similar online games
I have Played Ran Online Philippines and My character there is level capped 198 100%. It is similar to ran online because of the fighting, buying item online, and leveling.
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/29/08

1. becuz i come on everyday
2.level 8 boy
3.not sure but comes on everyday
4.i am on alot like dragonquest and other games to much to name
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30 / M / g-town
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/29/08
1. Why you think you're a good fit to be a mod

because i would make things even i have been downgrading a lot from what i had because lower level stuff is better then some of the level 18+ i can find

2. Your highest avatar level

22 at moment

3. How many hours have you played crland?

i would say i played about 50 hours or so it dosnt like when i try to grind

4. Your experience with other similar online games
runescape Forumwarz AdventureQuest MapleStory. and more think CL is funnest because of charter modfication
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