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Posted 8/28/08
1. Meteor Garden

2. Corner With Love

3. Why Why Love

4. Romantic Princess

5. Silence


7. Fated to Love You

8. Devil Beside You

I think that's all the Taiwanese Dramas I've seen. >.<
Posted 8/28/08
I have to say
1.Hana Kimi
2.Simileing Pasta
3.Brown Sugar Macchiato
4.X family
5.Devil Be Side you
6.It Started With A kiss1(didn't get to watch 2 yet )
7.Romantic Prinesses
8.My luky Star
9.Why Why love
10.Not sure
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27 / F / $anDiego Breezy :)
Posted 8/28/08
1. They Kiss Again & It Started With A Kiss <- LOL funny & romantic the best dramas i;ve watched
2. Hot Shot<- a really good drama about basketball
3. Mars<- vic zhou & barbie xsu are the best in this drama
4. Meteor Garden<- pretty good
5. Tian Wai Fei Xian<- so sweet huge was a good actor in this drama & waiting for legend of condor heroes with subs to come out ^-^
6. Hana Kimi<- LOL funny
7. Romantic Princess<- good drama wu chun looked better in this drama than tokyo juliet
8. Devil Beside You <-its oka
9. Tokyo Juliet <- i like fashion but the actors were too cocky
10. Smiling Pasta <- sorry im not really into it ><
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27 / F / Europe~
Posted 8/28/08
1. It Started With A Kiss
2. They Kiss Again
3. Meteor Garden
4. Hot Shot (even though I'm currently watching it I think it's awesome so far!)
5. fated To Love You (currently watching, still awesome)
6. Mars
7. KO One
8. X-Family
9. So I'm Not Handsome
10. Brown Sugar Macchiato

They are in no specific order, and I tried to limit myself cuz I've seen too many Taiwanese series
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Posted 8/28/08
1 fated to love you
2 It Started With A Kiss/they kiss again
3 Devil beside you
4 mars
5 silence
6 Meteor Garden
7 smiling pasta
8 The Magicians of Love
9 Ying Ye 3 Jia 1
10 The rose
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77 / F / Wisconsin
Posted 8/28/08
NOT in order...

1. ISWAK 1&2
2. Hana Kimi
3. Fated to love you.
4. meteor garden 1 &2
5. DBY
6. why why love
7. Silence
8. Bull fighting
9. smiling pasta
10. My Lucky Star
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27 / F / not tellin
Posted 8/28/08
corner with love
bull fighting
devil beside you
sweet relationship
my lucky star
hana kimi
i want to become a hard persimmon
invincible shan bao mei
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29 / F / Torrance, CA
Posted 8/28/08
For me the top 10 are:

2. Meteor Garden
4. Smilling Pasta
5. Fated to Love you
6. The outsider I
7. Why why Love
8. The Rose
9. Corner with love
10. Devil Beside you

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25 / F / England
Posted 8/28/08
1. Bull Fighting
2. Devil besode You
3.Smiling Pasta
5.Mr Fighting
6.Romantic Princess
7.My Lucky Star
8.Hana Kimi
9.Brown Sugar Macchiato
10.Corner With Love
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31 / USA
Posted 8/28/08
1.Meteor Garden
2.Bull Fighting
3.Hana Kimi
4.Love Queen
5.Hot Shot
6.Summer x Summer
7.Romantic Princess
8.Smiling Pasta
9.Why Why Love
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34 / F / MY
Posted 8/28/08
All time Favorites:

1. Prince Turns Frog

2. Fated To Love You

3. Mars

4. Hana Kimi
5. It Started With A Kiss
6. Bump Off Lover
7. Hi! Working Girl

No. 8 - 10, not really into the show but i love the OST.

8. Summer x Summer
9. Devil Beside You
10. Magicians of Love
Posted 8/28/08

No need for any top tens.

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