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Can you name all the dramas you've watched?
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27 / F / MA
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/31/08
I know there's a forum called "how many dramas have you watched," but can you remember & name every single one of them?

Well for me, NO. lols. It would take me forever to write out the whole list. I've watched a lotof tvb dramas since the late 90s, a few korean dramas here or there, tons of twdramas, & a couple of jdramas. What about you?

EDIT - I was bored & decided to gather a list of most of the dramas I've seen (only the finished ones, cause god knows how many I've started and never finished). This also doesn't include thai lakorns, cause I don't remember most of the names. :)

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24 / F / Birmingham
Posted 8/28/08
Lol, no, I have a page to help me keep track of them, I'm terrible with remembering things, I'm sure I could probably remember half, maybe three quarters, but I've watched over 120.
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27 / F / G-town
Posted 8/28/08
omg no way....... now that i think about it i wish i made somesort of thing to keep track....but i probably watched 200 +
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38 / F / milan italy
Posted 8/28/08
omg..theres a lot ...
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Posted 8/28/08
LOL, Now your asking....Keeping lists to track which episode I'm up to ( or awaiting more sub's ) but thats only via PC. Lost track of all the others. Now to the stage of start watching Episode 1, and finding - seen this before.
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24 / F / England
Posted 8/28/08
gosh, urm probably thousands, my mums adicted to them too so i probably started watching asian dramas saince i was like 1.
I watch american ones to!
I just have alot of time.
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28 / F / Torrance, CA
Posted 8/28/08
I have watched too many maybe 300+. The ones I love the most is Taiwanese dramas.
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30 / USA
Posted 8/28/08
well depends on if you want to know how many i have watched in my life then the answer to that is "no" but if you asking how many on crunchy roll well then "yes" i do know the answer to that question...
1.meteor garden 1&2
2.rolling love
3.romantic princess juliet
5.bull fighting
6.summer x summer
7.why why love
8.the devil beside you
9.brown sugar machiatto
10.smiling pasta
11.princess hours
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24 / F / Lowell,MA
Posted 8/28/08
nope cuz i dont know the names to most of the Thai dramas i've watched
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28 / F / Living in the US...
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 9/17/08
yes i can! dramas and movies [[not counting horror movies]]

Buang Banjathorn
Witch Yoo Hee
Only You
Tree Of Heaven
Fated To Love You
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
The Beast And The Beauty
Three Dads One Mom
Stars Echo
The King And The Clown
My Little Bride
Last Friends
Rolling Love
Liar Game
Absolute Boyfriend
The Art Of Seduction
Why Why Love
Virgin Snow
1 Litre Of Tears
Coffee Prince
One Pound Gospel
Lovely Complex
Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2
Gokusen 2
Brown Sugar Macchiatto
Nobuta Wo Produce
Ying Ye 3 Jia 1
Hana Kimi (tw)
Hana Kimi (jap)
Death Note 1 and 2
Sad Love Story
Sad Movie
The Rainy Day
Autumn Tale
A Millioinarie's First Love
Love, So Divine
Save The Last Dance
The Classic
Prince Who Turns Into A Frog
Romance In The Rain
He Was Cool
3 Iron
Sang Doo Let's Go To School
Spy Girl
Sweet 18
Wonderful Life
Too Beautiful To Lie
My Left Eye Sees Ghost
Turn Left Turn Right
My Sassy Girl
My Tutor Friend
A Moment To Remember
Marrying School Girl
Lost In Time
Daddy Long Legs
200 Pounds Of Beauty
100 Days With Mr. Arrogant
Why Me, Sweetie
Lover's Concerto
My Boyfriend Is Type B
The Lion Roars
Il Mare
Mr. 3 Minutes

not a lot that's why i remember! lol.
[[on my myspace page, i list
all the movies/dramas i've seen]]
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26 / F
Posted 8/28/08
Here are the dramas i've watched so far:

Boku Dake No Madonna
Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2
Kimi Wa Petto
Nobuta Wo Produce
Gokusen 2 & 3
Densha Otoko
Densha Otoko
Itazura na Kiss
Itazura na Kiss
Tatta Hitotsu ni Koi
Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi season 1
Rh Plus
Snow White
Time of Dog & Wolf
Which Star Are You From?
Tree of Heaven
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34 / F / Michigan
Posted 8/28/08
Ok I've only been watching drama for like a I should be able to do it. Let's see....

Love Story in Harvard, Full House, Sang Doo Let's Go to School, Goong, My Girl, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Attic Cat, Sweet 18, Autumn Tale, Winter Sonata, Time of Dog and Wolf, Hello My Teacher, Hong Gil Dong, Wonderful Life, Snow Queen, Coffee Prince, I'm Sorry, I Love You, Robbers

Devil Beside You, Why Why Love, It Started With a Kiss, They Kiss Again, Romantic Princess

Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2, Nobuta Wo Produce, Nodame Cantabile

yeah.....I think that's it....but there might be more I'm forgetting.
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30 / F
Posted 8/28/08
mmm (taiwan + japan + korea).. for example:

winter sonata
full house
love to kill

hana kimi (taiwan & japan version)
hana yori dango 1 & 2

it started with a kiss 1 & 2
devil beside u
boku wa imouto ni koi o suru
cinderella ni narita!
why why love?
brown sugar macchiato
honey and clover
nodame cantabile + sp

delightful girl choon hyang
taiyou no kisetsu
boku dake no madonna
spring waltz

pink no idenshi

tree of heaven
itazura na kiss
smiling pasta

detective conan sp( 1&2)
boku to kanojo xxx

romeo and juliet
my lucky star
tantei gakuen Q
blue days
deep love
marmalade boy
kimi wa petto

my girl
nobuta wo produce
goku dou high school
stan up!

vampire host
fiirst kiss

oishii proposal
the 1st shop of the coffee prince
proposal daisakusen + sp
princess princess D
lunch queen
tatta hitotsu no koi
boys este
liar game
isshun no kaze ni nare
one pound gospel

one litre of tears
gokusen (1,2 &3)

oh dal ja's spring

binbo danshi
anego + sp
attention please + sp

smile again
mukodono 2003
hotaru no hikari

bull fighting
my boss my hero
delicious gakuen
majo no jouken
DBSK minidramas
water boys (1 & 2)
9 end 2 outs

last friends + sp
zettai kareshi
sensei wa erai!
hanayome to papa
witch yoo hee

sang doo lets go to school
81 diver
rolling love
dance drill

romantic princess
wonderfull life
tokyo ghost trip
Anna san no Omame
haruka 17
goong S
18 vs 29
i watched any more doramas...and right now i watch one more xD
i love watch doramas...
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Posted 8/28/08
ahaha...I kept a list since the very beginning, and everytime I finish a new drama, I update my list including the names of the actors/actresses in it.
This way if I ever forget, I can look it up by title or by actor....yay me!
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F / the netherlands
Posted 8/28/08
i have seen a lot i won't even name them the list would be way too long
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