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Can you name all the dramas you've watched?
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Posted 8/29/08
Autumn Fairytale
Winter Sonata
Sassy girl chun hyang
lovers in paris
Full house
Sweet 18
Gokusen 1 and 2
Marrying a Millionaire
Meteor Garden
Coffee Prince
My Girl
Snow white sweet love
My name is Kim sam soon
Witch Yoo hee
Stain glass
STairways to heaven
Devil BEside you
Dolphin BAy
My MVP valentine
Poor prince
HAna yori Dango
Absolute Boyfriend
Hana kimi JApan
and a lot of other asian dramas that I forgot...

but all of these, i'd only recommend GOKUSEN, HANA YORI DANGO, BAMBINO, mAOU and FULL HOUSE...the rest are cliche's
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M / Orange County, Ca.
Posted 8/29/08
Pure in Heart
Which Star Are You From?
As the River Flows...We'll Meet by the River
Really Really Like You
Vineyard Man
Winter Sonata
Ima ni ai Yukimasu (I'm Coming To Be With You Now)
Coffee Prince
Princess Hours/Goong Palace
Thank You
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (Hello, My Teacher)
Three Dads And One Mom
Trick 1&2
Gokusen 1&2
Haken no Hinkaku
Hanayome wu Yakudeski (Fake Bride)
Attack Number One
Mada koi wa Hajimarnai
Attention Please
Oishii Purapozu
Ace Wo Nerae
Taiyou No Uta
Bengoshi No Kuzo
Pretty girls
Beautiful Life
Hinaku no Papa
GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)
Kinpatchi Sensei VI
As High As The Sky...As Wide as the Earth
Invisible Man
Here Comes Ajumma
Likable or Not
Iguana no Musume
Tokyo Friends
Joshi Deka (Woman Dectective)
Bake Dake No Madonna
Great Inheritance (Kindergarten Love)
I'm Sorry, I Love You
Wonderful Life
Asakusa Fukumaru Ryokan

Currently on: Trick 3, You Are My Destiny, Good Woman Baek Il-Hong, Amazing Chilwu, Hana Kimi (Taiwan), Hello, God.....
Never watched one that I wouldn't recommend....I love cliches!!!
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Posted 8/29/08
no, i cant even give an "about how many i watched" WAYYYYY TOOO LONGGGGG
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26 / F / $anDiego Breezy :)
Posted 8/29/08
Full House
My Girl & I

Hana Kimi
Crying Out Love
One Litre Of Tears

Romantic Princess
Tokyo Juliet
Devil Beside You
Why Why Love
Smiling Pasta
ISWAK 1 & 2
Bull Fighting
Brown Sugar Macchiato
Hot Shot
Love Contract
Tian Wai Fien Xian
Legend Of Condor Heroes

Miracle Box

& soo much moree
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28 / F / 你家我家大家家 :D
Posted 8/29/08
Um... name all the drama i've watched before? there are a lot that i watched!!!
i dun think i can named them all~ LOLL XD
Posted 8/29/08
yeah. i keep a list of them, so its easier to keep track of
Posted 8/29/08
Hmmmmmmmm, since i just started watching them i can name mine,
kimi wa petto
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32 / F / U.S.
Posted 8/29/08
Yes, but only because I write them all down. However, there are about 30 movies or so missing from the list. Mainly because I can recall a movie sometimes a lot better than a series. I have not only what I've watched written down, but also what looks like something I might want to watch. I highlight what I've watched so that I'm able to tell the difference. I've seen over 200 dramas/movies combined and without my list there's no way I'd be able to keep track of them!
Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
Meteor Garden 1
Meteor Garden 2
Why Why Love
Devil Beside you
1 litre of tears
Full House
My Girl
Lovely Complex Live
Hana Kimi Taiwan
Hana Kimi Japan
Romantic Princess
It Started with a kiss
They Kiss Again
Tokyo Juliet
Brown sugar machiatto
Fated to love you
Hana yori dango
Hana yori dango2
Coffee Prince
Goong (princess Hours)
Banjun drama?

& many more.. dats all I cud remember!
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24 / F / Ireland
Posted 8/29/08
Are you serious? I've watched LOADS of dramas. Too many to mention:P
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22 / F / In the busy stree...
Posted 8/29/08
ohh here we go:
(some r ones im watching but not complete yet)
romantic princess
hana kimi (tawainese and japan)
x family
started with a kiss
started with a kiss 2
why why love
mean girl ah chu
love queen
black sugar macchiato
legend of the brown sugar chivalries
tokyo juliet
smiling pasta
devil beside you
rolling love
ko one
hot shot
my lucky star
bump off lover
wish to see you again
mv valentine
heaven's wedding gown
green forest-something
i like it hot
heaven's stairway
last friends
coffee prince
fated to love you
the rose
the prince who turns into a frog
legend of star apple
200 lbs. of beauty
mou fan bang bang tang tang
lollipop (na li pa)
love storm
we are family
a journey called life

hehe......i thinks thts half of it i have so much more but i dnt have time to list it down tootles!!
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F / Egypt
Posted 8/29/08
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25 / F / Somewhere on earth
Posted 8/29/08
Hana yori Dango I & II
Under the Canopy of Love
To Grow with Love
Romantic Princess
It Started With a Kiss I & II
Nobuta wo Produce
Hotaru no Hikari
The Seventh Day
My Girl
Full House
Wonderful Life
Safe the Last Dance for Me
Stairway to Heaven
Devil Beside You
Why why Love
Winter Sonata
Heart of Fencing I & II
Which Star Are You From
One Mom Three Dads
I really really Like you
Tree of Heaven
My Lovely Sam Soon
Love Story in Harvard
Kimi wa Petto
Nodame Cantabile
Hana Kimi Jp & Tw
Journey to the West
Crazy for You
Zettai Kareshi
Tokyo Juliet
Goong S
Sweet Spy
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
A Love to Kill

And many more that I don't remember and there's movies too <3
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30 / F / Alaska
Posted 8/29/08
Yeah I've got them writen down. I'm to lazy to c/p them though.
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F / US
Posted 8/29/08
I have seen over 35 so far. I didn't realize it was that many until I scrolled through the other lists posted here. It seems that some of us like the same type of drama or maybe the hot guys/girls that are in them.
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