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Post Reply [GAME]-The Vending Machine
Posted 10/27/08
get's: a weeping cupid

puts in: tissues
Posted 10/28/08
gets: snot ><

puts in: speakers
Posted 10/28/08
get's: sum 41 ow yea!!!!!

put's in: holland XP
Posted 10/29/08
gets: chicago :]

puts in: a mermaid
Posted 10/31/08
get's: a turtle

puts in: a friend
Posted 10/31/08
gets a: old granny

puts in: a pumpkin
Posted 11/3/08
get's: scream!! NOOOO *is running around in circles being chased by scream*

put's in: a comedy film
Posted 11/4/08
gets a knife

puts in my brother!! o yea! lol
Posted 11/6/08
get's irritated XP

puts in: a cellphone
4953 cr points
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26 / F / in the bathroom
Posted 11/8/08
Yes!! a cellphone!!

Puts in a book
Posted 11/8/08
gets: speakers....?!

puts in: a million bucks
Posted 11/8/08
gets:wins the lottery*smiles*
puts in:a cow
Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08
get's: tulips (...holland XP)

put's in: my maths test (and you don't want to get that one...XP)
Posted 11/15/08
gets: a hat.

puts in: a lollipop
Posted 11/18/08
get's: hungry....hmmmmm lollipop.....

put's in: my job uniform (looks at it AAAAAHH my eyes!!! it's tooo ugly!!)
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