fanfiction:What Should I Do
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ahhh 19 chaps of tadamu im so lazy o well
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Me:Hi! Chapter 10! Yay! I HAD to write this one straight after I wrote chater 9! I had to see how it turned out! I'm going to make this reach until 20 chapters, then a new story!

Rima: So wha-

Me:Shh! No talking! Must concentrate!

Rima: :0

Song: What hurts the most - rascall flats.

Also blink 182 i'm lost without you.

I saw this and it gave me an idea. v v v v v v v vv v v v v v v v v v

Sorry, link was broken -go to - then enter Tadamu-what hurts the most - palfkmbvk

watch it! It's great for Tadamu!

Me:Mini spoiler for this chapter: Happy,sad, romance, mabye cliffhanger!


"YOU DID WHAT?!" Amu screamed, jumping out of her chair.

Amu and Rima, with Yaya, were in the kitchen, as Ami was in the living room, watching TV.

They were all at the table, drinking lemonade.

"I told him you'd be happy to be there!"Rima smiled, looking at her.

"B-But I didn't know he even gave me that message!"Amu panicked, taking a sip of her drink.

"He said he'd meet you at 5."Yaya added.

Amu choked on her drink, noticing the time.

"It's 4;30!"Amu screeched.

"Well then..."Rima stood up.

"Time for a make-over!"Her and Yaya told Amu, as they grabbed her arms and ran upstairs, dragging her behind.

"W-Wait!"Amu shouted.

-- Amu's room --

"No, it needs something else..."Ran said, rumaging through Amu's jewlery box.

"Some Pink!"Yaya said, holding up a Pink top, as she was standing by Amu's wadrobe.

"No! Blue!" Suu said, holding up Blue bangles.

"What about this?"Miki said, as a brand new outfit appeared on Amu.

It was a bright Pink summer dress, with Blue bracelets all up Amu's arms.

There were clothes and accesories all over Amu's floor, her bed, on the desk, Everywhere. Even some trailing off into the hallway.

"Nah...It's too bright."Rima put her finger to her lips, as she was thinking.

"What about this one.."Miki scrathed her pencil on the paper again, as a new coustume appeared on Amu.

"Waa!Miki!"Amu shouted, as a black, knee length dress, with red glitter on the sleeves appeared on Amu, but it was very tight.

"Miki! (Gasp) Can't! Breathe!" Amu tried to yank the dress off.

"Sorry...What about this one?"Miki grinned, as a huge chicken suit appeared on Amu, that made her fall back into her bed because it was so heavy.

"Yay!Hug the chicken!"Yaya chered, as she threw the tops into the air, and ran over to Amu and squeezed her.

"Yaya!"Amu complained.

"Miki! Be serious! She has a date!"Rima teased.

"Hai,hai, so, I have to choose this one." Miki stopped laughing, as one more outfit appeared on Amu-chan.

"Wow!"Yaya smiled, as she stood up.

"Amu, that's realy nice."Ran smiled.

"Well done, Miki!"Suu, Kusu kusu and Pepe cheered.

"This is my favirote!"Miki stuck her head up high.

"Miki! This is great! Arigato! Arigato gosaimas!"Amu smiled, spinning infront of the mirror.

"Looks good, Amu-chi!" Rima smiled, as she watched Amu-chan's smile grow bigger.

"Lets go!"Suu cheered, as Miki quickly made a new set of clothes for Rima and Yaya.

Yaya winked and posed at Miki, as she was wearing a light, pastel pink sleeveless top, with a pair of white shorts, with Pink studs going up the top, while the pink top had white studs going up, and Yaya wore a white baseball cap, with a pink number "27" on it, in swirly writing, wile she was wearing pink sneakers, with white lace.

Rima was wearing a lilac summer dress, with lilac sandals, with frills on the top of her dress, while a lilac coloured Ribbon tied her hair back.

"Amu-chan, what are you going to say to Tadase-kun?" Rima asked.

Amu thought for a moment before she replied.

"I'm going to say I love him!"Amu smiled, happily.

They all left the door, while Ami was carried by Yaya.


Amu,Rima,Yaya and Ami were walking to the park, while the charas followed.

Amu was wearing a baby blue headband in her hair, that was coverd in silver glitter, while she wore a light blue short-sleeved top, with a white tie, with light blue studs going down it, also a white mini-skirt, with blue Studs going along the bottom, to form a line, while blue dolly shoes, with a white rim were on Amu's feet.

Sparkly blue and white bangles were randomly placed on Amu's wrists.

Amu looked down at her neck.

Miki had given her a small locket, which Amu was looking at.

She opened it up to see a picture Of her and Tadase-kun, in their school uniform, but were smiling.It was them in the Royal Garden.

"Tadase-kun"Amu sighed.

"This time, I know how much you love me..."Amu thought to herself.

"Here! We'll try again with the Ice cream!"Suu winked, as two ice creams, vanilla and chocolate, were placed in Amu's hands, distracting her from her necklace.

-- Meanwhile, at the park. --

"Tadase-kun was sat at the same bench he was at before, infront of the fountain, waiting for Amu.

However he didn't know that Saaya was there too, about to win Tadase-kun over.

"What are we doing here, Saaya?"One of Saaya's friends asked, as they were all hiding behind a bush.

"I heard that That Amu is going to steal my Tadase-kun from me! I'm going to win him over today!"Saaya orderd to her 'friends' .

So, with That, Saaya jumped out of the bush, and walked over to Tadase-kun.

"Konichiwa, Tadase-kun!" Saaya sadly said.

Tadase-kun turned around, to see Saaya standing there.

"Oh, Konichiwa!"Tadase-kun politely waved to her.

"Tadase-kun.."Saaya forced tears out of her eyes.

"What's wrong?"Tadase-kun stood up, noticing she was upset..

"Yes! All's going great! At this rate he'll be mine!"Saaya told herself.

"A horrible boy just came up to me and told me that I was ugly.I didn't do anything wrong!"Saaya wiped a fake tear from her face, playing on Tadase-kun's pity.

"Great...Should I tell her the truth?"Tadase-kun told himself in his head.

"That's terrible.."Tadase-kun told her.

"You don't think I'm ugly, do you?"Saaya made her eyes go wide, to make herself look sad.

"Uh...No.."Tadase-kun rubbed the back of his neck in nervousy.

Saaya wrapped her arms around Tadase-kun.

"What do you think I am?"Saaya was pushing it.

Tadase-kun lightly wrapped his arms around her, just to make her feel better, even though he didn't want to.

"I think you're...Pretty?"Tadase-kun tried to get her to go away as fast as possible, he was waiting for someone 100 times as better than her.


Amu came running up to the park bench, with a huge smile on her face.

She felt confident, because she knew today was going to go right.

"Tadase-kun!"Amu called.

"I think you're pretty."She heard Tadase-kun say, as Amu saw him.

She gasped. She saw Tadase-kun hugging Saaya, telling her she's attractive.

Amu just stared blankly at him.

"Wh-What's going on? He's hugging Saaya, and calling her pretty!? "Amu thought to herself.

"Hin-Hinamori-san!"Tadase-kun looked up, to see Amu standing there, worried she got the wrong idea.

"I-Its not what it looks like!"Tadase-kun let go of her.

"He loves Saaya?"Amu took a step back in shock, and dropped the ice-creams onto the ground.

"(Gasp) Tadase-kun!" Rima looked shocked.

Amu started to feel tears forming in her eyes, as she saw the boy she finaly let herself love, was holding another girl in his arms, complementing her.

"...I thought...he...Loved me.."Amu whisperd in her mind.

"T...Tadase-kun..."Amu whimperd.She let out a sad smile. She felt rejected all over again.

Amu just couldn't stand it anymore. She turned around, and ran. She ran as fast as she could.

"Hinamori-san!"Tadase-kun ran after her.

"Amu!" Yaya called, as she was about to run, but Rima held her back.

"Let them deal with this, Yaya."Rima told her.

They watched as Tadase-kun and Amu ran away to Amu's house.

-- As they were walking to Amu's house --

"How long do you think it's going to take for them to make up?" Ami asked.

"Not long. They're in love!"Yaya made kissy faces.

"You're right there!"Rima laughed.

Suddenly, a black car skidded and parked skillfully next to Yaya, Ami and Rima.

"Ahh! It's the scary car!" Yaya screamed, about to run away, with Rima, Ami and the charas.

But before Yaya could do anything else, two huge guys in black suits stepped out and grabbed them.

"Waa! Let go!"Ami screamed.

"Get off of me!"Rima shouted, trying to struggle.

"Go away bako!"Yaya screamed, trying to get Ami away from them.

But before they knew it, they were pushed into the car.

"Why do we have to get these girls?"One of the men said to the driver, with a deep, dry voice.

"Because it will get the joker girl to come, then we can take care of her once and for all!"The driver replied, laughing in a high pitched, snitches voice, as Rima's eyes went wide.

The girls had been tied up, and a peice of black tape was put across their mouths to stop them from screaming.

"Amu-chan!"Rima's eyes turned into worried ones, scared of what they might do to her.

The car quickly sped off.

With the girls inside, and no one knew.

"MMMmmrr shhhrn!"Yaya shouted, muffled, trying to scream Amu-chan's name.

"Minna!"The charas shouted, trying to follow the car.

All they could see, was the number plate reading : EaSt3r 1


She wasn't going to let him see her cry.Not this time. So as she was running she lifted her arm upto her face.

"Bako! He never loved me!"Amu told herself.

"Amu-chan!"Ran flew right upto her.

"Amu, wait!"Miki shouted.

Amu riped her necklace right from her neck and threw it to the ground.

She kept on running until she turned into her house.

Amu opened her door and ran straight upstairs.

"Bako!"Amu shouted at herself.

She ran into her room, pushing the door open.

"Amu-chan..."Ran slowed down and stopped as soon as she saw Amu sitting on her bed, hugging her knees and crying.

"All this time, he was just pretending he loved me...I'm so bako!"Amu beat herself up.

Suu was flying through out the room, clearing up.

Amu pulled off the bangles from her her wrist, and threw them at her wall.

Ran and Miki decided to put on some music, from the radio.

"I can take the rain off this empty house...

That won't bother me.

I can take a few tears now and then

And let them out..." Ran realised what song she had put on and was trying to turn it off.

"Ah! Ran!" Miki gasped, as her and Miki were twisting the turndials on it, and pressing as many buttons as possible, while in the end, they ended up making it louder.

"I'm not afraid to cry..." Amu listened to the song's lyrics.

"Bako...To actualy think that anyone...loved me."Amu said outloud, letting more tears fall down her face.

"What hurts the most...

Was being so close.." Amu thought to herself, thinking of how Tadase-kun could do this to her.


Tadase-kun ran up the street.

He was wearing a white top, with a pair of dark blue shorts, with Dark blue sneakers, and a dark blue tie around his neck.

"Hinamori-san! Where are you!" Tadase-kun thought to himself.

He stopped when he saw something glittery catch his eye.

"Having so much to say...

Watching you walk away

He slowed down and saw what it was.

"A locket?"Tadase-kun asked himself.

"Tadase!"Kiseki eventualy caught up.

Tadase-kun had picked up the locket and opened it up.

"What is it, Tadase-kun?" Kiseki asked.

Tadase-kun just felt horrible inside.

He stared at the picture of Him and Amu-chan.

"It's hard to deal with the pain of loosing you

Everywhere I go...

But I'm doing it."Tadase-kun could hear a song from somewhere.

He just looked up to see Amu's balcony door open, with the music flowing out.

"She realy thinks that about me?"Tadase-kun asked himself.

He looked at the ground, unsure of what to do.

"SMASH"He looked up to Amu's balcony, to see her moving around her room, throwing things around.

"Bako!" He could hear her shout.

Tadase-kun decided to walk into Amu's house, as her front door was wide open.


"How could I actualy beleive that he liked me!?"Amu shouted, throwing anything she could find, but she accedently threw it out of her room, so it smashed against the hallway wall, outside her door.

Tadase-kun was standing at the top of the stairs, and saw it smash.

"What hurts the most...

Was being so close...

And having so much to say...

Watching you walk away..."Amu turned to the radio and threw it into the hallway, hoping it would stop playing.

It crashed against the wall, making the turndials smash off.

"Never knowing...

What could of been...

Not seeing that lovin you...

I what I was trying to do..." It carried on, As Tadase-kun picked up the smashed photo frame that Amu threw out of her room.

He stared at it.

It was the picture of Tadase-kun and Amu-chan, when they were at the aquarium.

He looked over to Amu who was now lying down on her bed, face down, buriying her head in her pillows.

He put the photo down onto the floor and stood up.

"Still harder was getting up...

Getting dressed,and living with this regret...

But I know, If I could do it over...

I would trade and give away all the words that I've saved...

In my heart that I've left unspoken..."

Tadase-kun could hear Amu softly crying.

He winced everytime he could hear her whimper.

"I can't stand to see you like this."Tadase-kun thought to himself. He walked over and gently say on the bottom of Amu's bed.

"Tadase-kun...How could you do this to me?" Amu whisperd, still unaware that he was there.

"Gomen...Gomen nasai..."Tadase-kun thought as he clenched his fists.

Never knowing...

What could of been...

Not seeing that lovin you...

Is what I was trying to do...

"Bako song!"Amu shouted as she shut her eyes.

Silent tears fell from her eyes, and onto her pillows, as she faced the door.

"Bako Tadase-kun..."Amu whimperd.

It hurt Tadase-kun that Amu was saying this.

"Gomen..Hinamri-san."Tadase-kun thought to himself.

"Anta no...Koto ...Dai Kirai..."Amu let one more silent tear fall down her face, and onto her bed.

"Gomen...Gomen Nasai..."Tadase-kun quietly said.

Not seeing that loving you...

Is what I was trying to do...

Amu gasped and looked at the bottom of her bed, was Tadase-kun, with his head down, his fists clenched on his lap, while Amu saw something falling from his face, and onto his hands.

"T-Tadase-kun!? How long has he been there for?"Amu thought to herself.

"Gomen...Hinamori-san..."Tadase-kun told her as he shut his eyes.

"T-Ta...Dase-kun..."Amu sighed, as she looked away from him.

"I didn't know you felt that way about me.I told you I'd never hurt you on purpose, But I attacked you, then after I promised I wouldn't do anything again, You see me hugging another girl, Complementing her.."Tadase-kun admitted.

The Charas just stood in shock.

"It doesn't matter. You only love me for Amulet heart..."Amu wouldn't look at him.

Tadase-kun looked up at her.

"Amulet heart is the complete opposite of who I am."Amu told him, standing up.

"W-Wait! I don't love you only for-"Tadase-kun stood up as well, before he was cut off.

"Bako."Amu said.

"BAKO!"She shouted.

She walked infront of her desk.

She opened the drawer in her desk and took something out.

She walked over to Tadase-kun and grabbed his hand, and put the item inside his hand.

"You bought this for me, because you said it makes me look like Amulet Heart." She told him, as he stared at the black heart shaped hair accessorie.

Amu walked over to her desk and pulled out another Item.

Then she handed it to Tadase-kun.

"This is what Kairi bought me, the same day, because he knew I liked it."Amu looked him straight in the eyes.

Tadase-kun gasped.He didn't know Kairi got her that.

"Now. I want you to tell me now."Amu crossed her arms.

"Wha-?"Tadase-kun looked at her confused.

Amu-chan brought her hand up in the air, and brought it down at speed and slammed it into Tadase-kun's face.

There was a slapping sound that filled the air, as he took a step back after the sound, dropped the things Amu handed him, as he brought one of his hands upto his face as he could feel some pain.

Amu just slapped Tadase-kun around the face.

"SAAYA! WHY DID YOU CALL HER PRETTY?WHY WAS SHE IN YOUR ARMS?" Amu shouted, or realy screamed.

Tadase-kun just looked at Amu, shoked.

Amu just looked at Tadase-kun seriously, and angrily aas tears ran down her face.

"It's supposed to be me in your arms!"Amu pleaded.

The radio began to crackle again before another song began to play.

Are you afraid of being alone?

'Cause I am. I'm lost with-out you.

Are you afraid of leaving tonight?

'Cause I am. I'm lost with-out you.

Amu stared at the Radio, listening to the music.

Tadase-kun took a step forward.

"I love you, Hinamori-san..."Tadase-kun told her, not caring about the insulting things she said.

I swear That I can go on forever, again.

Please let me know that My 1 bad day Will End.

I will go down as your lover, your friend.

Give me your lips, and with one kiss, we begin.

"Tadase-kun..."Amu sadly looked at him, and at the red mark that appeared on his face, but he still smiled.

"I don't care about Saaya. She just acted like she was sad, and got me to tell her she looked good so that she'd feel better, then she hugged me. No one could compare to you, Hinamori-san..."Tadase-kun explained.

Amu looked guilty.

"I told him I hated him..." Amu thought to herself, realising what she just put him through.

"I'll always be here for you Hinamori-san." He told her, as he was still hurting.

I'll leave my room open until sunrise.

For you.

I'll keep my eyes patiently focused,

On you.

Where are you now?

I can hear footsteps.

I'm dreaming.

"I never want to hurt you, Even if you hate me, I'll always love you. For you. Not Amulet heart."Tadase-kun told her, seriously.

"Gomen...Tadase-kun. I shouldn't of overeacted."Amu admitted.

Amu felt terrible over what she said about Tadase-kun.She completely forgave him.

"It's okay. We can get Saaya back tomorrow."Tadase-kun smiled.

Tadase-kun suddenly look upset and he looked away from Amu.

"Huh?What's wrong?"Amu looked worried.

"You'll probably want me to go. I'll see you at school tomorow.I mean, You won't have to say anything to me.I'll understand if you won't want to."Tadase-kun started to walk.

"Amu!"Ran looked at Amu.

"He thinks he's hated still!"Amu thought to herself.

Tadase-kun was walking through into the hallway, as Amu didn't know what to do.

I swear That I can go on forever, again.

Please let me know that My 1 bad day Will End.

I will go down as your lover, your friend.

Give me your lips, and with one kiss, we begin.

Amu suddenly got an Idea.


Tadase-kun walked out of the living room, holding his bag.

He put one hand on the stair railing, slowly making his exit, and trying to remember every little detail of Amu's house.

"Sayonara, Hinamori-san... Aishiteru.."He sadly smiled, ready to go.

He turned to the door, about to leave.

"Tadase-kun! Wait!"Amu called, running down the stairs.

Tadase-kun turned around to see Amu who had jumped down the stairs,Thanks to a charecter change with Ran.

"Hop, step,Jump!"Ran smiled, as Amu landed infront of Tadase-kun.

"Hai, so Amulet heart may be different from me..."Amu smiled.

Amu held out her hand, showing him the black heart hair clip, as she put it in her hair.

"Demo, I can try to be her, to prove to you that I can trust you."Amu smiled, placing it in her hair.

Tadase-kun just smiled.

He put her hand upto her head, and took out the hair clip.

"You don't need to be her. You're perfect as you are."Tadase-kun told her, putting his hands on her shoulders.

"Tadase-kun..."Amu gasped.

Amu felt her eyes watering again.

"Tadase-kun! Don't go!"Amu told him, wrapping her arms around him, making him drop his bag.

Tadase-kun just smiled.

"I thought You hated me..."Tadase-kun hugged her back.

"Huh? You Bako!"Amu looked up at him.

Tadase-kun just looked confused.

"Aishiteru!"Amu told him, pulling him into a kiss.

Tadase-kun didn't even have time to think about it. She just pulled his face into hers, his eyes wide open with shock, while she shut hers, enjoying the moment.

I swear That I can go on forever, again.

Please let me know that My 1 bad day Will End.

I will go down as your lover, your friend.

Give me your lips, and with one kiss, we begin.

He placed his arms, one hand on her head, the other pulling her close, so he deepened the kiss, while he ran his fingers through her soft,pink hair, As he closed his eyes.

She placed one hand, threading it through his silky, golden hair, and the other she was holding around his neck, to keep him close.

"Kyaa! My second kiss! That's NOT an accedent! And He loves me! I'm so happy!" Amu thought to herself.

"Yeah!She's my Kanojo! This is great!" Tadase-kun shouted in his head.

Tadase-kun decided to be a little bit more romantic, So he placed his hand securely behind her neck, and at the middle of her back, as he turned around, and swooped her down, so he was almost holding Amu, as she was at a 45 degree angle, with only her feet barely touching the ground, and Still kissing Tadase-kun.

This just made Amu only want him more.

Tadase-kun and Amu seperated, but thier faces were still close together, as they looked into each others eyes.

He stared into her mix of lemon and hazlenut eyes, as she stared into his violet eyes, completely satisfied by that kiss.

"Amu?!" Someone shouted, definately suprised.

Because Amu was at an angle she looked at the person by looking upside down.

Tadase-kun looked straight up, to see the person he least expected, as he felt a sudden wave of nervousy for this particular person to see him With Amu like this.

Amu just gasped.

The Person standing there was gobsmacked.

"Wha-?! What are you doing here now?" Amu asked, shocked as she didn't expect to see that person yet.

The person standing there was shocked.

That person was...


Me: Waa! Noooo! I didn't want to do that! I hate cliffhangers, BUT I have a reason! It's because this chapter was getting way too long.

Anyway, thoughts?

Amu: Well...(blushes)...(Smiling)

Tadase-kun: . . . It's hard to describe...(blushes)

Amu: Hey, where is everyone?

Me:o.o Uh...They went to go get Ice creams!

Amu: Hai!:) Wait, why didn't they invite me?!

Tadase-kun: Don't worry, Hinamori-san, I'll treat you to one.


Me: Shouldn't you guys say 'Amu-koi and Tadase-koi'?

Tadase-kun/Amu-chan: It's kind of sudden...(blush)

Me: Anyway...Who was standing at the door?Wheres Ami and Rima,Yaya and the Charas? Why am I asking you? Who are you and why are you listening to me bable on?

And should Amu choose vanilla or strawberry Ice cream?

Amu:That's a bit off topic T.T

Reveiw please!
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So I'm writing a lot. It's raining, I'm bored, but something has cheered me up! Knowing I can write Fanfiction, at least then Tadamu fans will appreatiate it.

Thank you soooo much to:

Romance is me,

Hana no Ai,




Ohime X3,





Random person,

Hotori Tsuki,

tadamu 4 eva,







Shugo chara!



And last but not least:

TMMxSC4eva - thanks for the extra trouble on youtube!:)

Amu:Wow, lots of names. 23 reviewers in 9 chapters made 60 reviews between them.:)

Me: Yeah, makes me proud of my story!:) Oh, If I've missed anyone out, then tell me, I'll add you to the list, don't take offence, but I was just scanning the page with my eyes, so...Yeah you get the Idea. And the reviews are being added as I type this up!

Amu: Carry on now?

Me: Wait! I have to show my appretiation,Amu! APPRETIATION! (cough)

Anyway, please enjoy!

BTW - Song of inspiration - Avril lavigne - Happy ending. (I don't know how it fits, but..It feels like it does)

"Mm" is supposed to be "Yeah" because when you say that in japanese, it sort of sounds like you're humming, just for those who don't know.

(Sorry if you do!)


"It's you!"Amu gasped.

"I thought you weren't coming back for a while!"Amu said, while Tadase-kun helped her up.

"Tadase-kun!" The person angrily said.

"Tsumi Ikuto!"Tadase-kun shouted back equaly as angry.

"What are you doing here?"Tadase-kun stood infront of Amu, to protect her from that black cat.

"I came by to see my favirote koneko-chan, but looks like you beat me to it."Ikuto teased, looking at Amu, who was looking from over Tadase-kun's shoulder.

"You stay away from Hinamori-san!"Tadase-kun threatened, holding up his staff.

"Aww. Just because she's your kanojo!"Ikuto angrily teased.

"Be quiet you theiving omnious black cat!"Tadase-kun threatened, as Ikuto pulled out his blades on his purple paw, ready to attack Tadase-kun.

Amu could see the jealousy in Ikuto's eyes.

"W-Wait!"Amu said, walking infront of Tadase-kun.

Both boys were quiet and looked at Amu.

"What are you guys getting angry over?" Amu asked.

"You, bako."Ikuto smirked, sneaking up behind her.

"S-Stay away from her!"Tadase-kun shouted.

Ikuto quickly nipped on Amu's ear before he jumped back from where Tadase-kun was about to hit him with his staff.

"AAHHH! HE BIT MY EAR!"Amu screamed, covering her hear with her hands.

"You'll pay for that!"Tadase-kun shouted, As Ikuto was jumping up onto the fence to avoid Tadase-kun's hits.

"Amu-chan! Calm down!"Ran tried to get her to stop.

"Aww.Didn't she tell you I was coming back today? I go to her room everynight!"Ikuto smirked, throwing Tadase-kun off focus.

But Tadase-kun could fight back this time.

"At least I Had her first kiss!"Tadase-kun told him, smirking back.

Ikuto was suprised, in fact, so suprised that his foot slipped off of the fence and he fell into Amu's garden.

"AAHH!"Ikuto yelled as he fell.

Tadase-kun just stood there laughing.

"I-I thought ..Ha ha..A cat always...HA ha HA lands on his feet!"Tadase-kun said, in between laughs.

Amu looked over to see Tadase-kun and Ikuto, Ikuto was sat on the floor, but he looked like he was in pain.

"Ikuto!"Amu gasped as she ran over to him.

Tadase-kun just had an "OMG?!" look on his face,as Amu was checking if he was injured.

"Ikuto! What did you do?"Amu worried.

"I fell."Ikuto smirked at Tadase-kun, making him even Mader.

"I think you broke your leg!"Amu gasped.

"Too bad, I'll have to stay in your home untill I get better!"Ikuto sighed happily, not taking his eyes off of Tadase-kun.He didn't want to miss his expression for anything.

Ikuto eyed the bandage on her head.

"Amu, Did someone hurt you?"Ikuto gasped.

"No.I hurt myself."Amu kept on looking at Ikuto's foot, wondering if it was broken.

"Well then I'll take care of you."Ikuto told her, trying to stand up.

"Well actu-"Amu was about to talk but Tadase-kun cut in.

"I'm taking care of her."Tadase-kun told him angrily.

"So, I'll crash here tonight then."Ikuto smirked at Tadase-kun, stretching and getting comfy.

Tadase-kun was just about to talk, but Amu beat him to it.

Amu pulled out her phone.

"Gon ban wa! Hai! Actualy he's here! Hai. Mm.You can have him!"Amu slammed her phone angrily, but then smiled at Ikuto.

"W-what are you smiling about?"Ikuto got a bit worried.

Amu held up 3 fingers.

"Huh?" Ikuto and Tadase-kun said in unison.

Amu then held up 2 fingers.

"W-what are you doing, Hinamori-san?"Tadase-kun asked.

"You'll see.."Amu smirked, as she left one finger up.

"IKUTO! TSUMI IKUTO!" Everyone heard a loud scream.

Ikuto knew who that was and hid behind Amu-chan.

"Where is he?!"She shouted.

"Gonban wa...Utau..."Tadase-kun nervously smiled.

"WHERE IS MY IKUTO?!"Utau shouted, and Tadase-kun could swear he saw flames coming out of her eyes.

"Please don't let her find me..."Ikuto whisperd.

"Oh I will."Amu winked to him, just to be mean.

Tadase-kun quickly pulled out his phone. He DID NOT want to miss this moment.

"Utau!"Amu called standing up, revealing Ikuto,crouching behind Amu.

"Ikuto!"Utau's eyes filled with hearts and changed completely into a loving Utau.

"No!Don't let her take me!"Ikuto whisperd to her, as he stood up.

"Come on Ikuto! You have to help me by playing the violin in my songs!"Utau smiled, as she grabbed him and dragged him down the street.

"Well...Nothing Like a sister to help you."Amu looked at Tadase-kun, who was laughing.

"D-Did you see his face! HA HA HA!" Tadase-kun fell onto the ground.

"Let me see!" Amu grinned, taking his phone off of him.

-- Le video --

"Utau!" There was a video on Tadase-kun's cell phone of Amu, calling Utau, then standing up.

Then Tadase-kun's phone zoomed in on Ikuto's face.It was a sweatdrop emotion.

Then Utau looked at Amu.

"Ikuto!" Utau put her hands together, and little hearts apeared all over.

!No! Don't let her take me!"Ikuto begged.

The camera zoomed onto Amu's face, as she had that "I'm innocent!" Look, as Utau came and dragged Ikuto off, while Tadase-kun made the camera point to Ikuto's face.

His Emotion was ...Ta Da: "I'll get you later!" Emotive!

Then finaly, the video was back on Amu.

"Well...Nothing like a sister to help you!"Amu smiled, turning facing the camera, as the video ended.


"Ha ha! One more time!"Amu laughed. She was sat on the ground with Tadase-kun, watching the video of Ikuto's torment over and over.

"Can't. The battery is about to die."Tadase-kun stood up, and so did Amu.

"Amu-chan! That was cool!"Ran smiled.

"Nothing like a sister to help you' It was so cool and spicy!"Miki Posed a cool pose.

"Koolandospicy!"Suu winked, repeating what Miki said.

"W-Wait!"Amu said, remembering something.

"Tadase-kun.."Amu started to look worried.

"Hm?"Tadase-kun looked up, after putting the cell phone into his pocket.

"Wheres Ami?And Rima and Yaya?" Amu's eyes went wide with worry.

"They should've been back by now."Tadase-kun told her, not realising this just made Amu panic even more.

"AAHH! AMI!RIMA!!YAYA!!" Amu screamed, taking Tadase-kun's arm and running faster than Kukai ever did, as she ran up the street, with Tadase-kun struggling to keep up.

"H-Hina-M-Mori-s-San!"Tadase-kun said, as he could barely keep his feet on the ground, because Amu was running so fast.

"Oh, Gomen!" Amu said, as she immeadetly stopped, making Tadase-kun bump into her, making her take a step forward to balance.

"Okay.We need to think. Theres a black car with an insane driver on the loose, My sister and two best friends have gone missing. What do we need to do?..."Amu thought as she said outlout.

Tadase-kun just watched her, not knowing wat else to do.

"Okay, I know!" Amu clicked her fingers and she smiled.

"Atashi no kokorono...UNLOCK!"Amu did her signiture transformation.

"Chara nari: Amulet heart!" Amu said, as she brushed her skirt.

"Okay. What we're gonna is We're gonna split up. You look in the high street, park and the school. I'll take the houses, the mall, and the graveyard." Amu told him.

"What if I need to contact you?"Tadase-kun asked her.

"I've always got my cell on me!"Amu smiled.

But then her smile turned into a frown.

"Keep safe."She pulled him into a hug, as she knew something bad was going to happen.

"Hinamori-san, I don't want you to get hurt."Tadase-kun hugged her back.

"I'll be fine...Tadase-koi."Amu pulled away, before she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, before she flew into the sky.

Nothing else was said.

"Tadase!"Kiseki orderd.

"Do I have to?" Tadase-kun looked at Kiseki, who just nodded.

"(Sigh) Atashi no kokorono...UN-LOCK!"Tadase-kun said, as he was once again, coverd in lace and frills that he even admitted that he didn't like.

"See what happens when I listen to you!"Tadase-kun joked.

"It's not as scary as you singing, beleive me!"Kiseki told him.

Tadase-kun just smiled, before he started to run.

-- In the air with Amu --

Amu's cell phone was vibrating, at her hips where her little pouch for her charas were.

"Amu-chi! It's-"Miki started to say, peeking through the top of the pouch.

"Hai,Hai, Don't tell me...Tadase-kun."Amu sighed.

"Hinamori-san?"Tadase-kun's worried voice.

"It's the Pizza delivery guy. Who do you think?"Amu joked around.

"Just checking to see if you were okay."Tadase-kun sighed, releived.

"I'm fine, I haven't changed since the last time you called me...2 minuets ago!"Amu told him.

"Mommy! Look at that Bako person!"Amu could hear in the background.

"Nice kid. You chara nari?"Amu asked.

"Mm."Tadase-kun replied.

"Anyway, where are you?"Amu asked.

"In the middle of the mall."Tadase-kun said, looking around.

"You?"He asked.

"Just in the air, seeing the roads, nothing much going on." Amu told him

Suddenly, something flew right past Amu with incrediable speed, filling the air with a streamlined wooshing noise.

"WOAH! WHAT WAS THAT?!"Amu screamed to her charas.

"AMU-CHI!"Miki screamed, as she pointed to it coming straight back at her.

"Hinamori-san?You okay?"Tadase-kun started to worry.

"Miki, where is it?"Amu asked her chara.

"Behind you!"Miki shouted, trying to turn her around.

The speeding thing hit Amu, as she could feel something whack into her.

"Omph!"Amu let out a small cry, as she dropped her phone, but she was knocked into a diferent direction.

"Hinamori-san!"Tadase-kun shouted, knowing something just hit her.

--Amu's POV --


It just knocked into me! I didn't even see what it was!

Wait, It's coming back!

I tried flying away from it, cutting Corners in the sky, dropping into nose dives, but it's still following me!

I turned my head back so that I could see what it was.

But it was moving so fast! It just looked like a blob!

"Amu! your cell!"Suu told me.

"Go grab it!"I told her, not taking my eyes off the thing chasing me.

"AMU!"Miki shouted, as I looked forward.


This is gonna hurt! I shut my eyes, waiting for pain.


I saw thousands of peices of glass scatter everywhere.

What building did I crash into?

I even landed on a hard surface!

"Ouch!"I know I just gasped, but I just stopped, as my feet hit something hard. Wood?

"Nice of you to join us, Joker." Someone just said something.

--With Suu.--

Suu Had just caught the phone, as she cheered for herself.

"Tadase?"Suu asked, to see if it was him.

"Suu?"He replied.

"Is Hinamori-san okay?" He asked, but Suu was too busy watching what Amu just did.

"Um...She can't come to the phone right now, she's too busy smashing through windows. Bye!"Suu told him as she ended the call.

She flew right over to the smashed window.


"Who are you?!"Amu gasped,scrambling herself up, as she realized she was standing on a table.

"I'm just your average If-You-don't-do-as-I-say-You're-Gonna-die-Strangers." There was a hitman, with a pair of black glasses looking Amu straight into the eyes.

She looked behind him to see someone she needed to see, but wasn't too happy.

"Rima!Ami! Yaya!"Amu Gasped, as she saw them tied up and sat on the floor.

"MMmmrr - nnn!"Yaya shouted.

"What?"Amu lookeed confused at her.

Too late.

Something smashed into her back, sending her smashing into the wall.

"AAHH!"Amu screamed, as she hit the wall and fell onto the floor.

Her head felt numb, as the wall pushed against it, making Amu's vision blury.

"Now. You're a smart kid. Just give us the Dumpty lock, and we'll leave you, your family and friends alone.This can all be avoided."One of the hitmen stood up.

"I'll ..."Amu tried to stand up, but almost falled over.

"See! You're already hurt. It's an unfair battle. Just give me what I want."He carried on.

Rima struggled from the tape on her mouth.

"Amu No! Don't give him anything!"She screamed at Amu.

"Shut it, you little Tart!"The hitman shouted.

"No you! "Rima scrreamed.

The other hitman tried to cover her mouth with his hand.

"HMM!"Rima screamed, muffled.

"Okay Rima, only one thing to do!"Rima told herself.

She bit into the hitman's hand.

"Oi! That's it! No more playin' games!"The hit man let go of her mouth, shaking his hand,to get rid of the pain.

He pulled out a gun out of his jacket and put it to Rima's head.

"Give him the lock!"The hitman shouted at Amu.

"Amu, If you do..."Rima said, as the man tried to cover her mouth again.

But Rima struggled.

"I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!"Rima screamed, as tears started to form in her eyes.

Yaya and Ami could only watch in fear.

Amu looked at Rima.

"We're through playin' games,Kid. You don't think this thing's real?"The hit man threatened, as he shot upto the ceiling, making a loud bang that sent shivers up Amu's spine, while small peices of the cracks in the ceiling fell down to the floor.

"Look, You've been medling in Easter's plans for too long, now we're taking action. It might be fine in your little world, but this is real life! At the end of this, someone's gonna pay! We NEED that lock!" The hitman shouted at Amu.

"Rima..."Amu's eyes started to tear.

"She can't expect me to let her die!? She's willing to give her own life!"Amu shouted in her head.

Rima was telling her to let them kill her, so that they wouldn't get the lock.

Rima's eyes were tearing. She knew she might die. She was so afraid.

So she looked over at Amu, to keep her mind off her own life, and watched As Amu made her choice.

"Amu-chan!"Suu smiled, happily, before realising what was going on.

"Um...Call, Amu-chi."Suu held up the cell phone, as it was ringing.

"Answer it!"The hitman in the chair shouted, as Amu took the phone.

"Hinamori-san?"Tadase-kun's voice talked to her. Right now, she loved and hated to hear his voice, wondering if it was the last time.She knew that someone was going to die at the end of this.

"Tadase-kun..."Amu sadly smiled.She tried to enjoy every second of his voice.

"Are you okay?"He asked, worrying about her safety.

The room was so quiet, everyone in the room could hear Tadase-kun's voice.

The hit man pointed the gun at her, so Amu knew what to say.

"I'm fine, Tadase-koi."Amu let a tear fall down her face, knowing she might die.

"Good.I was worried you might get hurt."Tadase-kun sighed of releif.

"Tadase-koi...I want to let you know..."Amu started to talk as the hitman started to walk over to Amu.

He placed the gun at her head.

"Now...Tell him you're fine."The hitman whisperd to Amu.

"..Aishiteru.."Amu whisperd, as she could barely talk, she was so frightened, then looked at Rima's distressed face, as well as Yaya's pale face filled with fear, and Ami's confused face, of not knowing what was happening.

" I love you too."Tadase-kun cheerfully told her through the phone.

"That's enough."The hitman told Amu, as she went to end the call.

Amu didn't realise that the button she pressed, activated a video call.

Amu put the phone on the table, accedently, so the camera on it was facing at a slant, of Rima, Yaya and Ami, tied up in the corner, with Amu, from her knees to her shoulders was shown, and the frightened charas, behind the three girls.

The red recording light was turned on, as Tadase-kun was watching.

-- With Tadase-kun --

"I love you too."Tadase-kun cheerfuly told Amu, as he thought she was okay.

Suddenly the phone beeped, so He looked down at it, realising that it had a message on it.

" Hinamori Amu Wants a video conversation."Tadase-kun read off the screen, as he pressed accept.

"Now, give me the lock!"Tadase-kun watched the phone, as his smile turned into a confused look.

"Let them go first!" Tadase-kun watched As Amu took a stand against someone.

"Wh-Where is she? Is That RIMA?!AND YAYA WITH AMI?!TIED UP IN THE CORNER?!"Tadase-kun thought to himself, watching the phone with worry and fear of Amu.

"Go on then.."Tadase-kun watched as two, huge men signaled to each other while the one closest to Amu walked over to Rima, Ami and Yaya and untied them.

Tadase-kun started to run out of the mall and into the streets, not taking his eyes off of the video.

"Well? Go!"The hitman held open the door, for Rima, Yaya and Ami to walk out of.

"You.Lock.Now."The man in the chair orderd.

Rima stood still. Not budging.She was looking at Amu with a sad look


"Rima..."Amu thought to herself.

"Go!"Amu sadly smiled. She was trying to hide the pain, knowing she wasn't going to make it out of here alive.

But Rima could see right through her disguise.

"Amu..."Rima whimperd, still letting the tears leak through, as she knew Amu was trying to be strong.

"Rima, go! Get out of here!"Amu shouted at her.Amu was so afraid.

"Go! Don't stay around.You'll get hurt."Amu thought to herself.

"Take care of Ami for me.Keep her safe.I know you will."Amu told her, as the hitman loaded his gun.

"I've co-operated! Now I've had enough! Joker,You'll die!"The hitman orderd.Just the words Amu feared to hear.

"GO!"Amu screamed at Rima, as the tears flew off of Amu's face.

"You can't just expect me to let you die!"Rima told her.

"GO!"Amu screamed, trying to get them out, otherwise they'd Die too, so Amu broke out of her Chara Nari..

"Don't stall, Rima.. I can do that on my own."Amu joked.

Rima just stared at Amu.Amu tried to hide the fear in her eyes, but it was too obvious for Rima. She saw straight through, so she saw the desperation for her safey in Amu's eyes, the disapointment of not seing Tadase-kun again.

But the thing that broke Rima was the bravery she saw In Amu's eyes. Willing to die, for her saftey.

Rima ran upto Amu and wrapped her arms around Amu.She didn't want Amu to leave her.

Words didn't need to be said among the two.

Amu hugged Rima just as tightly back, showing her that she'd stick by Rima in any situation.

"I'll miss you...Rima."Amu Stared at Rima's desperate eyes, trying to stall as much time with Amu as she can. As Amu held Rima's hands, placing something inside.

But Rima Didn't notice. She was afraid she'd loose her best friend.

Rima would stand there staring at her best friend forever.

To stall forever.

If she left that room, Amu would Die.

So she kept staring.

That is until, the man in the chair,grabbed and pushed Rima out of the door, but even with the jerked movements that Rima was being pushed by, she never took her eyes off of Amu.

Her Amu-chi.

Then the thing that broke Rima's contact with Amu was the door slamming behind her.

But Rima stood there, listening, but she shut her eyes.

"Your little friends are safe! Give me the lock!"One of the men demanded.

Amu stood there, looking at the ground.

"Even if I give them the lock, they'll kill me.Better make it a chalenge."Amu thought to herself.

"You just don't get it do ya, Kid!?"The hitman shouted.

"If there's one thing I'd never do..."Amu looked at the ground as she confidently said.

Rima looked down at her hands, as she gasped.

There, twisted between her fingers, was the most prized possesion that all this trouble.

The Dumpty lock.

Rima gasped. She knew what Amu was doing now.

"Don't stall, Rima. I can do that all on my own." She rememberd what Amu had said.

Amu was stalling so that Rima could get away safely.

"Amu..."Rima gasped.

"Is give Bako's like you anything you want!"Amu finished her sentance.

Then suddenly, Gunfire.

That peircing sound that Made Rima feel like physicaly being sick, and Made Yaya turn away.

That sound that chose to take a life.

To hurt.

So Amu fell to her knees.

She slowly fell to the ground. She knew it was all about to end.

But she saw a figure in the smashed glass.

It was a familiar face.

Someone she knew.

But it was too late, and that person knew it.

As the wind, and the sunset bounced off of that person's eyes.

Those beautiful eyes.

"I'd knew you'd come.

You're always here for me."Was Amu's last thought.

"Tadase-kun..."Amu happily whisperd as she took her last breath, shut her eyes, letting one last tear escape like her life did.

That one single tear that seemed so slip so easily from Amu.



Seriously, I was crying as I wrote this! I...Do I need to say anything else
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