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Posted 8/30/08
THAT IS FREAKING RETARDED!!! WHY THE HECK DO PPL HAVE TO "KILL" A FREAKING ANIME/ MANGA CHARACTER?!?!!? srry...just had to do that....now for real reasoning....

1. it's impossible, they're 2D drawings
2. if u could kill them, the anime and manga wouldn't be as interesting or certain characters might have died (amu, who was saved by both ikuto and tadase in the anime and manga)
3. there is always a purpose for every character. if one were to die, the whole story would be flipped around.
4. there is no real reason to. Tadamu/Amuto fans (the ones that bash) r just mad that amu can't be with tadase/ikuto, so if the other were to be eliminated, there would be no competition.

and to answer to the amuto bashings(a.k.a. tadase):

1. Girly- he's a character of a shojo manga and anime....how can he not look cuter?
2. Stupid- he's a smarter character in the anime and manga...he's not labled as stupid....
3. Ugly- refer to first one. (but this is mostly opinion...so i can't give an accurate answer)
4. Get in between Amuto- how does he do this? by existing? srry, but there's gotta be some sorta rivalry!
5. Plain bad- how? he's a character in the manga and anime. he has an important purpose. in fact, u should be thanking him for saving amu in the first episode and first volume of shugo chara!
6. Non symmetrical hair- let's c...almost all anime and manga characters have non symmetrical hair! now ur just grasping!!
7. Not a sexy beast(like you know who)- who the freak cares?!?!?! he's a cuter character ok? so deal with it!
8. Bad transformation- i would like to c u draw better! and he's suppposed to be a king-like character! kings wear freaking ruffles!!
9. Annoying Chara- he wants to be a stronger character! kiseki is a strong character! he also wants to take over the world! kiseki is acting as a king, like tadase's would be self!
10. He natural playboy- how the heck is he a playboy? he only likes amu and only has liked amu! he doesn't flirt with everyone!

i would answer to the bashings by tadamu fans(a.k.a. ikuto), but they don't have any reasons!

Now, dun get me wrong. i am an amuto fan, BUT i dun bash tadase. i dun bash ikuto either. there is no reason for any of this anymore! plz stop with the bashing! it's just an anime! it's a manga! it's up to peach-pit wat happens! so stop this stupid bashing and get on with your lives!! i apologize if this has offended anyone. i do not mean to start an arguement, but i want this stupid bashing to stop!
Posted 8/30/08
Please do not open a personal thread complaining about something. There are specific thread for that

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