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Filipino drama remakes Korean Dramas
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Posted 11/17/10 , edited 11/17/10
Firstly, I am a full blood Filipino living in Canada... and none of my words are said to be offensive
lol I don't like the way you chose your title... I mean it's like you're ranking Filipino people under Koreans... They may be economically above us but you should have chose a less offensive title... Because honestly, Filipino people are not the only one who copies from other people... For example, Korean version boys over flowers was copied from the Japanese manga of the same name... I guess as long as the copyrights are settled there is really nothing "bad" about remaking a person's idea... People say that copying is the best compliment... Or something like that

on the othe hand, Filipino people copy WAY too many things.... It's especially sad for me when I want to listen to Tagalog music but I can not because it seems that people worship English and basically just remake American music... All I can listen to is old songs... Anyway, kinda getting off track.. Anyway, I think that we shouldn't be doing remakes if it will not top or even equally match the original... But seriously filipino entertainment doesn't have much budget... Which pretty much sucks... Even for music videos they suck.... Oh and for people out there saying that Filipino people are sooooo ugly.... Lol don't worship the Koreans too much... More than half them recieved plastic surgery... I'd rather have natural than a plastic...

But yeah to answer your question... NO I don't like it... I'd rather watch something original than something I've seen before so therefore I basically watch Japanese or Korean dramas
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Posted 11/25/10 , edited 11/25/10


ugh, all of the actor and actress are so ugly, but no offense toward the Filipinos. seriously, the actor and actress look so damn old esp the one in the picture, u can even tell that they put tons of make up on their face if compare the original Korean actress which have more natural make up.
why they have to remake these dramas anyways, its not like the ppl think it will be better than the original. nor going to watch it.

natural make up? == well, thanks for their cosmetic surgeon.. at least filipino celebrities are NATURAL!
no need for surgery.. so stop discriminating!

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Posted 11/25/10 , edited 11/25/10
well... my answer is no...
filipinos are creative on their own ways.. and besides.. koreans are also remaking some drama.. but it's not that good...
not only filipinos but asians are copycats! ok?
actually, i like fantasy series (like mulawin and encantadia) rather than remakes.......
also, directors, producers need a higher budget which the government cannot give.. if you can give them enough money... i think they make more excellent dramas rather than korean drama
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Posted 11/25/10 , edited 11/26/10
I'm a Filipino and I don't like watching our own dramas. Every drama have the same story line, it sucks, corny and OA. And it is more hateful seeing that my favorite korean dramas will be remaked. Actually it is fine as long as they give justice (in choosing artists, storyline, etc.)
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Posted 11/28/10 , edited 11/29/10

honey5 wrote:

if you dont like it live it

kung pilipino ka at di mo gusto ang kung ano mang tungkol dito di mo na kailangang pagsigawan pa!
dahil kung mababa ang tingin mo sa sarili mo masmababa ang tingin ng iba sa IYO!

2 thumbs up..

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Posted 1/22/11 , edited 1/22/11
I'm a Filipina.. but half french..
but I live in Philippines.. Anyways..
I don't really like Philippine's remakes.. (It sucks)
Same lines, same happenings, etc..
That's why I barely watch them..
But, Filipinos really are creative..
they just do what the other filipinos want to see..
so I think that's why they do remakes..
Well.. if you know the movie "Magnifico"
It's my favorite movie that was made here in Phil..
It's the first movie that ever made me cry..
And the series "Encantadia".. the only series I watched in Phil. It's pretty good too..
Filipinos should just stop being
O.A... pa-cute.. and they should change their lines..
And they just need more budget..
Even though I watch korean series and movies and performance more than filipino's
I'm still proud of Philippine's hard work.. and I'm proud to be a filipina.
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Posted 1/28/11 , edited 1/29/11
i really dont know wats wrong with filipinos...y are they always doing "remakes"?..duh!!!. .remakes are fine as long as the changes you made with the story are not far from wats really on the original storyline...their remakes are sooooo dragging thats why dey dont really make a mark on entertainment,come on!! maybe its time for the other people to have a creative mind to be able to come up with a nice concept for a story..dont just rely on other's stories....have originality...
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