Post Reply What do think 2nd season is about?
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25 / M / somewhere!?!?!?
Posted 8/31/08 , edited 8/31/08
like title says if there was a seacond saeson wat would be about? just anything is fine..just curious wat every would like
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28 / M / take a surmise
Posted 12/31/08 , edited 12/31/08
uhmm, im pretty content as is..
but if there was gona be a season 2.
it should be after 3 years!
id like to see kei as a bishounen..
taller with contact lens at the biological age of 18 or so
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26 / M
Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/5/09
i would like to see kei look a little older,
but if there was a season 2 it should have
a more complicated story line but other than
that it a wounderful anime to watch
i wish there were more shows than it has now :
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27 / M / Nihon Nagano ken...
Posted 3/9/09 , edited 3/10/09
Me tooo. I wanna see when all of please series in one series only.
Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/9/09
i wish there was a season 2~ i wanna see kei just a little older >_<
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25 / M / Wasting away in f...
Posted 2/17/10 , edited 2/18/10
Yeah that would be cool to see kei get older.... but they came out with another series called onegai twins and i think that that's the end of the onegai series
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22 / F / Sweden
Posted 4/24/10 , edited 4/24/10
It's comin' a season 2 OwO?
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25 / M / Estonia
Posted 5/24/11 , edited 5/24/11
Well don't think that there should be a second season, but more like a second OVA?
The current OVA of Onegai Teacher is just a bit of fanservice, and doesn't really deliver on the atmosphere side of things, that I was honestly in love with in the series. Though can't say that there wasn't any great things about the OVA.
The ''what if'' another season/OVA comes out. I would like to meet the characters again when they make some important decisions. Like Kaede going to live with her loved one into tokyo, when he enters the university. How Kei lives with Kazami, though I have had enough of those ridicolous moments, where they act dumbly, and I would hope to see them be more ''settled down'' and have a great atmosphere between em.. Maybe it would be great if they would gather together, and Kei would tell everyone, that he is in love with Kazami maybe?.. It might give some great moments, and if they would act maturely, then it would have both a great atmosphere between em and it would have some nice reactions from his friends as well? ^_^
It would have to basically be a afterstory, about 5 years later?
In that case it would have everything that made the series great, and give a great ending as well, where everyone walks away satisfied. ^^
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24 / M / Anime World ≧◠◡◠≦✌
Posted 4/29/14 , edited 4/29/14
can you make a New season 2 now??? 6 years passed but no season2 .....and the story is not done yet,,,
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29 / M / san diego
Posted 5/10/14 , edited 5/11/14
yes its been done before so why not. and to see the have a kid and see the go out to out space
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