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Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/19/08
'' I?'' , everything is blurry the only thing R.A.I. could see was a water chamber and a oxygen mask, from outside the only thing to be seen is a man in a white garb talking with someone, ''How is the experiment going so far?" said the man in the garb, ''Good sir, the subject's responding pretty well to the analysis done in his body, but there is a side effect in the process... memory loss'', ''Don't worry, he won't need it, he will become the perfect soldier!'', suddenly everything goes black.

''What??!...Ugh! '', R.A.I. wakes up in the field, it's already night, his wounds are healed and covered with bandages, but not totaly healed, Heaven is in the ground sleeping, Maria is looking at a fire she made recently, meditating with a sad look in her face, R.A.I. smiled to Heaven ''Thank you'' and covered her with a blanket, ''How are you feeling Maria?'' said R.A.I. ''Hee hee, look whose talking, the man covered in bandages'' , she tried to give a smile, but in her eyes sadness could be seen, ''What are you really thinking about?'', Maria surprised started crying ''Everything is happening to quickly, the city destroyed, my friends and family is dead, Luda's dead...some weirdos are after us, I cannot take it anymore!'', ''You know, I was like that when I woke up, a strange building, a destroyed lab, not knowing who I was, but in the end there was nothing I could do but move forward, the city is destroyed, it can be rebuilt, you lost your family and friends, honor there deaths by staying alive and live for them''

They both remaint silent looking at the stars, ''It's a beatiful night don't you think'' ''Yes, it is, what are we gonna do with the monsters?'', ''I don't know, but the next time I see that brainless ape, his gonna end up worst than me, but his wounds will be permanent'', the night kept on as a reptile hissed was heard nearby, ''They're coming, this will be fun!'', he said this as the light of the fire kept shinning....
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[Other characters: Buuspider, R.A.I, and Radow]

Strife narrowed his eyes at the holographic image of the battle with Luda and R.A.I. The mist that surrounded the edge of the image twisted away from the center of the picture, only the outside edge appeared to be made of the dark vapor particles that created the entire scene.

Wrath's multples moved against Luda with normal speed for a Wraith, but that speed would frustrate and blur before human eyes. R.A.I and Luda parry the attacks. Barry gets hit by Heaven's pan. Wrath and Barry attack the fallen angel and the earth boy. The earth boy gets thrown back.

Strife's eyes followed the scene in swift movements; the speed his eyes moved matched Wrath's fury of motion. The corner's of Strife's mouth turned down.


The image reversed and replayed in response to his command. He watched the scene play again... "Replay." It replayed again. The corner's of his mouth turned down even further.

Wrath lounged behind him, yawning as he watched it for what seemed like the hundreth time. Wraiths didn't need oxygen to survive, so there was no physiological reason why Wrath would yawn, except to subtly tell his commander that watching the battle over and over and over again was like forcing him to watch the Barney saga.

His younger brother, Corruption lingered nearby, licking his wounds. Most people would use 'licking his wounds' as a figure of speech in reference to a dejectd soul trying to recuperate from a serious injury, but no, really....

Corruption WAS licking his wounds and he has a big tongue too.

Discord made a face at her twin brother. "do you always have to be so disgusting?" She had room to talk; Chaos didn't exact the bulk of the punishment onto her... he turned the majority of it on her twin brother instead of on her.

Corruption's tongue whipped out at her like a snake, wet willying her ear.

She lashed at his tongue with a blade, eyes flashing evil violet as a warning. "Pervert!" She just missed his tongue by a half-millimeter.

"No that's Wrath." Corruption grinned, more to tarment the eldest of the three siblings.

Wrath didn't hear him; he had managed to find a set of earth earphones and was listening to a sappy earth song that he had found and was addicted to called 'there was a girl named Maria.'

Hey, commander. Pause it there!" Wrath called out suddenly.

Strife paused the image, startled at the request and more than interested in what his subordinate would have sseen that his expert eyes didn't catch. "What? Where?""

Wrath called out to the hologram. "Image, closeup on the far left."

The mist scene zoomed in on Maria's frightened face that the battle scene managed to capture. Wrath puckered up his lips at Maria's image. "Mmm! Mmm mmm! Can't get enough of that. Can you get a closeup of her backside?"

Corruption laughed. "See." He opened his hand at his older brother as if his point was made. "...pervert."

The hologram went to rotate the image to show the rear of Maria.

Strife closed his eyes, frustration mounting. "Stop. Resume normal battle view." He yelled back at Wrath. "Do that agin and I'll have Barry eat you!"

Barry grinned from the shadows.

Wrath's smile dropped. Even with the annoying humming of the song about Maria wafting from his earpieces, he still heard that threat. Everyone knew Barry had an appetite.

"Resume play." Wrath told the image and watched the battle for again another time.

Discord dropped her head back with a bored groan and muttered under her breath. "Someone for the love of all that is unholy, change the channel."

In a stirring of dark smoke, Malice appeared in a scientist's white jacket, apron, and goggles. He held out a tray of muffins to the three siblings. "Try these."

Corruption backed away from the sweetly-smelling baked goods like they were about to bite him. "What are they?"

"Muffins." Malice said with a straight face. He pushed his glasses back up onto his nose. "I spectral analyzed the crumbs on my uniform from the ones that Heaven had made, running them through a mass spectrometer then calculated the amount of ingredients based on mathematical equations of base derivatives-"

Discord rolled her eyes. "Get to the point, nerd."

Malice bit back his irrtiation and fiddled with his glasses again. "and baked them at 350 degrees. Eat them." He shoved the platter in their faces again.

Wrath's, Corruption's, and Discrod's eyes went wide and they leaned away further. All at once they looked over and called out, "Barry!"

"Yeah, Barry will try them. He'll eat anything." Eyes wide, Corruption sweated at the closeness of the sweet confections near his face.

Barry shrugged and grabbed a handful, shoving them into his mouth. Within seconds he spit them out, spraying Malice with slime-covered chewed muffin. "What the abyss is that kibble!?"

Malice didn't flinch at the massive amount of spew that covered him. He just pushed up his slime covered glasses further on his nose. "Experiment one: failure. Perhaps, I will try less sugar next time."

"Stop play." Strife said then turned to look over his shoulder at them. "Malice."

The slime covered scientist snapped to attention. "Yes, commander."

Strife waved his hand at the image and it played showing the part where Heaven smacked Barry in the head with a pan. "What is this?"

"Barry getting the crap kicked out of him by a little girl, sir." Malice explained deadpan.

Barry looked ready to eat 'him'.

If Strife had veins one massive one would have pulsed on his head at that moment. He rubbed his forehead for emphasis. "No. I mean what is the weapon that she hit him with?" The image freeze-framed on the pan-strike, zooming in on the pan.

Malice disappeared in a poof, to poof close to the image. He leaned closer. "That would be a pan: an instrument used in rituals to win the hearts of earth men through eating their stomachs out."

Strife made a fascinated face. There was very little times in the universe that would make Strife fascinated; this was one of those rare moments. "What interesting women these earthlings are?" He shook his head of it and got back to the point at hand. "What metal is that pan made from?"

"Yes." Discord's eyes widened. "It was able to hit him! Why didn't we see it before! A metal that can possibly hurt us, right Barry?"

She turned to look over at Barry, but he was busy eating the muffins. Her expression flattened. "I thought you hated those things?"

"I dwo." He said with his mouthful, spraying crumbs all over Corruption. He gulped down his gia-normous mouthful. "But I was hungry and..." He looked hurt. "Strife won't let me eat Wrath, yet."

Even with his headphones on, Wrath heard that. He scowled.

Strife rubbed his chin with his forefinger and thumb. "Get me that weapon."

"Yes, sir!" Malice nodded, a wave of mist flowed over him, changing him to clean battle gear in an instant.

Wrath jumped to his feet, earphones off, finally. "I'll go with him."

Discord snickered. "You would want to go, wouldn't you."

Strife went to dismiss them.

"Wait." Chaos entered, a slithering ooze of dark vapor that formed into a figure of a man. He held out his hand. "Deliver this present to my little bird." A portion of his black mist slithered off of his to form wings and fly towards Malice.

It fsolidified to form a black and purple butterfly in Malice's hand.

Chaos smiled a dark smile. "And let my demon pet and that wingless fallen angel know that I gave it to her."

Malice closed his hand over the 'butterfly' and bowed low. "As you wish, my master." Then he and Wrath disappeared.

Heaven stretched waking up from waht seemed like was a long and restful sleep, but ti didn't remove her worry over her friends, the little girl, Radow, and Luda.

She hoped that they would come soon, because that warning feeling tempted her heart again. Something was about to happen, she just didn't know what.

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[other characters:eikochan and buuspider]

''Sleeped well?'', greeted R.A.I. with a smile, Heaven smiled at him happy that he has recovered from his wounds, ''Better get ready to leave, they already got our track, we're leaving in five'' the slittering ofthe Sakari wasn't far everyone could hear getting closer.

''Are they far?" said Wrath impatiently, ''Don't worry they are close'' answered Malice, ''But can you specify how close they are'', Malice cleaning his glasses just glared at him with a cold look, Wrath comprehended the look and remained quite, ''The three Sakari's level three I we sent must have already find them by now''.

The girls where preparing their bags as soon as fast as they could do, but it was already too late, the Sakari had caught up with them, ''Damn, I thought we had more time...ok it's time, you girls get ahead. I'll catch up later'', R.A.I. turned the fire out hoping for the girls to escape, ''Don't over do it your wounds are just healed'' said Heaven worried,''Be careful softy, Is boring to see more people to pass out'' added Maria

At the end the Sakari caught up to R.A.I's position ''Yes, a delicious looking human for dinner'', ''Aren't you already judging me for my appearance?, please you are nothing else than overgrown tadpoles'', the Sakari where enraged by his commentary ''Remember to find the girls alive, this you can kill him, I'll go for the girls'', ''No you won't!'', R.A.I. jumped and slashed at the Sakari's neck, the horrible monster dodged the attack and hit R.A.I. in the chest with his shield, at that moment R.A.I saw his opportunity and grabbed the Sakari by the arm and kicked him in the face ''Not bad for a smelly human'', ''R.A.I. saw the Sakari with indiference and smiled, ''What are smiling at'' hissed the Sakari enraged ''At nothing. just at the bomb I placed in your shield'' Bang!! ''AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!, my arm!!!!, Don'tjsut stare at him kill him!!!!!!!! , The three Sakari charged at R.A.I quickly ''WHAT!'', the three swords where hardly stabbed R.A.I's body, ''Even if I die, You won't pass! Enjoy..your...presents! Where you are standing is booby trapped'' Suddenly three spears jumped out the ground and went directly into the lizards hearts ''Good...'' as R.A.I. fell in the ground he could hear the Maria's scream the wraiths caught up with the girls ''No... t.he,,g.i.r.l.s not...yet'' R.A.I fell to the ground, but the tatoos in his started glowing again....
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[Other characters: Buuspider, Radow. and R.A.I ]

Heaven wasn't the type to argue with men when they told her to run. She just was the type that turned around a few moments later to help.

Explosions rocked the area behind the running girls. Heaven covered her head and then looked back, intense worry filling her over.

Her lips formed a girlish angry pout, as she pulled a brand new pan out of her backpack....this one still shined silver from never being used. "I just healed him, you jerks."

She went to run to R.A.I, but spears shot up out of the ground skewering the Sakai. Heaven stopped, lowering her pan. Lizard on a stick. For some reason, she wondered if Radow would eat lizard schizkabobs.

Maria screamed from behind her. Heaven turned to see Wrath standing in front of Maria, stalking towards her with a grin.

Maria backed away from him, frightened to bump into a multiple clone of Wrath behind her.

He picked up a lock of her hair to smell it.

"Hey baby, how you doing?"

Maria screamed, attempting to run away, but Wrath caught her wrist. "Where you going? We're just getting introduced."

Heaven went to attack Wrath with her pan aimed high above her head. But a hand caught her wrist as she attempted to bring the pan down upon the back of Wrath's head.

Malice grabbed her wrist, snatching the pan from her grip. "I'll take this."

He held up the pan. Dark mist slithered up it from his sleeve to cover the pan until it disappeared.

"hey!" Heaven complained. "give that back, you thief! That's my new pan!"

"Why don't you come back with us? We willl give you thousands of instruments to cook with." Malice offered.

He pulled Heaven close as mist poured off of him attempting to cover her as it did the pan. "Under normal circumstances, my orders are to just deliver you a present, but..." He explained as technically as he could. "...I am unable to replicate your masterful food experiments and I need you to achieve success in my research."

"No!" Heaven pushed away from him, a bright light in her neutralizing his mist.
Malice frowned. She was not one that he could take by portal methods. He would just have to take her back with him, the old fashioned way. He pushed his glasses up on his nose.

Grabbing her waist, he pulled her close to keep the air resistance from buffeting too much and lifted into the air, taking her with him. He would just have to fly her back to central. He wasn't the type to think about things more than the statistical nature of them, so the idea of her being upset about flying off with a wraith never occurred to him.

She resisted, pushing away at his chest. "Let me go! Let me go!"

Malice looked at her increaduously. "We are now 50.2 feet off the ground. Your safety dictates that you should remain unmoving as I take you to your new home."

Wrath looked up from his wooing of Maria. He hadn't really noticed that she threw away the black flowers thta he offered her in defiance. His attention was on Malice's attempted kidnapping of Heaven.

"Uh oh..." Wrath muttered. "And he's supposed to be the smart one."

Heaven cried out. "No!!!" A bright golden light burst from her, slamming into Malice.

The pain seared through him. He let out a howl and dropped Heaven. A rage built up inside him as smoke stirred off him from her light burning into his matter.

Heaven screamed as she plummeted to the ground. Malice's features contorted in anger.

Wrath pulled Maria into him protectively and jumped back away from the scene in a blur of motion. Maria resisted against him as he held her tight.

"Shhh! Don't make a sound." He hissed into her ear. "He's a beserker." Wrath explained as if that told maria everything. He knew that if she became a target as well as Heaven, that there would be nothing that he could do to protect her.

Wrath scowled. Chaos was not going to like it when he finds out that his chosen female is going to perish at the hands of Malice's beserk personality.

Heaven closed her eyes ready for impact with the ground. She prayed for forgiveness for not being able to protect her friends.

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[other characters: eikochan, and R.A.I]

radow looked hidding his presents in the shadows. che usless should we help them im not helping them their just fighting my enemy ok rin said in a happy voice ok radow could tell rin really wanted to save heaven.

radow sighed ok lets go right as heaven closed her eyes radow cought her before she hit the ground. stupid i waisted my self just so you all can get cought again huh he said while looking at heaven.

radow throw rin (in scythe mode) towards maria. rin turned back into her human form before coliding into maria. rin crashed into maria making both of them fly away from wrath.

wrath glared at radow then radow smirked a pretty boy its not nice to pick on the weak he closed his eyes then he appeared infront of where maria and rin was holding heaven and R.A.I in his arms.

he dorpped both of them on the ground now that they are out the way lets get to the point radow smirked looking at wrath and the beserk Malice.

rin looked at heaven and maria sorry she bowed i left with out a word and i never said anything
radow sighed come on rin rins face lite up this is the first time you said that she said running up to radow turning into her scythe form.

oh well radow grabbed onto rin then pointed her at the two. lets go he smirked

(might add more later but if any1 post before i do then i'll just go after them)
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[Other characters: radow and eikochan]

''Heh, I have been...getting saved twice, how...patetic and....weak I'm getting'' thought R.A.I as he saw radow carrying him to the girls, R.A.I`s blood was dripping out quickly from his wounds, '''ll never...get even...with him'' thought R.A.I enraged, ''Do you want more power?'' sounded a voice in R.A.I's head, ''What?'' ''Answer the question, do you want power?'', ''!!!'', R.A.I's tatoos started glowing intensely, a red aura started building up around, his bleeding stopped, his wounds started closing, his appearance and his sword changed too, ''What's going on?'' asked Maria, ''R.A.I?''...

''What is this power building up?'' asked Wrath surprised, the enraged Malice distracted himself from his original target by the curiosity of this strange energy, ''Well, sorry to have worried everyone, it's time to have real fun'' said R.A.I, ''Hey!, new guy'' said R.A.I to radow ''Want to team up?''
Posted 12/23/08 , edited 12/23/08
sorry it took me so long

Luda was going as fast as he could but being wingless drasticly leaves him hardly any power at all and those spells are draining and costly on his body. Gliding in the wind was all but easy. Bobbing and weaving from arrows and flying sakarai was not easy.Though his speed increased with every passing second and he escaping without any damage he couldn't help but think that he was too late. After what seemed like hours Luda made it out the of city, with no wind he would have to run the rest of the way.
"i have no choice, i just hope they are okay," with he that took off running towards the clearing. Taking a look behind him as he did to make sure he wasn't being following, there was nothing there so he continued on. Once again a figure shrouded in darkness appeared from the shadows. "target aquired." Then another appear, "Why do they want this one he is already damaged goods."

Miles away from the city the air began to fill heavy with blood and rage. "Damn it all, they are already there." cursed Luda putting on a new burst of speed he pushed himself farther past his limit. As he did the strain on his body was starting to rip him apart. His flesh began rip across his face and on his arms. With his failling body he pushed on.

When he finally came where the girls were, his body had cuts all over the place. His body screamed for him to stop, but upon the sight he saw, he pushed his pain the back of his mind. The grils were huddled togather and Wrath fighting Radow and That Boy. He frowned and caught glimpse of Malice in the sky with his aura wip aroung him viloently. Not caring for a fair battle he would have to end this fight quickly. He leaped into the air and rammed himself into Malice's back. Startled on impact both Malice and Luda began to fall. As they did Malice whipped around to see his attacker, his eyes wided to see Luda alive but he smiled when Luda was not well.

"how nice to see you alive," Malice smiled evilly. "But not for long," with that he grabbed Luda and flung him down to the ground. Just as Luda crashed into the earth Malice landed on his chest with tremedous froce. Luda spit up blood as Maice stepped off.
"Isn't this nice," laughed Malice as he conitnued to stomp Luda into the ground. Luda was powerless he was using this to the fullest.

Grinnig, Malice picked up Luda by his neck, "what happen to that cocky punk earlier."

Luda smiled weakly "Im so going to beat the hell out of you." Frowning Malice smashed his fist ino Luda's face sending him flying several feet away. To Malice this wasn't just fighting this was revenge for his ruined muffins and for being almost punished by Chaos for his failure. "come on tell me thats not all you got." He said walking towards the fallen Luda.

Luda struggled to get back to his feet, he had no more energy to fight, he try to form his sword but it just fell to the ground. "This body is at it's limit." Luda looked up to see Malice standing over him. "this is the end for you," His aura his wrapped itself in his hands to form his sword. "Return to oblivion!!" Malice brought up his sword to decapitate him. As he brought it down an arrow knocked it from his hands. he looked up to see a girl with black wings with a sword to his neck and boy dispersing his bow, talking on a communicator. The girl frowned at him "Leave this place or die your choice demon." She glanced at Luda who just confused as Malice was. Malice glared at the girl then at Luda "this isn't over luda," with that malice faded into the dark.
"WHo ar you?" Luda asked then he fell on top of the girl unconicous.
"Eww, his bleeding all over me," She tried to push him off but he was too heavy for her. "Shoryu!!" she called out"get him off of me." The boy who was with her aka Shoryu was watching the 2 demons fight, but instead of helping her, he aimed an arrow at Wrath.

Will either radow, Heaven, rairoken decide if the arrow hits Wrath hope you enjoy my post
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[other characters:eikochan, radow, and buuspider] (sorry radow for having freedom with your character I just though of a great battle sequence)

R.A.I and radow dashed directly at Wrath, the Wraith reacted materializing a giant axe, he swung the axe in front of him R.A.I ducked and dodged the axe, radow rolled in the ground and did a scythe uppercut, Wrath stepped back and dodge the attack, R.A.I did a mid-slash, but the wraith disappeared in black mist, he instantly appeared behind R.A.I with his axe already up, suddenly radow grabbed R.A.I's arm and pulled him from the impact, radow in that instant gave a spin with R.A.I still grabbed to his arm and threw him to Wrath, the wraith could just react by placing his axe in front and expect the impact, R.A.I impacted the axe with his legs, Wrath pushed upwards and sent R.A.I backwards, radow saw his chance and slashed his scythe at Wrath's chest, ''This kids got skills, I had enough!'' thought the wraith as he barely dodged radow's slash, he picked his axe and swung it towards radow, R.A.I jumped and cut Wrath's axe in half, ''I think we are even now'' said R.A.I, suddenly an arrow went straight through Wrath's shoulder, ''That shot was just for a warning,next one will go through your heart'' said a mysterious boy with a bow in his hand, ''Ahh, who do you think you are messing up with kid'' said the enraged wraith with his hand covering his wound, ''Wrath we are falling back'' said Malice, both shadows dissappeared in the depths of the night, ''Well this ends this fun night'' mentioned R.A.I to the others, ''Shoryu, get him off me!!!'' screamed a girl with a tall man on top ''Aren't you listening, Shoryuuuuuuuuuuu!!'', ''(sigh), I'm coming''.....
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[Other characters: Radow, RAI, and Buuspider ]

Heaven closed her eyes tight, preparing for impact. Instead of becoming a Heaven-pancake, she fell into the cradle of someone's arms. She opened one of her eyes to see Radow .

"Radow!" She hugged him about his neck. Okay so it wasn't the time for reunion celebrations... maybe next time, she'd bake a cake for the occaision, but this was a situation of danger.

She was more than relieved that Radow and Rin were safe... and something deep inside her told her that Luda was on his way.

Heaven wasn't going to interrupt the men's battle after Radow sat her down near Maria; it was a male thing... honor, or something like that. Especially since RAI was giving off a power surge like no other.

Heaven pulled out a bag of popcorn as the men went at it in battle. She offered some to Maria. "Want some?"

Maria looked at her increduously.

Heaven answered her friend's unspoken question that wondered about her sanity. "Our friends will triumph, I just know they will. So, we might as well enjoy the butt-kicking they are going to give the bad guys." She shook the bag at Maria temptinly. "It's kettle corn...."

Maria shrugged her shoulders and grabbed a handful.

But no sooner than she grabbed that handful, then a blast struck the ground before them. Both girls screamed and hugged each other as the handful of popcorn went flying in the air to land on them.

Luda rushed in, covered in blood and wounds.

Heaven wanted to help him, but he tackled Malice like a linebacker would a quarterback, and the two went down.

It all happened in a flash... including the angel girl and guy that appeared so suddenly. Malice retreated into a whisp of dark vapor leaving Wrath to battle Radow.

The boy... Heaven's mind felt his name whispered tot he edges of her senses, Shoryu aimed his arrow and let it fly at Wrath.

Radow and RAI sensing the arrow jumped clear out of the way and the arrow met with Wrath's shoulder like a burst of lightning. Wrath howled, doubling back as the light erupted from the wound. He gripped his shoulder, light bursting forth from between his fingers.

With a stream of curses that Heaven had never heard before, he disappeared.

Heaven sighed a sigh of relief and hurried over to Luda to heal him, while the girl with wings was complaining about how gross the blood was.

Gratitude filled her that her friends were safe and back together. As she touched him to heal him, a gentle light erupted over her as her mind prayed for his well-being.

(Sorry about the rushed nature of this, but I am so busy right now.)
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Posted 12/26/08 , edited 12/26/08
[Other Characters: Buuspider, RAI, and Radow ]

Chaos watched the battle scene on a sphere of mist. Fury filled him. He crushed the image in his fist, dissipting it into a wafting of gray smoke.

The wounded Wrath kneeled before him, head lowered, awaiting his fate. The only thing keeping him from being destroyed in an instant was Heaven's "pan", laying on the floor before him. That and the fact that he wasn't the one that went beserk and almost killed Chaos's favorite new target of affection.

Malice on the other hand, had suffered an ignominous fate, enough so that it would take him a while to rematerialize his matter.

"I will deal with you later." Chaos shifted his eyes to him in a manner that burnt deep into his soul the possibilty that he would meet the same agonizing punishment that was inflicted upon Malice. He dissapeared in an instant, safe only for the moment.

"Corruption." He called into the shadows behind him, only looking over his shoulder enough to let his voice resonate in that direction then turned his attention back to the wist in his hand.

Corruption materialized in an instant. "Yes, master."

Chaos glared at the mist before him, transforming it into an image of the city burning before him: Much better. He grinned.

"I have a job for you." He told Corruption in a warning tone that rang of more deep set reminders of the last time that Corruption failed.

"You have set the seeds of corruption within the-" Chaos turned to look at the twin. He stopped mid-sentance horrified by what he saw. "By all that is dark and unholy, what are you wearing?"

Corruption split himself in two and posed, an annoying act that he pulled when his true twin, Discord wasn't around.

"It's an earth school boy uniform. Discord likes them."

Chaos rubbed his forehead irritated. He disregarded the urge to kill him.

Corruption would turn himself into a worm if it gained his sister's attention. The young wraith was in every sense of the word the epitome of corruption, especially in his attraction for his own sister.

Corruption snapped himself back together into one annoying evil school boy, and dropped down to one knee, head lowered.

"Your older brother and Malice have failed in the small task that I have given them." Chaos explained. "Take your corrupted humans and cause them to suffer, but I want no harm to come to the half-demon and my next consort."

Corruption looked up at him, shocked. That was the first time that Chaos had ever considered a consort other than Discord.

Chaos could feel the desire to grin from the incestuous wraithling. Discarding Discord from his side, would toss her, if she could stomach it, into the arms of her twin brother.

"As you wish!" Corruption said a little too excited, even for a wraith.

"Strife will set the Sakai in to tear down the stronger ones... your job is to bring about mayhem and confusion." Chaos explained to him.

Corruption nodded and disappeared to call forth his personal underlings of Mayhem and Confusion.

Chaos turned from where his subordinate had been to open his hand and release the gray mist back into the air to form into a swirling image. The particles connected to form a stable image that only came from the Chaos's desires.

He imagined her long silvery blond hair entangling within his fingers. It had been a millenium since he had become so enthralled with something as he was beginning to be with Heaven. She was an enigma.

Demons and angels alike protected her.

Their gallant defense of her angered him and drew his thoughts to her even more. Soon she would be his, within the pit of darkness... and her protectors will soon be his corrupted minions. A fallen angel and a demon...would make the most powerful wraiths.

What were their names? Luda and Radow? And there was a new one, a seemingly earthian boy with growing powers, what did Malice call him? RAI ? The thought of the powerful enemies drew in Chaos the very essence of his evil anger.

The whole success of his plan for the Sakai taking over and destroying the planet Earth could be thwarted by these... His cold expression grew furious with distaste... men. Everything depended on their corruption or destruction. He preferred to turn them... the force of Radow's anger, Luda's power, and the growing abilities in RAI would increase his own power... that and they could watch for eternity as Heaven belonged to him...

Chaos even considered allowing Wrath to possess the little human girl Maria that he had become infatuated with just to irk them more. Their jealousy would increase his power as well. He wasn't the type to pass up the opportunity to create new underlings out of powerful beings.

If not... Chaos turned the image of Heaven he had created from his mind... they will die before Heaven's eyes. The very fact that they were associated with her made the game of making her his own all the more satisfying.

Whether it was just to possess something as innocent and pure as her, or to infuriate Luda, Radow, and RaI, he didn't know which was more tantelizing to his dark senses.

And she would be at his side. The mist gathered to form a rose in his hand, he caressingly pressed the black flower against the side of his face as if it was her... oh how he desired to have her adorned in darkness.

Chaos crushed the mist rose in his hand with a violent smile. Soon he will give her a Wraith's name... the name of Despair .

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"hmph, I missed,'' murmured Shoryu dispersing his bow. He walked back towards where Luda, the black winged girl and some girl was kneeling over Luda.

He looked at the others, his eyes narrowed when he saw Radow. The sight of seeing him alive stunned him a little or whats left. The girls held no importance to him. Only when the he came with called him again. "SHORYU!!!!!"she cried.

"What is it Azura?" he said calmly looking at her, though she was starting to him.

"My dress is ruined," she whined kneeling on the ground. He looked at her dress and frowned in deed it was ruined but it was her whining that annoyed like a child throwing a tantrum.

He covered his face in annoyance" Oi!!! Enough Azura!!!" he said sternly. Azura looked up tears welling up in her blue eyes. She stood up "Jerk!!!" she drew back to slap him. But he simply caught her wrist and twisted her around her so her back was to him.He wrapped his arms around her and whisper something in her ear face turned red, her tears dried as he giggled softly.

Maria ran to Luda side when Malice disappeared. When she reached Heaven had already beat her to him, she had already started to heal him. She sighed a sigh of relief when she saw that he was okay. She looked over to Radow and the girl and he just frowned at her. Then she looked at R.A.I. and smiled weakly at him. He looked so much like a little brother. Maria looked over at the strangers. The girl had that dreamy in love look in her eyes as the boy held her. The thought of Luda holding her flashed into her head. She blushed at the thought, and shook her head, and spoke up "Um excuse who are you."

The boy released the girl and looked at Maria, he had a some what of a satisfied look on his face. He whisper sound thing else to her and she blushed again. The girl kissed the boy and smiled, he looked at her plainly. "You can handle this," then he disapeared into the air.

the girl turned around to the rest of them. "Um sorry," she bowed, in respect. she stood back up and smiled. It confused the hell out of maria. She acted so sad before now she so happy."My name is Azura pleased to meet you?"

"yeah like wise," she sadi wearily, she stood up to introduce herself, "I'm...."

"No need for that, i already know who you all are." Azura smiled innocently. She looked at Heaven who just finished healing the knockedout Luda. "Excuse me, um Heaven, but that spell is a bit harsh on your body isn't it? Would you like to teach you some new ones." she asked beaming at her.

Then Shoryu reappeared and frowned" "give this to my pathetic excuse of a brother," and then tossed a a golden sword at Maria. He truned to Radow and Rin" Good luck suriving," He looked at Azura who happens to look at him. She blushes at his gaze. He folds his arms then disappeared again.

"Okay um I have to go, but here," she hands Heaven a book of spells which appears out of no where. "it contains healing, attack, and defensive spells, study hard, bye." she smiles and disappeared, just as Luda wakes up and looks at Heaven. " what in heavens name happen."

sorry Heaven but it was the only pic to fit
sorry it so short
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[other characters: Buuspider, Radow, and RAI]

Wrath clenched his shoulder wound. It refused to heal; normally, wraiths couldn't be injured except by objects of light, or if they were ever wounded, they would be healed in an instant.

But this wound still sizzled, lingering on. The pain of it amplified half of his feelings, and seemed to be numbed by the other half.

His thoughts were torn between his rage at the archer who did it to him and a unequivocal desire to think about Maria. Everything about her brought the strangest feelings of wanting to protect her to surface.

Malice rematerialized before him, holding one of the last muffins that came from that half-angel girl Heaven. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you were falling in love."

"Love?" Wrath let the word roll over his tongue, half-still in the reverie of when he held Maria close to him.

But the foreign word shook him from his trance. He sneered. "Don't make me laugh." He turned toward Malice, with a scoff. "Love doesn't exist in darkness."

Suddenly realizing that Malice was standing before him rematerialized, Wrath blinked at him startled. "Hey, how did you-"

Malice lifted the muffin for him to see. "My particles wafted past it, and suddenly I had the strength to reconstitute." He turned it in his hand. "I am curious as to what special substance she combines in these to give them such power. Fascinating, isn't it?"

Wrath shrugged him off, not interested in the slightest. He was more interested in plotting revenge for the embarrassment he encrued in front of Maria's eyes. If only she would see what power he had...

"Licking your wounds is not going to get you what you want." Malice said as he wrapped his precious muffin in a black cloth.

"I'm not Corruption." Wrath snarled. He wasn't 'liking his wounds.'

"It's a figure of speech..." Malice pushed up his glasses on his nose. "Besides, as dissolved matter, I overheard Chaos mention that he desired to give you the human girl if everything went according to plan."

Wrath's ears perked up. "I'm listening."

Malice smiled a twisted scientist smile. "Well... "

Wrath didn't need to be a genius to realize that Malice was plotting something and needed Wrath to do it.

"First, we have to regain our master's approval."

Chaos sat back on his throne. He could sense his minions discussing plans to regain favor in his eyes from the other side of the fortress. None of them knew this ability of his to sense their thoughts; it was what gave him absolute control over them.

He closed his animal eyes, feeling his power grow. Corruption was spreading mayhem and confusion. For all his inadequacies, Corruption did his job well.

A frown threatened his handsome features... the two beings that interfered with his plans. His sources called them Soryu and Azura.... Never mind, they would soon be eliminated with rest of the universe as it fell into darkness.

He opened his eyes as an image in the mist before him formed, spinning to his imagination.

Now, all that needed to take place was for the half-demon to fall into the pit of rage... and become the wraith he was destined to be.... the wraith known as Rage.

Even Hell knew of Radow's destiny to become a wraith. Chaos felt like smiling. They thrust him out, knowing that he would become more powerful than them all, so they called him "the weakest."

And then to alter Luda the fallen angel into a servant of darkness would be the ultimate irony upon the heavens above. To steal one... no...

Chaos smiled as the image before him changed to show Heaven the way he desired to see her. ...... two angels from the heavens...would be his most grand achievement.

He smirked, sensing Discord's contempt for the image that wafted before him. Let her despise, let her hate... He settled back in his throne, absorbing Discord's anger.
From the shadows, Discord watched Chaos stare at a mist image of Heaven. He was becoming more and more obsessed. It wasn't enough tht he had all the power in the universe, but he was becoming distracted by one little, insipidd half-angel.

She crushed a blade in her hands. No one would be at his side but her.

"What in heaven's name happened?" Luda asked.

Heaven laughed teasingly. "I don't think my name had anything to do with what just happened."

She was glad they were all safe. Looking down at the book, she was filled with gratitude.

Next to heal was RAI; she couldn't even begin to express how grateful she was to Azura.

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[other characters: RAI, Luda, Heaven](looks like i missed alot an my characters been used lol i think i might kill him off soon]

radow looked over at the wounded and closed his eyes che weak he held rin (in scythe mode) in his left hand then pointed her at heaven and glared at her

dont get the wrong idea just because i helped here doesnt mean im your friend or i care about any of you he looked at luda then heaven i learned alot there none of you are humans he closed his eyes the fallen angel luda and a half angel heaven

he slowly turned to RAI its clear your not humam either he shifted his eyes back at heaven why were you there that time his eyes glowed light red not once but twice you showed up

he stepped then appeared in front of heaven an bent down to look at her in the eyes not paying atention to luda who was by her you read my thoughts then didnt you he asked looking into her eyes to see if she was lieing

he glared deeper into her eyes why are you connected to me he balled his fist into a tight ball. his nail pireced through his skin an he started to bleed. rin turned back into her human form and pulld radow by his hand no she said in a small voice looking up at radow with teary eyes

radow sighed then closed his eyes never mind he looked at luda then RAI a little warnning theres alot more of them that you dont know of yet he smirked the sakari that is he stood up and laughed a little

if they really took us seriouse we would have been dead he punched a tree breaking it there just playing with us for now. the way you two are right now you would die in five seconds he took of his shirt and showed them a huge scare that went across his chest it was still bleeding just a little. this is what i had got when i fought two other things like the ones we fought just now

rin held her head down looking at the ground sad and whispered sorry even though that other one looked like like he went bseark an was going all out they were only using about one tenth of their strenght he sighed an the way i am i think the best i could last is ten seconds. not that much of a defference he said in a diappointed voice

he looked at them and sighed then smirked this sucks. im being fallowed once again by some damn crazy people radow looked at heaven i'll stay by you till i get a chance to meet them again he turned to RAI and luda

and one more thing for the both of you. next time you interfear with my fight i'll kill both of you he set by the edge of the tree that he broke far away from heaven and the rest of them.

rin bowed and looked at heaven i missed you and sorry i didnt have a chance to talk to you before. im a weapon class demon nice to meet you she said in a weak voice.and walked to where radow was and laied by his side

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[LOL... poor Radow... *sings 'used, used, and abused.'* Just kidding;)

But please, don't kill off your character! He's awesome! Besides what would we do without our token demon ;)]

[Other characters: Radow, Buuspider, and RAI]

There is a satisfaction in healing one's friends. Luda looked a hundred percent better and that filled Heaven's heart with happiness. Granted, it would have been better had she had the book before she healed him, but that was alright.

Besides, she had others to heal. RAI had taken quite a beating protecting them and Radow... her mind drifted back to when Radow was a prisoner of that darkness.

Feeling Radow's eyes on her, Heaven looked up at him. He appeared to be glaring, but she didn't care; she was just glad that he was safe and alive.

"Don't get the wrong idea just because I helped here doesn't mean I'm your friend or I care about any of you." Radow said in a harsh tone.

Heaven fought back a smile. She had to hand it to him; not even the Sakai could knock his firey spirit.

Radow shifted his eyes to luda then to Heaven. "I learned a lot there: none of you are humans..." he closed his eyes. "the fallen angel luda and a half angel heaven."

Heaven gasped. Why does everyone keep referring to her as a half-angel? she's human, darn it.

Radow slowly turned to RAI "its clear your not human either."

The silence had a lingering tension to it as everyone looked at each other. None of them were humans?

Heaven shook her head of it: they were all humans weren't they? Okay... so they were like mutant humans with super-hero powers, but the Sakai were the non-humans. Okay, and so Luda was an angel-type and Azura was obviously an angel-type, and Radow was... well, she knew he was a demon, but that didn't make him a bad guy. And RAI was powerful too, but did that make him not a human?

Radow's piercing gaze caught her attention again, pulling her back into the tension. "Why were you there that time?" his eyes glowed light red. "... not once but twice you showed up."

She didn't know whether to respond to that one: not knowing the answer of 'why' put her at a severe loss for words.

She put her index fingers together like a little girl and pouted. "I just felt worried about you."

Radow stepped then appeared in front of Heaven, startling her at the speed he appeared inches from her.

He bent down to look her in the eyes, as if he didn't bother paying attention to Luda next to her. "You read my thoughts then didn' you?" he asked.

Heaven felt his stare gaze deep into her eyes as if he was looking to see if there was a lie within her soul.
"Yes, it was the only way to talk to you." She blushed under the intensity of his stare, eyelashes fluttering as she looked away. A tender girl like her just couldn't stand up to the stare of such a powerful male as Radow.

"I... I..." What could she say? She looked back up at him.

Radow glared deeper into her eyes. "Why are you connected to me?"

Heaven didn't know the answer. She wished that she could take away his pain... that she could see him happy...

She dropped her head unable to respond.

Radow curled his fists in to white-knuckled balls. His nail peirced through his skin an he started to bleed.

Rin turned back into her human form and pulled Radow by his hand.

"No," she said in a small voice looking up at him with teary eyes

He sighed. "Never mind."

Heaven had a lot to think about when he explained to everyone what they were up against. And even more so when Radow revealed his wound that she had missed.

She closed her eyes. She had faith in the men that they would defeat their enemies. Security in that fact lessened her fear. Her faith was in her friends and in God that they would be preserved.

Rin's diminutive voice caused Heaven to open her eyes. "I missed you and sorry I didn't have a chance to talk to you before. I'm a weapon class demon; nice to meet you."

Rin went to turn around, but Heaven had her in a hug before she get away.

"Thank goodness you are safe." Heaven breathed, holding the little girl close.

Once she released her, Heaven watched the little girl go sit by her master. She would let them have some time, before she attempted to heal Radow's wound.

Heaven knelt on the grass next to RAI and flipped through the book to find the "healing" spell. Sad thing was that she knew diddly-Jack about magic... and even sadder was that she had no idea how to read the book in front of her...

...because its pages were blank!

But suddenly the book seemed to come to life, flipping by itself to a page. Writing in a strange language began to appear character by character down the page, glowing golden light. A very powerful healing spell. Heaven's eyes lit up under the reflection of the glow from the book's pages.

Heaven beamed, hugging the book to her cheek and cooing to it. "You're a good book. Yes, you are."

People's expressions went flat.

Heaven mouthed the spell and put her hand over RAI. A light encompassed him and in an instant it seemed, he was healed.

She looked over at Radow. He needed healing... but did he need time more?


Corruption perched on a skyscraper in his school guy uniform, eyeing the burning world before him. He had sent his own subordinates Mayhem, Disillusion, Depravity, Exploitation, Degeneration, and Confusion to scour the planet, bringing about the feelings of their namesakes.

He did this in part for the pleasure of corrupting souls, but the majority of it was for his sister. It was for her that he became a wraith... when his love for her was forbidden, he couldn't contain the stirring within him that became the seed for his embodiment of corruption.

It was only a matter of time before the entire planet fell into corrupt darkness, affecting even the small group of souls that attempted to defy his master.

Malice and Wrath peered into a small mist image, almost pushing each other's faces out of the way to look in. Instead of the usual, mist image, this one was a magnifying image.

"Where is that blasted little 'insect'?!" Malice complained, looking for where the black butterfly that Chaos had given him to give to Heaven had disappeared to.

The image flitted over the scene of Radow, RAI, Maria, Rin, Luda and Heaven.

Wrath pushed his comrade's face out of his way. "Let me look."

He moved the mist image with his finger. The image landed on Maria's chest. "Nice."

Malice rolled his eyes and pushed his glasses up onto his nose. "You would have to have a magnifying portal to see those small things."

Wrath's eyes glowered red at him. "What did you say about my future wife?"

Malice waved him off. "Just keep looking for that blasted bug or you won't even have a future wife."

Wrath moved his finger and the image followed, moving off Maria to scour the rest of the area.

Malice watched as Heaven got up to walk over to sit next to Radow. "Look at this."

Wrath stopped the image from moving across the area. "What?"

Malice narrowed his eyes as Heaven despite some protesting from Radow healed him. "Looks like our master has some competition."

Wrath snickered. "Him? The Half-demon? I thought she was with the fallen angel-dude."

"No.' Malice corrected him with a know-it-all air. "He is with your Maria and that girl...." He pointed at Rin. ".. is their love child."

Wrath wasn't happy. "Even if I do kill him; I still don't know if I'm ready for an insta-family."

"I thought the flat-chested one was with the boy with tattoos." A male voice chided in from behind them in between mouthfuls of crunchy food.

Malice and Wrath jumped, turning to see Barry stare over their shoulder at the image, with his hand in a bag full of cockroaches and chewing mouthfuls of them.

"Do you believe in talking without your mouth being full?" Malice sneered.

"What?" Barry looked positively baffled then he grinned, revealing insect legs stuck between his teeth "Oh! You want some?"

Malice made a face at him. He could eat bottom-dwelling insects and yet, complained about his muffins?

Wrath pointed at the image. "There it is!"

Malice turned to look. There the butterfly was perched on a broken tree near Heaven and Radow, slowly moving closing and opening its wings.

"Ahhhhh.. it's so cute!" Barry said in between bites. "Can I eat it?"

"No!" Both Malice and Wrath said in unison.

"Then what good is it?" Barry pouted, hurt.

Malice grinned. "Just watch."

He elbowed Wrath. "Light the little bug up."

Wrath sighed, bored and sent a dark waft of energy at the butterfly. Its wings glowed dark purple in response.

Malice watched the image closely.

In the image, Heaven offered Radow some of her muffins and other food that she made.

The grin on Malice's face dropped. "I hate him."

[Eh, you guys can pick what the butterfly does:

A. Bites someone and makes them unfixably ill, putting them into a dream-state coma.
B. Turns into a monster and takes off with one of the girls
C. Bites someone and makes them temporarily evil: Sorry but it most likely won't work on Luda or heaven.
D. Covers the area with a black haze and causes everyone to think they are in battle with everyone else. Gives time for the bad guys to come in and do something.
E. Does nothing. Disappoints the bad guys. Ah Darn.
F. Turns the guys into girls. Hahhahaha... okay, funny but not likely.
G. Turns into a big butterfly monster and sends a bunch of mind-controlling dust off its wings at the group that has different affects on everyone. The bad guys get a good laugh.
H. Make up your own. Remember though that Chaos gave it as a "gift" for Heaven... yeah, got to love his definition of "gifts'.]

(ok i think i like A,C would be good 4 radow, d, but we will let it be hidden on radow for now)

I didn't have muffins in this pic.
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"What in heaven's name happened?" Luda asked.

Heaven laughed teasingly. "I don't think my name had anything to do with what just happened."

He smiled "very funny." She is too cute for her own good luda thought. He laid back down his head was pounding it was like getting hit in the head with a mallet, and knowing how that actually feels it was pretty bad. (was hit in the head with war hammer in the great rebellion had helmet on.) But on top of that his body was stiff form when Malice had pummeled him into the ground. The thought of him being beat and losing to Malice seriuosly pissed him off. Luda was engrossed in his own thoughts he didn't see or hear what Radow saying to Heaven. He didn't snap back till he notice Maria was holding a small sword in a golden sheath. His eyes widen at the sight of almost as if feared. He sat up quickly pointed a shaking finger at the sword. "wh... why do you have that sword?" he stammered.

She to be thinking deeply something, when she looked up at Luda. Her face was red, why, he had no idea.
Looking at the sword then at Luda, "the guy with bow told me give this to his pathetic excuse of a brother, in his words."
maria got up to hand the sword to him, clutching it close as if was a baby.

Seeing the look on his face, she got worried "Is everything okay."

Annoyed by his own fear of the sword he shook his head. "yeah it is" he said quickly standing up. Maria looked at him curiously as she gave him the sword. Luda hesitated as he reach for it, then grabbed it. He waited a second and when nothing happen, he sighed.
"are you okay young one," he said putting the sword in a belt loop. he looked down to make sure it was secure then looked back up to be smacked by Maria.

"ow what the f..." biting his tongue, he was becomeing too human like."what you do that for..." he said looking at Maria. She only walked backed up to him and kissed him which startle him a bit. He didn't know what to, he had no knowledge what on to do. It only lasted a few seconds when she broke it off. "dont ever make me worry like that again, got it." then walked away. As she did he felt kinda different not angel like or an fallen one at that, just different.

happy eikochan

"okay," he was still confused about just happen. Shaking his head to clear his confusion he looked at Heaven. "i don't get it, why'd she hit me then kiss me?" he asked. "I really don"t understand human girls." he said scratching his head. "ow,"He looked at his hand "what in the heavens happen to my hand." it was blood red and he had claws. "what is this," his armor disappeared and his cloak.

Shoryu appeared with Azura clinging onto his arm. "It feels goods doesn't it, the power of Angel of death, the one rebelled against our lord." He kissed Azura then laughed while she smiled happily, "now you are my level but no where in returning home."

Luda looked up anger in his eyes "i'll kill you." . "then use the sword that he used to kill me." With that Shoryu disappeared with a cocky laugh.

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