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How many FFs had you played before?
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Posted 9/2/08
Remove if it's a duplicate. for me,I had played about 8.Which includes :

FF III (It sucked.Long and unfun.)
FF IV (Still playing,and it's quite nice. ^^)
FF X-2 (Love the battle system)
FF XII (No,I hate the new battle system)
FF VII :CC (Fun!And Zack is cute. XD)
FF VII :DOC (My first First-person-shooting game and I sucked.I manage to play through the end,and I love the story very much.)
FF Tactics (The PS1 one.So I can't remember much.)
FF Fables (Haha,Chocobos.I believe the story takes place at the future of FF III's universe.)

How about you? ^^
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28 / M / Ottawa, ON
Posted 9/2/08
FF I & II for GBA (Boring. Sold it after finishing it)
FF III for DS (Not bad but not amazing)
FF IV for SNES (Ok for an old game)
FF VI for SNES (Amazing. Great story and a lot of fun)
FF VII for PS1 (A Classic no doubt about it)
FF VII: DOC for PS2 (Pretty good for a cash in on the FF VII series)
FF VIII for PS1 (Really fun but Fighting and Menu system as a little off)
FF IX for PS1 (Fun to play but a pretty weak story)
FF X for PS2 (One of the best. Really good story and looked amazing back then)
FF X-2 for PS2 (Great Battle System but GOOD GOD the weird mood switch from X)
FF XII for PS2 (Fantastic! Only problem is the difficulty of some enemies early on in the game)
FF XII: Revenant Wings for DS (Fun but kinda boring at times)
FF Tactics Advance for GBA (Love it. Fun and challenging)
FF Crystal Chronicles for GC (Fun with friends, boring alone)

I think that's all.
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Posted 9/2/08
um FF7- awesome!
FF7CC- sad, zacks awesome
FF8- awesome
FFX- great story
FFX-2- even better.
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26 / M / New York City
Posted 9/2/08
Final Fantasy 4
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

That should be all the Final Fantasy games I've ever played. I loved the Tactics game more than the others.
Posted 9/2/08
I've basically played them all save XI and Crystal Chronicles...
Posted 9/2/08
Played almost all of them. The only ones I thought were good were 5 and 12.

Posted 9/2/08
though i didn't finish on some of them
Posted 9/2/08
7, 8, 9, 10, Tactics, and Tactics Advance

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32 / M / New Jersey
Posted 9/2/08 , edited 9/2/08
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10-2 12
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25 / M / Picton,Ontario,Ca...
Posted 9/2/08
All of them....... sadly only 7 is the best
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28 / M / Nacogdoches, Texas
Posted 9/2/08
FF II (Okay, didn't get very far and got bored of it)
FF VII (Freakin awesome, the epitome of Final Fantasy greatness)
FF VIII (Not so much)
FF IX (Really cool, loved it)
FF X (Interesting new concepts that I think worked, great characters and storyline)
FF XII (I still haven't gotten through it, but so far I love everything about it)
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M / slightly west
Posted 9/2/08

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22 / M / 大迷宮
Posted 9/2/08
From the First to FF-X2.
Really. I HATE the Final Fantasy series. But my hatred towards FF just came to me last year, so I wouldn't blame myself if I were to play the FF series in 2006 or so.
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25 / M / #bulletbuster
Posted 9/2/08
FFI & II (it was okay, i played the gba version, havent tried psp)
FFIII (jobs are awesomee)
FFIV (kinda just started it)
FFVII (Epicness =D)
FFVIII (draw... draw... draw... xD)
FFIX (loved the trance state on some characters)
FFX (to zanarkand... all i have to say)
FFXII (Tiamat or whatever his name is... WHY DO YOU TAKE SO LONG!?!?!?)
FF Tactics Advance (still playing to this day)
FF Tactics: War of the Lions (Dark Knight addition rocks!)
FF: Crisis Core (Minerva ish MINE!)

Yeh, that's it. I wanna play XI though.
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27 / M / Home
Posted 9/2/08 , edited 12/26/09
7, x2, x, 3, 13 , versus, and 14
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