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How many FFs had you played before?
Posted 5/29/10
just got rid of 13, biggest piece of shit that I have ever wasted my money on T__T at least game-stop gave me 30 bucks back for it.
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21 / M / Karakura town
Posted 5/29/10
2(still ok)
4(rocked the house poor palom and porom)
5(ugh want to beat good story stuck on the fire thing)
6(i <3 this 1)
7(great story)
8(rocking game awesome)
9(love the characters)
10(wish i could beat it)
12(its ok hate the battle system)
13(i love this game i love the new battle system hope they keep it)
Posted 5/31/10
1 and 2 in a combo pack for the gba
3 for ds
4 for ds
6 on the gameboy
7 on ps1
8 on ps1
9 on ps1
10 on ps2
12 on ps2
12 revenant wings for the ds
tactics advanced on the gba
CC echoes of time
crisis core
my faves are 8, 6, 7, 9, and crisis core.
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23 / M
Posted 5/31/10
play X,X-2,XII and im playing XIII and VII
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27 / M
Posted 5/31/10 , edited 5/31/10
FFII- Liked it, actually. Didn't get very far though.
FFVII- One of the best of the series. I think they're making too much money with it, though.
FFVIII- Dindn't really like the interface. The story was only acceptable.
FFX- Beautiful.
FFXII- Love the characters, the story, the free will, etc. This one is really worth it!
FFXIII- Doesn't have a bug, hooooowever.... What happened to my free will? Music isn't one of my highlights either. The characters and the story are kinda plain. NO SIDEQUESTS until you are about 24 hours into the game, and they're all: go there, kill that, reward. The game is a straight corridor all along (excluding the faultwarren, which is a dead end). From a certain point, the simple for-dummies story starts losing sense. I'll finish it off quickly with little hope (as the sidequests aren't taking me long) and forever forget it ever happened.
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29 / M
Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/1/10
I'm only gonna go with the numbered series here

I. Awesome game, though getting dated, enough remakes that make it easier
II. Punish me for leveling up more plox
III. Average game I played the DS version
IV. Great game memorable characters, awesome spellzzz
V. humor, and job classes were pretty awesome
VI. Best of the series I personally believe (Insert Kefka laugh here)
VII. Great game and Materia made it even more fun, I also loved the golden saucer
VIII. My second favorite with it's story and characters. (Triple Triad ROCKS)
IX. I was disappointed and to this date is a game, I have not finished
X. Great game, I loved the pulling away from job classes (oddly enough my least favorite character was Tidus[The main character])
X-2. aside from the ludicrous torrent of pointless fanboy service I thought combat was fun
XI. Wasn't into the MMO thing too much at the time honestly, didn't really enjoy it
XII. Very disappointed, the combat and learning abilities sucked as well as learning how to put on my leather cap...
XIII. Very interesting choice, and I found the story awesome. Some of the characters (hope) wore on me though.

And I lied about the numbers being mentioned only
Crisis Core was awesome and so was Final Fantasy Tactics (Playstation version ONLY)

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117 / M
Posted 6/4/10 , edited 6/4/10
FFVII- Great Storyline, soundtracks and sidequests.
FFVIII- It had a nice story but lacked smth.
FFIX- best FF game so far.
FFX-Blitzball FTW!!!!
FFX-2 - Played it for 10-20 mins max it still counts tho :D
FFXII-I loved most of the sidequests especially Hunting 1s which were epic.
and finally FFXIII- a bit way2linear and it lacked sidequests but even tho it was great experience.
Posted 12/18/10 , edited 12/18/10
haw about this all of them 28
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19 / F / Liverpool
Posted 12/22/10 , edited 5/1/11
FF7 - I think that they should remake it so that the graphics are better but I loved the storyline and characters. Cloud's angst is too much sometimes though and I feel like slapping him -_-
FF7:DOC - I failed epically at the first person shooter part but it was still a great game.
FF8 - Second best.
FF9 - The only one I keep replaying over and over again. Fave of the whole series.
FF10 - Not the best but it wasn't a total failure
FF10-2 - Got about halfway through before becoming bored
FF13 - I liked the story but I missed being able to roam the world freely and the battle system made me feel like I wasn't doing anything.
FF14 - The game is so big that the graphics are crap and characters move really slow on my computer even though it was actually built for gaming and memory space -_- The storyline is fine but I don't want another MMORPG
Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time - One of the best game available for the DS
Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers - Loved this one Way too short though
Dissidia: Final Fantasy - I like the fights and the fact that I can imagine yaoi between my fave characters but after a while the chessboard style map is annoying.
Dissidia Duodecim [012] - I like the fact that they adeed about 8 more characters and put in an acutal world map. It gets old pretty quickly though.

I've only finished like, 1 of those games. Crystal Bearers.
The furthest I've got for the others is middle of disk 3 on FF9
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Hiougi City, Unov...
Posted 12/22/10
i've played all of them except 4,9, and 13 (i've yet to get it. damn.)
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24 / M / Unted States
Posted 12/22/10
whats the point they all suck
Posted 12/26/10 , edited 12/26/10
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31 / M / Over there
Posted 12/27/10
Oh I thought this topic was about how many FPS games one has played :P

I`ve played FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus (Vincent`s spin off)
My fav out of those is 13.
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Posted 12/28/10
FF 3
FF 4
FF Crystal Chronicles
FF chocobo tales
FF Vll: crisis core
FF Vll: dirge or cerberus
FF Vlll
that's all I can remember
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23 / M / Sweden
Posted 12/29/10
I've only played Final Fantasy XIII, for someone who is new to the game series it's awesome, the graphics almost makes you cry :>
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