name of Favorite movie in your county
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24 / F / Thailand
Posted 9/2/08
just ask
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28 / F
Posted 9/2/08
What dreams may come
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27 / F / Hawaii
Posted 9/2/08
the dark knight
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22 / F / In front of the c...
Posted 9/3/08
i got 2, The Dark Knight and 300
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28 / F / Usa, California
Posted 9/3/08
pirates of the Caribbeans...1 2 &3
lord of the rings...
brave heart
spider man
King Kong
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26 / F / Australia
Posted 9/3/08 , edited 9/3/08
naww i live in australia ..
& frankly i haven't watched an australian movie that's been on my favourites list ever.
but i do like hollywood movies, some are really great (Y) but my fav Kmovie is temptation of wolves
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41 / M / MA, USA
Posted 9/3/08

USA favorites

The Wild Bunch
Once Upon a Time in America
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
Night of the Living Dead(1968)
Raging Bull
Duck Soup
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Rancho Notorious
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Point Blank
Blade Runner
Safety Last
Strangers on a Train
Ride the High Country
Born to Kill
The Searchers
The Big Parade
Double Indemnity
The Naked Spur
Blue Collar(1978)
Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer
Wise Blood
A Night at the Opera
The General(1927)
Taxi Driver
Beat the Devil
Modern Times
Ball of Fire
Night of the Hunter
Johnny Guitar
The Thing(1982)
Ride Lonesome
Out of the Blue(1980)
In a Lonely Place
High Noon
The Big Heat(1953)
My Man Godfrey
His Girl Friday
Steel Helmet
Winchester 73
Blood Simple
Alice Sweet Alice
The Shooting
The French Connection
Emperor of the North
The Lost Patrol
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
Red Headed Woman
Raw Deal(1948)
Killing of a Chinese Bookie
Sherlock Jr
Shadow of a Doubt(1942)
Ox Bow Incident
Citizen Kane
The Funeral(1996)
McCabe and Mrs Miller
The 39 Steps
At Close Range
Act of Violence
Mean Streets
A Face in the Crowd
House by the River
City Lights
Miller's Crossing
Miracle of Morgan's Creek
Day of the Jackal
High Plains Drifter
The Onion Field
Decision at Sundown
Brothers Rico
Prince of Darkness(1987)
Lost Weekend
The Godfather Part 2
Ms 45
The Limey
Ruthless People
Hell is for Heroes
The Body Snatcher
National Lampoon's Animal House
Lone Star
Monkey Business
Lone Wolf McQuade
The Thin Man
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26 / F / England
Posted 9/3/08 , edited 9/3/08
Ahh British films? uhh.
James Bond, Harry Potter.
Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead.
I liked St. Trinians too.
Ooh, and The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.

Haha, I can't remember many that were produced here. It's hard. xD

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25 / F / Finland
Posted 9/3/08
I don't like Finnish movies but FC Venus was pretty good.
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