How to crop!!!??
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Posted 9/3/08
When I make a avatar, I need to crop. How to crop?
Can use paint to crop? If crop whole body except hair, how!!!
Posted 9/3/08
Why don't you post it here?

I recommend you use the Adobe Photoshop CS if you want to crop something.

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Posted 9/3/08 , edited 9/3/08
cropping basically means trimming something down.

sure paint can do it but it isn't recommended since the quality is bad and its only good at cropping out quadrilaterals.

if you want to crop hair i.e. take everything out except for the hair you'll want to get an image editing software such as GIMP which is free if you can't afford photoshop.

then go to youtube for tutorials. part 1 part 2



Posted 9/3/08

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