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Who's Fanfiction Do U Think Is The Best??
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21 / F / Shugo Chara Land ^_^
Posted 10/22/09 , edited 10/22/09
I don't know if this counts, but I really like the 'Tadamu Story' here on Crunchyroll xD
Posted 10/22/09 , edited 10/23/09
Yeah, the Tadamu game on CR is awesome! Thanks Kiki!
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27 / F / W-o-n-d-e-r-l-a-n-d-
Posted 2/19/11 , edited 2/19/11
All i know is amuto ones o3o
Spring [FTW]!
The setup~
So im A maid?
Maid princess >.<!
Ikutos Babysitter [NOT FREAKING HENTAI]
Light and Dark [....Rated T for what you can guess o3oo..]
Hot springs gone dirty...[D:]
So lonley
Kitty Confessions[ ehehehhehehe Ratedm for GOD YES.hentai.]
Bump in the night
Shining dawn [ sequel to bump in the night]
And thats all i know for nao....
I read alot
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