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chinese prince of tennis
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Posted 9/4/08
i was amazed when i heard that they will have the chinese version o.o im not sure if theres already a topic for this o.o

* Title: / Wang Qiu Wang Zi (ahaha Wang Zi the person is in the movie ) LOL xD
* English title: The Prince of Tennis
* Genre: School, sports (tennis)
* Episodes: 22
* Broadcast network: Dragon TV
* Broadcast period: 2008-Jul-25 start
* Opening theme song: Mei You Cai Hong De Yang Guang Rainbowless Sunlight by
Zhong Kai, Mao Fang Yuan, Wu Di Wen, Wang Chuan Jun, Bai Xu Xu, Zhang Chao, Wei Bin and Xiang Ding
* Ending theme song: Wo You Yi Ge Meng Xiang) I Have a Dream by Go Go Club
* Insert songs:
o Xiong Di (兄弟) Brothers by Wei Bin
o Jian Bang (肩膀) Shoulder by Zhang Chao
o Zhan (战) War by Wang Chuan Jun, Bai Xu Xu, Zhang Dian Fei and Xiang Ding


Long Ma is a tennis prodigy who garnered 4 successive victories at the American Junior Tennis Tournament. Like his father, former professional tennis player Long Zheng Nan, Long Ma possesses both top-notch skills and deep passion for the sport. Upon returning to his homeland, he attends the distinguished Qing Chun Academy and quickly secures a spot as a regular member of its famous tennis club after beating out numerous upperclassmen. With each match towards their ultimate goal of winning the nationwide Junior Tennis Championships, Long Ma and his teammates grow as players and as friends.


* Qin Jun Jie as Long Ma
* Bai Xu Xu as Team Captain Zhong Guo Guang
* Zhang Dian Fei as Chen Hai Tang
* Zhang Chao as Shi Yi / Da Shi
* Mao Fang Yuan as Ju Wan
* Wang Chuan Jun as Qian Zhen Zhi
* Chen Ze Yu as Zhou Zhu
* Xue Hao Wen as He Chun Long
* Yang De Min as Tao Cheng Wu
* Xu Jing Wei as Long Zheng Nan
* Jiang Hong Bo as Coach Lin Qi
* Wei Bin as Zhou Yu
* Mu Ting Ting as Lin Ying
* Zhang Xiao Chen as Guan Yue Chu
* Zhong Kai as Wang Ya Jin
* Wu Di Wen as Ji Bu Jing Wu
* Song Xiao Bo as Xiao Bo
* Shen Ren Jie as Chen Qian Shi
* Xiang Ding as Huang Jue Wei
* Zhan Jing Yi as Xiao Peng
* Zhang Wen as Qu Xing
* Qin Yan Shi as Zhou Jie Chuan
* Wu Jian Fei

Production Credits

* Original writing (manga): The Prince of Tennis by Konomi Takeshi
* Producer: Gu Xiao Dong


* Filming period: 2007-Nov-16 to 2008-Feb-18
* Filming location: Shanghai, China
* The main cast primarily comprises some of the most popular contestants from the 2006 ( and 2007 ( seasons of the talent search show "My Hero."
credits :dramawiki
Posted 9/4/08
Sounds like a great adapt, i'll watch it :D
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Posted 9/4/08
Nice! i will definitly watch that!...but is it a remake of the prince of tennis the Japanese cartoon??
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37 / F / England ;)
Posted 9/4/08
lol i saw this and was like O.O!!!!
but i'll watch it
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24 / F / Birmingham
Posted 9/4/08
I'll most probably watch this :D.
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23 / Canada
Posted 9/4/08
i didnt even watch the anime
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Posted 9/4/08
i may just watch this one..
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27 / F / Seattle, Washington
Posted 9/4/08
i wanna watch!!!!
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29 / F / Seattle (in a Sta...
Posted 9/4/08
i watched it awhile ago but i thought it was kinda weird....didn't really like it,
i still prefer the japanese live action and the anime ^_^
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Posted 9/4/08 , edited 9/7/08

As a fan of mainland dramas, I must admit,this drama wasn't the best.

However, as an idol drama, it wasn't bad.

As a mainland drama, it was too Taiwanese for me.
Mainland dramas are good because they're realistic, have amazing acting, and have huge-budgets. This one went the Taiwanese drama route and had a low-budget with bad acting but popular guys.

However, if you're really bored, it's not that bad as a time-passer. I liked it better than some popular dramas like My Name is Kim Sam Soon,18 vs 29, Delightful Girl something something, and Romantic Princess.

I liked four of the actors (one of whom, Albert Song, appeared about 1 minute per two episodes)

I don't really like their uniform... the actors are much better looking without them.

Chen Zeyu

Albert Song

Zhang Xiaochen

Qin Junjie

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29 / F / Laguna Philippines
Posted 9/4/08
hmmmm I think I'm gonna watch it!

I'd like to see them playing tennis...

but I hope the acting is also good like in prince of tennis LIVE ACTION

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23 / F / CACTUS FARM ©
Posted 9/4/08
oooh lala i cant wait i loved the movie with kanata hongo T________T -drools-
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28 / F / highland,california
Posted 9/4/08
i just watched it rite now it sucked really bad
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29 / F / where the earth f...
Posted 9/4/08
i saw the first ep. of this drama and it
i hope it will get better in the next episodes!
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26 / F / *insert location...
Posted 9/4/08
any pictures????
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