Two-guys-struggle-for-one-girl Drama/Movie.
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F / The warmiest loca...
Posted 9/4/08
HellO!^^I'm looking for a drama that has Two-guys-struggle-for-one-girl Drama,or Movie in it and that the Drama/Movie is not an old Movie/Drama.
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F / sunny California :]
Posted 9/4/08
Hana Yori Dango :]
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37 / F / So Cal
Posted 9/4/08
hmmm..mostly all korean dramas have that "triangle" love affair
but some i recommend are:

goong (princess hours)
my girl
full house
lovers in paris
successful story of a bright girl
wonderful life
stairway to heaven
attic cat
beautiful days
autumn in my heart
winter sonata
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Posted 9/4/08 , edited 9/4/08
In the orange bar on top of your screen, put your mouse over "Drama," click on "index."

Close your eyes and pick a random drama (not movies...because those have greater variety), check the date it's released. If it's not too old, it should fit the criteria you're looking for.

But if you're looking for quality, here are a few I would recommend:

Hana Kimi (tw and jp)
Smiling Pasta
Princess Hours
Young Warriors of the Yang Clan
Absolute Boyfriend
My Bratty Princess
Princess of Returning Pearl
Devil Beside You
Romance in the Rain
Legend of the Condor Heroes
Return of the Condor Heroes (more like six girls fighting for one guy, and three guys fighting for one girl)
Semi-Gods and Demi-Demons
Posted 9/5/08
Use the Recommended Drama/ Movie thread for this instead please =]

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