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How many timez have u seen this anime?
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Posted 9/6/08
Wait, what?
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69 / M / Limbo
Posted 9/6/08
I've seen it five times... NO! Ten times!!!
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29 / beside Toma-kun.....
Posted 9/6/08
wahahaahaha....of what??...HAHAHA
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27 / M / Bangalore,India
Posted 9/6/08
OVER 9000 TIMES!!1!!!1
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Ultra Violet
Posted 9/6/08
I've watch anime few hundred time
Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/6/08
it should be: how many times have you see a pitiful thread like this one
Posted 9/6/08
failed=anime section=no idea what teh hell you're talking abt.
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27 / Norway
Posted 9/6/08
I think it's more likely that she/he/it was going to post in her group, and failed at doing that.
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28 / M
Posted 9/6/08

lolaluv wrote:

im just sister watched it 3 timez..ive only watched it once..wut about u?

You.. need to watch where your posting, and look for duplicates. Also, provide subjects and such. Refer to the FAQa.

KinkyHamster wrote:

....could you be a bit more specific?

Nyarth wrote:

err what anime your talking about? ...avi?

HitsuToushi wrote:

I has seen this anime no times since I have no idea what youre talking about

xbloodyvalentinex wrote:

a picture would help

1xPoohBear wrote:

What anime are you talking about?

holicxchan wrote:

and putting this in the anime section would be nice too

chr093kir wrote:

LMAO, nice try though

kino_neko wrote: failed....its ok......just next time try harder not to mess up.....

lebronj wrote:

what are you talking about it?? Seriously.
And this would be in the Anime Section.
But o well who care about it.

chinita333 wrote:

dont no cuz idk wat ur talkin but wrong sect dude

RaikuRoak wrote:

What are you talking about? And why isn't this in the anime section?

chiidorii wrote:

ehh what anime??

Aiglentine wrote:

What are we talking about?

h4x0rz wrote:

i suspect a troll....

As for the rest of you guys... seriously, report this stuff. I mean, it's important, and only takes a second XD this one isn't even hard.
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