boogers and faces
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Posted 9/5/08
so, if you had boogers on your face, would you want someone to tell you or find out for yourself?

how about vice versa?

if you were with a friend/cousin/collegue and they had boogers on their
face, would you tell them or let them find out for themselves?

ahah, it's just a thought.
what would your choice be?
tell or don't tell?

i think that if it was me who had boogers
on my face, i would want someone to
tell me [[even if it's a crush]] ekkk!! lol.

but i'd be a little embarassed to tell
a friend/cousin/collegue they have
boogers on their face.

but if it's family member, it's a different story! lol.
Posted 9/5/08
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Posted 9/6/08
Interesting topic...
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Posted 9/6/08
Dumb suggestion of a topic. Say OP, are you bored much?
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Posted 9/6/08
i will tell them if they have it,
and they can tell me if I have it.
but, i usually the one who notice it last.
Posted 9/7/08
This thread sounds a bit pointless.

I would suggest you use the poll thread for this topic.

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