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Posted 6/15/14
In theory to get the rinnegan you need the chakra of both the sons of the sage of six paths. So... Naruto could get the rinnegan if he found a way to get some of sasukes chakra into his body. I think that would be awesome.
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Posted 3 days ago
I just love how it turns out that naruto and sasuke are the reincarnations of the sage of six paths two sons and how those two plus Sakura look like they are going to become the new legendary sanin. I mean when I first started naruto back when it first came out, I thought that all of the adult ninjas at that time were strong, but all of the kids especially team seven have just completely blown them all out of the water. One thing I really hate though is that my guy Neji got killed, and I can't expect pain to bring them all back to life like he did with the hidden leaf village.
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