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19 / M / Colorado
Posted 9 days ago , edited 9 days ago
So I've been holding off on watching Kakashi ANBU Arc.

Is it any good? I just figured that I would wait for the war to start back up because I could care less about Kakashi's younger days.

When they start back up the canon, this arc won't even matter anyways.... so....
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M / Honnōji Gakuen
Posted 9 days ago
The Kakashi ANBU arc sheds light on his meeting Yamato plus the events leading up to the Uchiha massacre. It's a nice change of pace as it involves more traditional "ninja" stuff than the standard Naruto fare.
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M / In The Darkness!
Posted 3 days ago
Episode 359!

Lord Danzo has appointed Uchiha Itachi to Captain of his own team.

Yugao is the replacement of Uchiha Itachi on Kakashi team.

3rd Hokage Hiruzen been informed of someone entering the Hidden Leaf Forced Shield

Sadly Uchiha Itachi didn't put Lord Danzo under Tsukuyomi for killing his best friend, Uchiha Shisui.

Tobi has agreed to help Uchiha Itachi in the clan destruction. Black nor White Zetsu has no involvement in it.

3rd Hokage Hiruzen has dismiss Kakashi from the Hidden Leaf Village division to become a Captain.
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