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JeongJi-hun wrote:

From Rain's Mother

Ji-hoon is not like a typical child, he is more like a calm and steady gentlemen.
Compared to his father, our family’s Ji-hoon is more like me.
His character is frank and straightforward, so we always hear from other people praising him as a very honest person.

While in a group of people he is not independent; at home, however, he is a sensible, grown boy.
When he was younger, he’d always bicker with his only sister, but whenever she’d come home from a spanking/beating, he’d show sympathy towards her.

Our Ji-hoon has been obedient since young, very calm and steady. Whenever I give him a lecture, he never once talked back.
But Ji-hoon is a bit of a picky eater, so I’m a little worried…practically doesn’t eat pickled vegetables and meat.

Because I’m looking after the shop, I’ve no way of taking care of him, so I feel very guilty.
I’m unable to be like those parents who accompany their children to the TV station and are attentive to them through the entire process; I can’t even make him something good to eat, so I feel ashamed and guilt-stricken.

When I first heard him say that he wanted to be a singer, I really wasn’t that surprised.
Even though his father hoped that he would study hard to become a policeman or an officer, whatever the child wants to do, the parents have no choice but to go along.
In this sensitive period of teen hood, I have no worries about his behavior towards the opposite sex, or smoking and drinking.

The only thing is once the opportunity to learn is missed, it will never return again. So I hope that he will use the free time in between his performing activities to do more homework, which would be nice…

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Posted 9/18/08
[Sep-18-2008] HanKook Daily - Rain prayed at mother's ash temple (拜祭了母親)

HanKook Daily News

Rain's Asia special album activities are approaching, Rain prayed at his mother's ash temple and his heart became more firm.

Singer and actor, Rain decided to become stronger in front of his late mother.

On September 17th in the afternoon, Rain and his family went to memento park in Kyonggi-Do 경기도 벽제 together and prayed for the mother.

During the period of Chuseok, Rain went to L.A. for his Asia special album dance choreography related matters. Rain returned to Korea on September 16th, his first schedule was to pray at his mother's ash temple, the surroundings were very serious.

One of Rain's friend said, "it was too great regarding Rain's love to his mother. Whenever Rain has to release a new album or face with new performances, he will visit and pray at his mother's ash temple because he is facing with the new album's activities and managing his mood, at the same time to strengthen his understanding."

Because of sickness, Rain's mother passed away 2 months before Rain's debut. Rain lost his mother, with sorrows he continued on his activities and came to TOP STAR position. Rain had said many words such as "my mother is most important in my life". Rain's profound love to his mother were well known.

After Rain became famous, at award ceremonies and in official places, Rain never forget to give credits of his honors to his mother in heaven. During February New Year time while Rain was resting, he prayed for Speed Racer opening at the ash temple. Facing with the Asia special album on October, Rain visited his mother's ash temple again to calm his mood.

One of a friend said, "regarding Rain, his late mother exist like a religion to him. Facing with upcoming activities, he wished to receive luck from his mother and had set his heart. Rain felt guilty he couldn't visit and pray at the temple during Chuseok, the first thing he did when he came back to Seoul was to pray at his mother's ash temple."

Rain's Asia special album will release next month, planned to return to stage. Next March, his first Hollywood lead film, Ninja Assassin will be in theaters.

Source: HanKook Daily
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