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Post Reply Members please introduce yourselves :D
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28 / M / Singapore
Posted 12/7/07
Thx for the invite
ok so i will describe meself:

i am 14 years old boy
living in singapore

likes :
To slack around
be lazy n not do anything
sit on the com for the whole day watching animes....
well of course watch animes la

nth much except being called cute by older FEMALE students in school n the worse part is they will want to pinch my cheeks n do all those yucky stuff which i find it hard to decribe ps
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27 / M
Posted 12/8/07
-My names Andrew (adress me by my user name please)
-Im 17 and im in my last years of high school
-I work as a cook so my ideal job is an executive chef
-I really like anime i can honestly say that im in love with it
-Im Puerto Rican and Caucasian.
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26 / F
Posted 12/9/07

-I am 15 years old and a girl
-I like animes cos i'm crazy about it...
-i also like to read comics and love jap songs though i also listen to other songs other than jap....(but i'm quite an otaku right? )
-oh..ya..u can call me sakura or sakura_rin ...though rin is also fine....^_^

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26 / M / Bermuda triangle
Posted 12/10/07
hello there..
-Im in Highscholl
-14 earth years of age
-i like to read
-i love anime
-i love to stroll
and many more ...
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28 / M / Near my neighbour...
Posted 12/11/07
thks sunquest199990 for inviting me...
hi everyone...

~i'm Jack from Malaysia (asian)..
~18 dis yr (2007)
~chinese boy with slightly 'dark' skin / no mustache
~quiet and shy person (not gay)
~jz started watching naruto & find it quite interesting..
~i like funny or 'lame' shows such as 'keroro gunso' or ' doraemon'

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28 / F / fangirl land, la...
Posted 12/11/07
la li hooo~! uhmm, a few stuff about me.. uhmm..

call me isehime ^_^
i'm in college, taking up linguistics
erm, i'm already 18 <for some weird reasons, i keep getting stopped at the movies 'cause i don't look old enough, even though the movie's only r-13>
i'm from the philippines
i tend to be obsessed with my mother tongue
i love foreign and indie films
i've been addicted to anime since first grade
i tend to fall in love with anime characters
i name my things ^_^ <e.g my laptop's name is haku, my cellphone's name is alucard...>
i'm not very familiar with popular songs 'cause all i have in my haku are anime and japanese songs
i have a phobia of going down the stairs lolz
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23 / M / Latvija
Posted 12/11/07

- i am a 13 year old boy
- i am at school 7b
-i am from Latvia
-i like NARUTO
-i think crunchyroll is the best!!!!
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Posted 12/11/07
hi yas!

-ima 17 (soon to be 18 in 1 month) year old senior girl
-i like shojo manga and obsessed with vampires
-like to make amvs and fool around with photoshop.
-ima mexican american (even though i dont really look the part)
-i love to draw anime =] (i might that be that great at it)
-im friendly ;D
Posted 12/11/07
Hey peoples!!!!!!!!!!!

-I'm 13
-been in love with anime since 3rd grade
-a girl
-love to draw and write
-strange, talkative, and annoying
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25 / M / In front of my la...
Posted 12/11/07
HELLLLOOOOO! I consider myself crazy!
I'm a guy...
I'm 15...
I love action and blood...
I love food and my bed...
I come from Canada...
I speak french normally...
People say that I eat too much and they thinks its weird because I'm freaking not fat...
My imagination is freaking bloody, violent and immoral, althought I don't like seeing ppl hurt and I'm a nice person, so search the problem...
I live for adrenalin
And that's all! oh and yeah my name is Mareck
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23 / F / Lion city
Posted 12/12/07
Ok, let's see..

thanks for the invite

a bit about me:

-i am secondary school (or more commonly known as high school)
-i love Naruto!(duhhs)
-i am 14
-im from singapore
-im female
-i love sleeping
-my favourite colour is grey and purple!
-and i check my messages daily or once in two days, unless im really busy

thats about it :)
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21 / F / the hermit hole i...
Posted 12/12/07
a little bout me

-my name is victoria
-i'm asian
-i'm a girl
-i have a bf
-i love anime
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25 / M / hidden leaf villa...
Posted 12/12/07
what up!!??

-My name is Michael call dingbad 15 or Kimimaro for reasons un known
-i'm 15 years old and a freshmen in high school
-i'm american
-i'm a boy
-i love all types of anime and my most fav is naruto
-my fav naruto characters are naruto,Kimimaro, and kiba
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26 / M / anywhere
Posted 12/14/07

-im jack
-im just a regular person
-im a guy (of course)
-im asian
-i love some anime

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25 / M
Posted 12/17/07
thanks for inviting me
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