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Favourite Anime Quotes
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36 / F / UK
Posted 12/18/09 , edited 12/18/09
-Nothings Last.....but a white faded Ash....*Joe Yabuki* from Ashita no Joe 2

-I feel a great happiness Nishi....and when you feel like this, you always be afraid of loosing that happiness for some reason....*Joe Yabuki* from Ashita no Joe 2

-If he was good in that I will defeat him Robert....As the True Victory, is to defeat him in his own Techniques......*Carlos Rivera* from Ashita no Joe 2

-people who can give up their own desires are Great.....*Sandybell Lesley* from hello Sandybelle Anime.
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Posted 12/18/09 , edited 12/18/09
Not being able to talk is fortunate in a way. When people are speaking of sorrow, when they speak of joy and when they speak of anger, they use an abnormally large amount of energy. Even more when it's fear and pain. So in that sense, losing your voice and cowering in fear is... in a way, it's human instinct and self-defense mechanism to save your energy for the right time. Hmmm... damn. I just said something pretty smart. - Graham Spector (Baccano!)

Incomprehensibility is a part of human life. But what does this mean? I just can't understand it. - Graham Spector (Baccano!)

No, it's good, money is good. I'm not sure why, but everyone says money is good. - Graham Spector (Baccano!)

A person that is lonely when they are alone; is probably lonely even when they are with others. - Shizuru (Mokke)

In my mind this jacked-up sideways ridiculousness is the normal state? - Ichigo (Bleach)

Because ten billion years’ time is so fragile, so ephemeral… it arouses such a bittersweet, almost heartbreaking fondness. - Anon (Now and Then, Here and There)
Posted 12/18/09 , edited 12/18/09

Absolute Win desu~
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24 / F / in my dreams
Posted 12/29/09 , edited 12/30/09
Finally I saw...A world so bright I almost wanted to cry...It was then, that my consciousness was engulfed in darkness --- Oz Bezarius, Pandora Hearts (He's thinking it)
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Posted 12/30/09 , edited 12/30/09

math_simon wrote:

Unellmay wrote:

"Nozomu: The meaning of love is found through death!
Matoi: Oh...
Nozomu: If you truly love each other, then die together. Red lead, sleeping pills, and a will, along with other items. This is my travel kit, which I always carry on me. I'll leave it here.
Matoi: (The ultimate form of love... You love one another so much that you wish to die together?)
Nozomu: Tsunetsuki-san. If you'd like, I'll die with you whenever you want. Then bon voyage.
Matoi: (That was a confession of love) "

Hey can anybody mind telling me from what anime is this?? Seemed touching

Sayonara zetsubou sensei tis funny
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22 / F / In bed with Ikuto~
Posted 12/31/09 , edited 12/31/09
"God's not at home. He's on vacation at Vegas. " - Eda from Black Lagoon x)

"All they saw in me was another little ghetto rat with no power and no God. What's left for a poor little Chinese bitch to rely on? It's money of course. And guns. Fuckin' A, with these two things, the world is a great place." - Revy from Black Lagoon

Lol, Black Lagoon has a lot of nice quotes.

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Posted 1/1/10 , edited 1/1/10
"No matter where your heart leads you, always learn how to accept your past.." -George Miyagusuku (Blood +)
"Isn't it about time to take over their dreams.." -Kevin Smith (Prince of Tennis)
"The dreams I couldn't make come true, make it come true.." -Nanjiroh Echizen (Prince of Tennis)
"Yudan sezu ni ikou..[Don't let your guards down..]" -Kunimitsu Tezuka (Prince of Tennis)
"Live for today but look forward to tomorrow" -Hagi (Blood +)
"Which ever path you take, you will always be a part of the family.." -Kai Miyagusuku (Blood +)

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Posted 1/22/10 , edited 1/23/10
Inside me, there is an organ more important than my heart. Although you can´t see it, I feel it going right through my head and down to my legs, and I know that it exists inside me. It´s the one that lets me stand up and walk forward. So that I can walk forward, without ever trembling. If I stopped here I feel like it would break...My soul would break. Even more than if my heart stops beating, to me that is the most important. Even if I become senile and my back gets bent, I still have to walk foward. - Gintama
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Posted 2/6/10 , edited 2/7/10
"Those who don't know what pain is,will laugh over others misfortunes" Terrius Granchester from Candy Candy anime.
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30 / M / In a basement..
Posted 2/6/10 , edited 2/7/10
"Some things are very beautiful for the very reason that they're unobtainable." - Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night
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21 / F / In My Fairytale
Posted 2/7/10 , edited 2/7/10
" Iipen Shindemiru?" - Enma Ai
(Do you wanna try dying just once?)
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M / California
Posted 2/7/10 , edited 2/8/10
"Drown in your ideals and die!" -Archer from Fate Stay Night : UBW route
Posted 2/8/10 , edited 2/8/10
Kazukiyo Souga: You might also add fear of horror movies, fear of ghost storytelling, fear of suddenly getting scared from behind, and fear of TV commercials about horror movies. What is it with those, anyway? I really do not like them airing those segments without any warnings. What's become of the rights of the cowards?

Kasanoda: I'm not a human weapon. I as just born with this scary-looking face.
Hitachiin Twins: So you're aware of it, Casanova-kun.
Kasanoda: It's Kasanoda!
Hitachiin Twins: Bossa-Nova?
Kasanoda: I said it's KASANODA damnit! You guys wanna die or something!
[Twins cower behind sofa]

Tamaki: (Whispering) Idiots. If Haruhi thinks it's a pool then let it be a pool! Don't make Haruhi feel insulted! It's like the commoners touching knowledge!
Hikaru & Kaoru: Ehhh? But a boat is a boat...
Haruhi: (Overhears) How should I put this... I feel very offended...

Tamaki: "I see you`re very similar to me!"
Haruhi:" Poor kid."

The twins:"Can we visit your house,Haruhi?"
Haruhi."Rather not"
Tamaki:"Well,I certanly will be visiting your hou..."
Haruhi:"No way in hell."

Tamaki:"I`ve never danced with a commoner before."
Haruhi:"Yeah well,I`ve never danced with an idiot before so I guess we`re even."
Posted 2/8/10 , edited 2/9/10
Minato to Jiraiya: "You're a man with a true skill... an example we should all follow. I can't think of a finer shinobi than you!"
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Posted 3/10/10 , edited 3/10/10

I smelled a fart that wasn't mine - Osaka

I'll show you I can protect you. Even I have to exchange my life to do so. -Tsuna Sawada

I'll bite you to death -HIbari

Someday, my memories of her will fade. Her voice, her actions – I might forget them as well. But even then, I will always remember that I loved her." -Emiya Shirou

Remember, Ichigo. You are the man which the woman I fell in love with gave her life to protect. Live to the fullest, age to the fullest, go bald to the fullest, and die long before me. And if possible, die with a smile.
-Isshin Kurosaki

I’m sure it’s just some pretty girl talking about me somewhere.” – -Urahara Kisuke

The letters I've written before are all blackmail to people.
I'm not sure if I know how to write a real letter.
-Killua Zoldyck

If you die, don't come crying to me about it. -Sakata Gintoki

If I sit like a normal person my investigative abilities would be half as effective. -L

Our names are given to us by God. I have betrayed God, and so I no longer have a name. -Scar

A hero always arrives late. -Uzumaki Naruto

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