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Goin to the doctors before sex
Posted 9/6/08
abstinence is the
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Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/6/08

Eudd wrote:

Cuddlebuns wrote:

richiiieee wrote:

No need for doctor visits. Thats what the condom was made for.

Condoms aren't effective for some STDs like crabs and herpes.

OMG. They're not?! How come?

Well crabs thrive in the pubic hairs, which condoms don't cover. I think herpes is passed by genital fluids touching skin, so it's possible some vaginal fluids could get on the guy's thighs or pelvic area or whatever and he can catch it. I'm not too sure though, sex ed was a long time ago, and I was mostly occupied with looking at the pictures of naked girls, so I probably heard some stuff wrong.
Posted 9/6/08
if u tell ur girlfriend to go to the doctor than she'll be
offended and wont be in the mood for sex, lol
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Posted 9/6/08
lol i don't anyone who has ever done that. that would totally ruin the moment too.

"let's have sex."
"no let's go to doctor's first."

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