G25 wheel
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25 / M / Somewhere you're not
Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/6/08
Just wanted 2 ask who else besides me bought the entirely friken exspensive but very nice and awesome G25 wheel for their Ps3?

This one isnt the one i own its just a pic from some1s

currently i'm playing Initiald D on my Ps3 oh and also Gt4... wat other game would be good fer this wheel?\

The features of the G25 wheel:

Its manual gear shift, can change to up down gear shift
It has clutch
Has leather
metal pedals and steering wheel
force feedback
280 ( i think) deegrees turn
tell me if i missed anything
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27 / M / Oregon
Posted 9/6/08
Probably only for those hardcore racing game fans.

ummm...other good games....
Need for Speed undercover
Burnout Paradise
Ridgeracer 7
Midnight Club L.A
and Some More if you search.

(im not sure if those games are compatible with the wheel).
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Posted 9/6/08
i got it fun wheel if its on fun games
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28 / M / Oregon
Posted 9/7/08
heres a whole list of racing games, although i dont know if they are compatible with the wheel.
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