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Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/10/08
HI guys, voting will only take place after the deadline for Chapter submittions. In the mean time, why not lets conduct a mini "voting"? Rate your favourit chapters here!

to rate:

1) write the author's username (no nicknames please)

2) write the chapter number

3) Rate

and if possible, tell us why u rate it so.

The ratings are as below:
1 to 5, (worse to best)

To read the chapter submittions so far, please click here

Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/10/08
First Submition:

NAme: lockon101

chapter 1 part 1
In the great city of london two men are standing faceing each other in a dark ally way, Both men are wearing leather jackets and appear to be perpareing them selfs for a fight. The man wearing a black leather jacket with black spiky hair begins to smirk as he pulls out a knife. The man standing oppisite him wearing a brown leather jacket and long brown hair isn't to phased by the other man and reaches 4 a bottle of beer and opens it. " so wat u plan on doing with that knife ?" asks the man in the brown leather jacket as he opens his bottle of bear and begins drinking it. The man in the black leather jacket begins to laugh " i plan on cutting your heart out with it" says the man with the black leather jacket as he laughs hestercally.

The man in the brown leather jacket isn't to bothered by the words and remains cool as he takes his sweet time to finish off his drink " WHY YOU SON OF A BITCH I WILL KILL U 4 BEING SO COCKY" says the man as he begins to run in the direction of the other man with the intent to kill him. The man with the brown leather jacket sees him comeing and moves to the side avoiding the incomeing knife attack. The man in the black leather jacket grows even more angry at the fact that the other man was able to avoid his attack with ease and was able to do so with a cool expression on his face.

The man in the brown leather then begins to repeatedly attack the other man but the other man was able to dodge all of the attacks as if they were nothing. He then throws a right hand hitting the man in the black leather on the face and knocking him down "TSK i have u out classed why don't u give it up and go on home" says the man in the brown leather jacket and long hair.
" I WON'T STOP U FOOL U MESSED WITH ME AND U R GONNA PAY" says the other man in a black leather jacket

The man with the long brown hair then decides to finish him off and hits the bottle on the wall which splits it in half " i'm way out of your league u sure u wanna go through with this? " says the man as he holds up the sharp end of the broken bottle." HELL YEAH U R SO GONNA DIE" says the man in the black leather. Then the man with the brown hair begins to move forward for the final blow " so long amigo" says the man as he goes in 4 the final attack. The man in the black leather then reaches in his inside pocket and gets out a fire arm which stops the other one in his tracks " U AN'T SO TOUGH ARE YOU?" says the man in the black leather as he waste no time and shoots at the man with the brown leather right in the chest

to be continued chapter 1 part 2 comeing soon
Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/10/08
Second Sub:


24.12.2012 Manhattan, NYC.

It was a cold night. The rain still pouring since yesterday's evening. Things are chaotic out there ever since the announcement was made by the president himself. Politicians begins to argue about how and what measure they can do to stop the meteor. Ego still burning within them. But some of the already decided to keep quite and some quit their job to spare remaining time to pray to god and spend more time with their families, relatives and friends.
As for other people? Well, some of them do it differently. Some of them do crimes. "Just do as you like!". I still remember my dad said that before he left us 3 to spend his new-but-short-gonna-be life with his girlfriend. I actually knew he cheated on mum. I saw him like, when was it? 2 weeks ago? When I'm with Sally went to the mall to look for Arashi's new concert dvd.
It was a fun day back then. But now, it suddenly turns gloomy.
Look at me. Inside my dark room, sitting on my bed beside the window, Watching bloody events under the rainy day happenning outside from the window. There are sadness, anger, rampage and all other evil thing. You can see the ambulance red light reflectition from here. The satan must be laughing right now. they really exist?
I thought the bible said Jesus will come to us before judgement, was it a lie? Or a just another fiction to give people hope? I gave up already.

As I'm still in my own monologue, the room door suddenly got knocked. Trice. "Jeanna, come out! Dinner's ready!"
What the hell is that? Mom sounds like usually. Did she forgot that we were dumped just yeasterday? It's new! How come she sounds as spirited as before? Urgh! Maybe she had 'one' of her own already. Or mum is a really good pretender. Although I never she's facing this kind of situation before...or she really is a very good one.
"Coming...", I reply in low deep tone.

I open the door and step out. Just with a glance I knew Terry was already downstairs. Coz if he's still in his rooms there, I should be able to hear the voice of him singing fan cover of MCR or sound of someone using the computer keyboard or playing video games. Complete otaku he is. Except for glasses. I make my steps downstairs slowly. Both mum and Terry were on the dining table watching 19 inches TV while waiting for me. I pretend doing fine. For a few seconds looking at both people makes me annoyed. I pull the chair slowly and land my bumps onto it like normal days. There's salad, roasted chicken and some sandwiches. Roasted ironic. Well yeah, we gonna be one after 3 weeks. NO! 2 weeks 5days, or perhaps earlier.

"Good, everyone's here, let's pray", said mum.
Me and Terry look each other. I was a complete silence for a while.
Mum's face starts to draw a different impression. A very annoying one.
"Amen", Terry broke the silence. He immediately hold his fork and dig in.
Everyone else follows. The food taste alright but the mood just not there making the dining table look lonely except for the sound of the people eating and the TV behind me.
Everyone is eating normally. I try to pretend as if last day sentimental moment did not happen. To prevent from the odd situation, I begin to open my mouth. Try to talk like we always do before.
"This chicken is delicious,"
Mom shows a little suprised. But her face is showing that she like fake compliment. "Oh, thanks"
Terry suddenly jumps in "I like the sandwich it's just perfect!"
"Emm" I nod.
"Well, there's actually more in the fridge".
"Ah~I want some ice cream..", I say. I got the feeling the conversation is turning good.
"Me too...but is there any?", ask Terry
"Sorry dear, I don't think so", mum reply.
"Oh, oh...perhaps dad could buy..." Terry could continue his words.
Oh my god. He just said it. The taboo word! I'm stunned. One fries I just take fall on the floor.
It's turning bad!
"I'm...sorry", said Terry
"It's....okay..."mum said. But I could see her eyes are getting wet. Tiny tears seen coming out from her eye glen. She try to control it. "It's okay, I'm fine...I'm...okay". She wipe her tears. But her nose starts snorting.
"I just...I accidently..", Terry try to explain. My anger begins to erupting.
"Oh, shut up Terry!"
"That women just lost her husband you idiot!"
Mum eyes balls are popping wide. Oh no, what have I just say? It was as if she's not my mum!
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33 / M / Few kilometres fr...
Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/12/08
Chapter 1
lockon101 - rate total: 3/5
plot - 3/5
details - 1/5
arrangement - 4/5
words - 2/5
comment: i give grammar an exception. but the story need more details, esp on the surroundings. and need to careful with words esp on this part "the man as he holds up the sharp end of the broken bottle". he supposed to hold the bottle mouth instead and point the sharp end to his opponent

Iijima88 - 4/5
plot - 3/5
details - 4/5
arrangement - 5/5
words - 4/5
comment: i like the story but i cant see clearly the story plot. maybe it's becoz the entry is short. but i i like the arrangement it's very detailed.
Posted 9/10/08

Aegis85 wrote:

Chapter 1
lockon101 - rate total: 3/5
plot - 3/5
details - 1/5
arrangement - 4/5
words - 2/5
comment: i give grammar an exception. but the story need more details, esp on the surroundings. and need to careful with words esp on this part "the man as he holds up the sharp end of the broken bottle". he supposed to hold the bottle mouth instead and point the sharp end to his opponent

Iijima88 - 4.5/5
plot - 3/5
details - 4/5
arrangement - 5/5
words - 4/5
comment: i like the story but i cant see clearly the story plot. maybe it's becoz the entry is short. but i i like the arrangement it's very detailed.

lol in other words its crap oh well hey i noticed your cool avi do u like king of fighters and have u seen the new trailer 4 KOF 12
Posted 9/11/08 , edited 9/11/08
3rd Submition
NAme: Miuanna

“Leave me alone! “, I whispered and covered my ears with my hands, maybe I hoped that he will vanish thru that, but I knew that it wouldn´t help. He was still there, around me, because I could feel his cruel icy eyes behind me. He has been watching me ever since I found out about it, that mysterious secret about Hades2, which should have never been revealed.

I let my arms feel down as if any feeling had left them and watched the TV. Now, finally yet too late they found out about that big rock covered in grey ice, This Rock that have lived over billions of years and will now find its end with our blue pearl: earth. How people will react when they hear about it first, Will they run amok or stay totally calm? It’s unpredictable coz they won’t how to react or to understand their feelings.

“Don´t you feel bad?” he said and I knew that he smirked, “You knew about it a long time ago and didn´t do anything to warn the population…..!”

“You knew it too!” I answered him and turned my face to another screen. It was the big black one of a computer and one big green dot appeared to die seconds later, to appear then again.

“ Its getting faster…DAMN!”, I yelled and thru my move a glass, full with an alcohol I don´t knew, flew in a perfect radius, so seemed it to her, down to earth to break there into many pieces. What else should it do, was my thought as I realized that was surprised, everything is going to have an end, also that glass. With from tiredness wide opened eyes I watched the light breaking into different colors in any peace.

“Its dead but still there!” he suddenly said. It made me shiver, like he wanted to transmit a message with it. I hated him for that.

“ I will find a way to make an end to that!”, I said focused and grabbed the broom to sweep the peaces up. One by one finally made their way to the blade and then they disappeared at the trash can.

“How are you going to do that Dr. Meilenstein?”an older consumed voice behind me suddenly said. I didn´t have to turn, to know that a real person spoke to me. I heard his steps drew near to me, slowly like an old man usually walks. His hand appeared in front of me, searching the desk as a secure hold. Had he lost his precious walking stick?

“As I can see from the radar its speed has increased!”, he whispered and I could see him shivering, he was scared like everyone. My old wall like mentor, who has ever believed in his true love the science, was scared, “Is the radar the only way to observe it?”.

I sighed for a second and pressed a button. Two big ironed doors went aside and opened to us the view of a wall full of big, but still black and cold screens.

“Team B34 wasn´t able to reach it…they had to turn. Two of the members are dead!” I said and only some of those screens turned on and showed a still far away rock in the deep dark space, “So we are only able to use our satellites …..Four of them are next to it; the others will reach it within two days and three hours!”

Dr. Sakamoto stayed calm for a while, for me too long. I wanted him to say something, to tell me the solution for all that, so that I could take a long breath and let my guilt disappear.
“ Two dead…who are they?” he asked me.
“ Maya and Kaito!”, I said and my stomach clenched badly.
“ That’s only the beginning!”
“ Yeah…that will end bad!”, I whispered.
Posted 9/11/08 , edited 9/11/08
4th submition

In the surroundings of Paris, France, 2 weeks left before the impact

Most of the buildings were down or had such big holes that it was unbelievable they were still standing. In each corner of the street, you could see cars' wreck finishing to burn in silence. Unexpectedely, the street was quiet, it didn't happen very often, but it was quiet and there were almost no one. Alpha was walking, fast, on what used to be a pavement. He had a gloomy face, hidden by pollution smoke, like everyone since the anoucement of the future crash of Hades2 and the begining of the civil war.Indeed, soon after the president of the USA and the NASA did their speech about Hades2, the international politics changed. The countries who were in war with each other, ended their fight and decided to focus on finding a solution for this upcoming castatrophe, together with the USA. On the other hand, countries which wasn't in conflicts started to face civil war. It was the case for France. The eternal rivalry between the political party of the right and the political party of the left came to his paroxysme. With no reason, members of the differents parties begun to attack each other with the help of people of the governement; in all cities of France there were shoot-out, bombing, massacres...What was supposed to be the contry of freedom and humans right became a living hell, no one was in security. It was in that atmosphere of chaos that Alpha was trying to make his way home, a hand on his mouth to protect him from that infernal smoke (even though he knew it was unuseful),and the other one holding tight a plastic bag from a pharmacy. He was close to his apartment building, when he banged on a fallen roof piece and fell. He stood up while swearing and removed it away. He suppressed a scream. The fallen roof piece was hidding the mutiled corpse of an old lady and it was almost decomposed and it spread an horrible smell. Alpha's head started spinning and he leaned on the nearest wall.
It's okay, I wont puke,I wont puke, I can't puke, he said with a low voice
He took a deep breath, and rush to his home. He allowed himself to rest, only when he entered in his small appartment. He locked the door, and headed to his mother's room, the plastic bag still in his hands.
-Mum ? he called
-Alpha, I'm sorry, so sorry
His mother voice was very low and she sounded like she was in harsh pain. Alpha bite his lips. He walked to her bed,sit next
to her and gave her a fake smile.
-What are you talking about mum ? You were asleep for 2 days, what is there for you to apologize for ?
-That's the problem, I slept for too long and I missed christmas so you had to spend it alone
Well,I don't mind, it gave me the occasion to do a dirty job and get enough money to buy you some medecines
-Don't worry about this mum, there's more crictical things you know
- i know, but it was our last christmas, I wanted us to at least spent it together...
The world was coming to his end and his mother was thinking about such matters. Alpha sought. Well, he understood her wish somehow. He loved her so much and watching her only made his resolve stronger: he won't let this happen, he didn't know how, but there has to be a way. There was something fishy behind this anouncement and the actual behavior of all the heads of state of the world. He would find a way, he wouldn't be defeated by this even if it was a deadly meteor and even if he was only a 17 years old brat.
-Alpha, whta's wrong ?, asked his mother
How can you ask such a question mum ?
-Nothing important, don't worry about it.
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33 / M / Few kilometres fr...
Posted 9/12/08
Miuanna - 4/5
plot - 3/5
details - 4/5
arrangement - 4/5
words - 5/5
comment: nice one. i like the sci-fi idea. but the starting dont give me enough kick.

dreamer91 - 4.5/5
plot - 5/5
details - 5/5
arrangement - 3/5
words - 5/5
comment: 1 point more for arrangement is paragraph, another point is, i wish u could put "
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
5th Submition

Name: jiggs_91290141

Chapter 1 part 1:

25.12.2012 – the world

After the announcement was made, people were astounded. The wars suddenly stopped, and country leaders started to unite… But it was too late. The world has already turned into chaos. People were so shocked, and all of them fell into despair. When you walk the streets you can see people running and panicking, some just sitting there staring at the blank, don’t know what to do, some held their heads and was murmuring about the end of the world while shivering, slowly becoming crazy. The air ports were overcrowded with people who want to go home to their homelands. Out of desperation, some even used guns to threaten people just to let him ride the plane. In the cities you can’t hear nothing but shouts, screams and cries. People have been hold-upping stores to get money for their remaining time. Some even started to kidnap women just to rape them. This was going out of control that even the cops can’t do anything, because they themselves were in desperation. They didn’t know what to do… The once happy Christmas now turned into the saddest day of human kind.

25.12.2012 –somewhere around this world

A child was sleeping on a dark alleyway full of garbage. While sleeping, he felt that the city was too noisy. He thought maybe it was because today was Christmas and people are celebrating it, but a sudden noise that approached his sleeping place made his eyes open… His vision was still blurry and he saw 2 shadows entering the alleyway, one of them seems to be forced to. He heard one of the shadows screaming, but the other one was covering its mouth so no one can hear it but him. He was curious what was happening so he tried to clear his eyes. He was surprised by what he saw. It was a guy holding up a girl with a gun while covering her mouth. He thought he should remain hiding so he won’t be involved in the matter. The guy started to whisper, “stop resisting or I will kill you.” The girl still tried to scream and resist. The guy suddenly started to move his hands through the girl’s shirt and whispered “I wanted to experience this before I die, but they said we have 3 weeks left to live so I have no choice but to do this. Too bad you’re the first girl I found when I thought of raping some girl.” The innocent child wondered what was happening but he felt that this is really bad and he should help the girl. But he thought “what can a child like me do? If I go out there I’ll just be shot and die.” He was confused whether to help the girl or not, and while thinking the guy started to make his move again. The guy’s hands started to wonder around the girl’s shirt, and he started to smell the girl’s neck and gave her an evil laugh. His hands started to move towards the lower part of the girl, and she was now screaming hard begging the guy to stop. The child was watching this and he suddenly remembered something… the death of his mother. The scene where her mother was raped and was killed flashed back in his mind. He remembered the night where his father was killed by some thieves, and his mother raped and killed. He survived because she hid him in the closet. Not this triggered him to help the girl. He got the bat beside him and aimed for the guy’s thing. The guy was so concentrated that he didn’t notice the small kid. While playing with the girl, a sudden pain surged from within his body. He screamed and fell on the ground holding his thing. The kid took the girl and they both ran. The guy couldn’t do anything but suffer the pain on the floor…

The boy took the girl to his secret hiding place. He saw the girl still crying because of fear from what happened. He asked “are you ok?” “Yes” The girl answered while crying “It was just so scary. The world’s going to end then I thought I will be raped.” The child wondered and asked, “The world’s going to end? What do you mean?” The girl was surprised that the child didn’t know anything. She explained it to the child and found out that he has been hiding for 3 days so he missed the announcement. He was surprised to find out about the news and he thought the girl was just joking. But this made him realize the word of the guy “we have 3 weeks left”… to be continued
Posted 9/13/08
6th Sumition

Name: Sexyzaftgirl

“ Ah lil pretty girl’’ The boy said and pointed his gun in her neck.
She couldn’t move and closed her eyes waiting for the worst.
“So you're in for a date with my gun?? I mean what does it matter......Dooms Day is coming!!!” He sneered. Her eyes grew wide of shock, slightly tears where forming. But she didn’t want to cry and look weak…..but her body was shaking like crazy.

Seconds later a shot could be heard.


23.12.2012, Amsterdam, Holland

Outside it was dark and raining hard, you could hear the wind whistling thru the night. Somewhere in a sloppy neighborhood; a girl, between eighteen and twenty years old was watching the news in her living room.
Her eyes where fixated on the screen, her dark brown eyes shocked of the news she heard.
The world, the people, everything was going to be destroyed. Why did it to happen now??

“Coral, Coral, Coral!!!”

“Huh” She replied and looked up. “Father” She whispered and looked up at the middle aged man.

The man walked towards his daughter and sat down next to her. “Coral, I told you to stay in bed!! Your ill!!” he said concerned and brushed her hair away.

Coral didn’t reply but stayed quiet. What could she say? That she was scared to death, that all of them where going to be crushed like ants???
Nervously she scratched her head and closed her eyes. She didn’t want to cry. Baby time was already over. For once in her life she should act like an adult.

“If you want to talk sweetie, I am here. Tell me what’s bothering you??” her father asked. Deep in his mind he knew it. And he regretted it already that he asked it.

“Dad, I don’t want to die!!! Why didn’t the government do anything?? Why did they wait for so long?? They could have known that such thing would happen one day!!” She whispered scared.

Her father couldn’t answer any of this. He didn’t want to look his daughter in the eyes, so he shifted his gaze towards the window.

You could hear people yelling, cars racing by, families packing their stuff and going to whoever knows where. There was no place to hide, no place to seek comfort. The only place you knew you could stay safe for the upcoming weeks was your home. And even there these days you couldn’t stay.
Thieves, burglars and other scum where terrorizing the place. It was their domain for now.

“Go upstairs and take some sleep. Tomorrow where are going to the city bunker” her father advised.
Slowly she nodded her head, she managed to stand up and walk the stairs up towards her room. She lay down in bed and closed her head. Thinking of what would become of the world, her friends and the people. She rolled herself up like a ball and cried softly.

Not even five minutes had passed and she heard glass shattering and her father's yell.
Scared she jumped up; she wiped the tears away and walked slowly towards the door. She walked a little and leaned against the stair rail.

Her eyes grew wide,she couldn’t move, and her mouth fell open of shock. There, in the living room, where four men surrounding her father with guns and knives pointing at him. Her father was been pushed towards the ground.

“F-FATHER!!!!” She suddenly screamed.

The four men including her father looked up; his eyes grew wide of shock. “NO CORAL!!!! GO BACK!!!” he yelled.

“Shut up old man, the world is going to end soon and I want some fun” A young man sneered and turned his gaze towards Coral. “It means not only stealing the resources of people but also hurting their loved ones”.

“Don’t go near my daughter”

“Take him out, I will go for the girl” The same guy commanded and ran the stairs up.

Coral didn’t react, not even when the guy pushed her towards him and hold her tight.

“ Ah lil pretty girl’’ The boy said and pointed his gun in her neck.
She couldn’t move and closed her eyes waiting for the worst.
“So you’re in for a date with my gun??I mean what does it matter......Dooms Day is coming!!!” He sneered.
Slightly tears where forming buut she didn’t want to cry and look weak…..but her body was shaking like crazy.
"Y-You don't have the right.....t-to do this to people!! We're all going to die and this is what y-you do??" Coral sobbed.
The boy just grinned.

Seconds later a shot could be heard.
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33 / M / Few kilometres fr...
Posted 9/13/08
jiggs_91290141 - 3.5/5
plot - 3/5
details - 4/5
arrangement - 4/5
words - 3/5
comment: the plot is common in many movie, i can actually know what will the boy do.

Sexyzaftgirl - 4.63
plot - 5/5
details - 4.5/5
arrangement - 5/5
words - 4/5
comment: i like how you start i can see how the story goes. it' well arranged. but you can actually add a bit more details. just a bit more. The best of all so far....
Posted 9/13/08


Sexyzaftgirl - 4.63
plot - 5/5
details - 4.5/5
arrangement - 5/5
words - 4/5
comment: i like how you start i can see how the story goes. it' well arranged. but you can actually add a bit more details. just a bit more. The best of all so far....

^___^ thnx and hahah yeah sometimes I have a hard time with details, I am trying to improve that then.
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26 / M / somewhere around...
Posted 9/13/08
LOL I suck =_= lolz..
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29 / F / somewhere in this...
Posted 9/13/08

jiggs_91290141 wrote:

LOL I suck =_= lolz..

well, that's just from one rate. dont worry sweety cutey
Posted 9/14/08
7th submition:

Name: bluePharaoh

“I believe there’s an afterlife, a sanctuary somewhere beyond, a place that is just a Utopia as a mortal ‘Aristotle’ told me before” a boy was reading aloud in what looked like a classroom, what was weird about the scenery though, was that all the students looked somehow old and those who looked young, had that look in their eyes, that of a profound wisdom.
“Thank you James” said a tall paled man with fairly light blonde hair, his skin complexion alongside his hair color gave him a rather subtle look.
“That was part of Mannila’s Journals, he wrote this during the first quarter of his sentence , as you all know he is the only known endurerer to have effectively ended his sentence and liberated himself , how he ended his life is a mystery, as his journals dates back to before his liberation.”
Suddenly a bell rang. “Well then, next Class we’ll revisit Mannila’s journal: 1914, back then the non-endurers had their first world war, so it should be interesting”
As everyone started packing their things a conversation broke out
“Ah, so he just killed himself, and left us all to rot here for eternity”
“Shhh, you are not to use foul words, you are sounding like an enlightened, he didn’t kill but rather Liberated himself, beside they say that the enlightened burned it down; Mannila’s last journal entries”
“enlightened, these filthy endurers, they are far away from being enlightened than being dead, I’ve been around now for how long, Damn it I’ve lost count, HA, no need to count though, can easily say since the beginning of time, and I’ve had it, this is not a gift this is a curse”
James made his way quickly, he had heard this talk over and over again, that was all they talked about, anyway he had a much important thing to do he was to meet in secret with Marianne. Every week they met in secret, If anyone would find out, they would be casted out both of them.It was forbidden, an unspeakable taboo, that an enlightened and a en-shadowed to meet, it’s true they were both original endurers in other words immortals, yet an enlightened lived to serve, to sustain life on the other hand an enshadowed lived to find a way to end what they thought was an eternal service. At the beginning of time there were only endurers and non-endurers(humans), Endurers maintained and sustained life and aided the non-endurers , but then there was a riot, some endurers were not pleased they were angry and protested. And from that point on there were 2 clans: The enlightened and enshadowed.

As he stood looking past the trees “will she be here ???” he thought and slowly an earlier talk he had, played through his head.
“Try to cheer up James, they say it’s all coming to end within 3 weeks, the non-endurers announced it, Ha, and it’s a wreck outside for the enlightened” An older man said
“Don’t Give James false hopes, we’ve been around for quite a long time, I don’t believe it, this is too easy.”
“You have to believe, the enlightened do, they are even blaming us, they say it’s our fault the world is coming to an end, some sort of retribution for us not doing what we are supposed to do”
He suddenly flipped out of it, he heard someone coming, it was Marianne.
James smiled “I thought you wouldn’t come”
Marianne “Don’t’ be silly James, why wouldn’t I come, It’s not like the world is ending in 3 weeks and it’s a mess out there ” and her mouth twitched to a little distant smile
James “How is it like out there??”
Marianne “You haven’t seen it for your own eyes yet???” and he shook his head
“well, it’s a mess no it’s rather a catastrophe, and there’s just too much happening and so little of us, they’ve gone mad, if they keep going like that there won’t be a world to end when hades2 fall ”
James “Hades2???”
Marianne “That’s what they call it” and she looked at him suspiciously “You must know that least surely”
James “No I don’t, I haven’t been out, I’m stuck here and all they do is party over on my side, they don’t even care about the details”
Marianne “Partying huh?? So there’s still someone on this planet who’s having fun! Well, it’s not pretty at my side, they are agitated and I don’t think they are going to calm down”
James “what do u mean??”
Marianne “well, they say it’s all.. Well the enshadowed fault” and she looked away.
James “And you believe that??” incredulously
Marianne “well, do u have another explanation” inquiringly
James was shocked “Yes, the world doesn’t revolve around us, maybe…Maybe it’s a meteor as they say, the fact that you would just say that, I can’t believe you Marianne”
Marianne just remained silent with a frown on her face, James could think of to say to her.
“Fine, as u like” he said angrily and left while Marianne kept sitting there for a moment till she heard a scream ringing through her head and then vanished into thin air.
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