Your 5 Favorite Gamez
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Posted 9/8/08
Well I Have None!!! xDD LoLz!

How Bout You???? xDD
Posted 9/8/08
Then why post?


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Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08
Gamez Section?

Plus duplicate(?)

Well anyway, these are my 5 (not in order).

1. Diablo II(Waiting for Diablo III to come out. I want it so bad).
2. World of Warcraft ( I quit, but i'll give WOTLK a try when it comes out).
3. .hack// series on the PS2 ( I absolutely love .hack).
4. Starcraft ( not a crazy fanboy for it, but it is one of my favorites).
5. Unreal Tournament ( One of the first online shooters I played when I was young. Absolutely one of my favorites).

I have a few more, but this thread only lets five favorites, so yeah, that's it.
Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
PS2 games:
1. Guitar Hero
2. Persona 3
3. Everybody's Tennis
4. .hack// series
5. ???
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Posted 9/19/08
These are some of my favourite:

Finalf fantasy 9
Fatal frame 2
Harvest Moon
Metal gear solid 2+3
Posted 9/19/08
tales of symphonia
Posted 9/20/08
Duplicate .
Favourite Video Games :
Reported ~

Hmmm ... I don`t play much video games .
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Posted 9/20/08
^ what they said.

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