Persona 3/ Fes
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Posted 9/11/08
I am currently playing Persona 3 fes and I am completely addicted to the game! Of course I couldn't wait, so I know all the spoilers and stuff. I was really upset to learn that Minato (The main character or in my case Kenji) died at the end of the journey. I was also sad when Shinjiro died too. This game is filled with twists and turns that you don't even see coming, and even though I'm almost done with it, I will immediately play it all over again. This game also has some of the best music I've ever heard period! I really must applaud Shin Megami for making such an exciting and thrilling game. I can now see how this was the best RPG game of 2007. My favorite pairing from this game would be Akihiko/Misturu, even though I have Minato going after her lol. My only thing is I wished Minato didn't die, I mean seriously, it took me days to get over it. I decided to put this topic up because I wanted to know what people thought when they were in my position or are in my position.
Posted 9/11/08
This game was unique in its way...and I really enjoy fusing super demons way ahead of your level making early boss fights

But the thing I like about this game is its sense of reality that good people do die....and for a good cause....I mean, when fighting, there are deaths on two sides, good and bad....How can you fight evil and NOT lose a member along the way...It just doesn't make sense....realistically...

Most games, no good guys ever dies or at least the main cast....mostly small supporting characters dies only....
My favorite pairing...Yukari X Minato...
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Posted 9/12/08
I don't really like the ending. Actually, I hate it.
Why does the main character died at the end.
I like the game, but I don't like the ending
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Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/12/08
Definitely one of the most unique games out there.
But like Icchaniy said, the ending sucks. You'll hate it more than you hate your Neighbor's stinky feet.
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