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Taiwanese Dramas
Posted 10/10/08
Fated to Love You
The Rose
Sweet Relationship
Hana Kimi
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Posted 10/10/08
Hey i have a question, but i dont have enough CR points to post my own forum topic, but i was reading about the drama Invincible Shan Bao Mei, and i saw it somehow relates to Fated to love you..... can anyone explain to me how it related to Fated to love you?
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28 / new york
Posted 10/10/08
I don't think it relates to it, (it's more like a "spin-off"), except that it stars some of the characters from Fated To Love You in the first eps.... Wait...Unless the point of it is "Sticky Note Girl" and "Flat-Chested Girl" finding I hope it's not twenty somethin' odd eps like FTLY was.....
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Posted 10/10/08
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Posted 12/26/08
i would recommend:
*=favorites/the best, you should try watching it
-=Nice Drama

*Brown Sugar Macchiato
*My Lucky Star
-Romantic Princess
-Bull Fighting
-Corner with Love
-Devil Beside You
-Prince Turns into Frog
-Ying Ye 3+1

*The first two are so awesome! In My opinion it's the best taiwanese dramas I've watched so far
Please watch it~ i guarantee you'll love it!!!!!!
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