[Game] Google THAT!
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Posted 9/13/08

murraychrystal wrote:

Ok Here's What You Do:

Type the word the person says above in google and post the first picture that pops up! If the first pic is too smexy , then keep searching (2nd, 3rd, 4th pictures) until you find one!

Ok I'll start!
I will say
sexy bikinis
and the next person puts in the pic and then chooses a word that they want the next person to Google. and so on and so forth

You see very easy , so lets play

so the word i want the next person to Google is

lets have fun!!

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F / In an Ideal World...
Posted 9/13/08
Uhhh, there's already a game like this serg
Posted 9/14/08
I think this game is already in the group

so i'll lock it.
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