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Post Reply Anyway to flatten hair?
Posted 10/10/08

LunarReplicator08 wrote:

bloodsinnerken wrote:
what? o.O I didnt know that...damn..if it is true then they should sell it in the phil...i really want to get my hands on one *grins*

LOL...ur not the only dude....tell me if u found soon ok..?
and tell me wher u boghut it..xD

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25 / M / Doha, Qatar
Posted 10/10/08

bloodsinnerken wrote:


Wow..thnx...i'll be waiting for a good reply so0n..n_n
Posted 10/10/08

LunarReplicator08 wrote:

bloodsinnerken wrote:


Wow..thnx...i'll be waiting for a good reply so0n..n_n

i got this from

Locations Where Gatsby is SOLD!
Gatsby is sold in these locations : MORE TO BE DISCOVERED:
<-------X-Most Locations stated are locations which most bebo people are from-X------

Ebay: It can be bought here for a range of prices, differing on the seller and ofcourse the product
Other Online Buying Sites Its sold in other websites which feature buying and online trading.

We are know advertising you! If you sell Gatsby, and is interested in getting your name around, ASK to be put on here!
more details later.
Location where mostly at:Brisbane Sunnybank, CityQLD

ASIA: ALL $$$ in AUS.D[Moving Rubber]
Stores in Asia
- Sasa

Sold Widely in most asian countries, in hair care and skin products specialty stores. Also it is sold in most 7/11 outlets
[Deffinently - Philippines$4.50, Singapore$5.00, Japan$6.00-$9.00, Thailand$5.00, Malaysia$5.50, China$7.50, Hong Kong$7.00, Korea$6.00


Queensland: $15.00- $21.00
Sunnybank [location to be varified]
Sunshine Coast [location to be varified]
Gold Coast [Location to be varified]
Gold Coast Caville, Place, North Enders

New South Wales: $15.00 - $ 20.00
Capitol [exact address to be varified]
Market City Japanese Cosmetics (AKA) [exact address to be varified]
City China Town Hairdressers [exact address to be varified]
AKA COSMETICS in George st across from World Square centre
SHOP 183, 569 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
tel: (02) 9283 9288
Cost: $18.80

Victoria: $14.00 - $22.00
Melbourne - renaissance hairdressers at Travoli Arcade, City - pink.

Europe/United Kingdom: UNKNOWN
Afflecks palace NOT KNOWN

Remember that all prices on this blog are not exact. Gatsby Moving Rubber is sold in a wide range of Prices. The prices given are just an idea of what you are expecting to pay. If you know of exact prices for each of the locations, please fill free to fill this blog up.

OR this one
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28 / M / australia
Posted 10/10/08
ahhh... when ur hair is wet... blow dry it untill its damp! *repeat DAMP! and put a beanie over your head! for around. 10 - 15 mins? and wen ur hair dry's out it should be all nice and flat! and if u want some extra volume afterwoulds just.. blow dry or.. boof it up with wax! =D
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29 / M / the living room o...
Posted 10/15/08

booboox wrote:


Like... my hair is actually straight already...

VERY Straight.

I just want the same look as it had been straightened by a straightener ;_;

So all the levels of my fringe are like FLAT ;S get it?


So any idea how I can flatten it without it getting damaged by a straightener?

when i'm not in the mood to straighten my hair, i just put a beanie on seems to work well for me...try it out if you havn't tried it already ^.^v
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Posted 10/17/08
Not flatten.

If you look on a flat surface of hair, u normally see outstanding strands that are like all weak and stick in random places. When you straighten it, it goes straight like the rest of the hair, but what are those called?

Putting a beanie on wont fix that lol.
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22 / M / >_> no one needs...
Posted 10/29/08
lol flattening it??
thats wierd one =-=
i find it easy
thats unless ur hair isnt as wavy
jus try... =-=
dno hold it down??
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28 / F
Posted 10/30/08
I think you may be referring to fly-aways?
You can always try a silicone spray/serum.
These are also known as shine sprays/serums.
Silicone has the property to coat your strands
and smooth out the surface of the hair.

I would recommend a spray for short hair, rather than a serum.
Serums tend to be heavier and more ideal for long, dry/frizzy hair,
while sprays are very light and easier to control.
Still, even sprays should be used sparingly
since too much silicone can make the hair look greasy.

One of the best sprays I've used is from Citre Shine (a product line related to Schwarzkopf),
but I've heard it's been discontinued. I can't be sure though, because I still see it sold online.
It's very cheap, but it seriously works wonders. It smooths out the hair, makes it feel really soft,
and doesn't weigh it down at all or have any greasiness.
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22 / M / >_> no one needs...
Posted 11/9/08
lol i fink =-= u jus gotta layer ur hair since its frizzy..

or play with it, with ur hands lol
not too much =-= or it becomes oily... like mine T.T

or use an average brush and jus seperate ur hair in a row

mine flattened easily after a few days..
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