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Utopian or Dystopic future?
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26 / M / Cavite, Philippines
Posted 2/24/09
I think society will be Dystopic someday... just watch the news everyday and you'll know. Maybe there is a cycle for every civilization, first to rise as one, then to fall and have chaos (Like how the rise and fall of Rome affected the known western world). We don't know if there will be a sorta post-apocalyptic era or a second dark ages, but it will inevitably happen sooner or later. Nothing lasts forever, not even righteousness that defines civilization.
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23 / M / europe
Posted 2/24/09
I don't think it will hapen but i prefer karl marx's idea of a perfect society of anarchism where everyone would own everything and nothing at the same time-the greatest ideas and paradoxes of all times
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24 / M / Terra
Posted 2/24/09

x3bby-anjiee wrote:

o0James0o wrote:

x3bby-anjiee wrote:

who cares ?
god , for english ,
we have to read the giver ,
and its about one of those thingy majigs ,
and the book is like ,
so fucking boring i could go to sleep .

the giver is but an utopia turned dystopia based on the idea of a single person....

dont go around judging everything you read or hear to be true... do you not have individualism?

no wonder the majority of the population are ignorant fools...

huh .
i am probably an ignorant fool ,
because i have no idea what you just said .

but if you want to elaborate ,
please do .
i have a test on the giver tomorrow , and i`m sure to fail .

what im saying is that do not trust anything beside yourself. the giver is but a book -- an idea of one. even history books, do not trust them. they are written by historians and it is changed according to how the historian like it...

hmm, the best way to study for tests on books is to read summaries from cliff notes or something...
Posted 2/24/09 , edited 2/24/09

kila1221 wrote:

end of all will come by blade of Ragnarök

Too bad. The blade is already dull
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