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Posted 9/15/08
OOh OOOOhh.... Let me start first!

Name : Debbie
Nickname : Michiko , Michi-chan
Age : Secret xP
Hobbies : Playing Com. Playing with my puppy and Chatting xD
I Likeeee foooooooooooooooood :D

Ur Turn !
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Posted 9/15/08
Name: Miyagi
Nickname: Miya-chan~miya-tan
Age: 15
Hobbies: Anime Otaku<3

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F / Tamaki's mind the...
Posted 9/15/08
konichiiwa mina san~
username: mudfoot
name: akinah chii/ chan/ dono/ sama
age: 15 going on 16
hobbies: dreaming, running,
doodling, going on cr,
shopping, talking on phone,
reading, spending time on the bed,
collecting cute anime pictures,
listening to music, updating ipod,
and so much omg <3

hope to be great friends with you all~
if you like kawaii things, please visit here also!

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24 / F / i'm the one stalk...
Posted 9/16/08
Name : miki
Nickname : doesn't matter what u call me
Age : 15
Hobbies : anything dealing with anime or manga, going on the computer, being weird

doozo yoroshiku
Posted 9/16/08
ooo.... Nice pictures DD
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