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Posted 9/15/08
whaats your favorite type of musicc?

mine would be real hip hop
underground hip hop.
Posted 9/15/08
i lik all of 'em except 4 R 'n' B
Posted 9/20/08
whats your most favoritist one then?

vote for that onee :]
Posted 9/20/08
uhmm.....uhh..........?? idk!!! ok ROC!!!!!!!
Posted 10/5/08
i vote for asians....sumtimes....if i want
Posted 10/6/08
wut do u mean if u want....????? O_Ollll
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F / wit your granma,...
Posted 10/27/08
wow the poll is a three way tie with rock, hip-hop, and asian!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROK ROXX MY SOXX OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 10/27/08
lol wow, ur hyped
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26 / M / Nya Town
Posted 3/12/09
all my life i've been singing anime and game songs soooo i go for jpop and jrock haha! do they count? XD
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