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27 / M / waitin 4 u @ the...
Posted 5/9/09
Ichigo -i like the "berry-tan" thing the vizard girl called him
Rukia -Midgit with no artistical tallent
Kenpachi - Mr. in need of therapy
ishida -housewife
ikkaku -cueball, chromedome, baldy, lightbulb head (Mr. clap on clap off)
Kenpachi's therapist -bravest man/woman alive or dead
orrihime -jiggles or big booby chan (11th vice capt)
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28 / M / tailing you >.
Posted 5/12/09

Kuran_Juuri wrote:

Rukia: Ms Chappy
Ichigo: Mr Berry-Tan
Ishida: Mr Pencil
Hitsugaya: Mr Ice Prince
Aizen: Mr Bad Guy
Byakuya: Mr Emotionless
Kon: Plushie
Urahara: Mr Hat en Clogs
Gin: Mr Fox Face
Renji: Mr Tatoo Baboon
Yoruichi: Ms Kitty
Kenpachi: Jingle Bells
Yachiru: Pink Brat
Ikakku: Q Ball
Grimmjow: Mr Kitty Kat

yachiru is not a brat u r
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25 / M / Hmm.. somewhere l...
Posted 5/13/09
Renji: Tattoo nut, Mr Explosive.
Gin: That scary guy
Mayuri: Mad scientist
Kenpachi: Uber saddist dude
Ishida: Housewife-wannabe, [aka in chinese... Gu-niang]
Rukia: The hopeless artist
Kon: Radio-man [cos he's noisy]/Big mouth
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23 / F / on EARTH
Posted 6/29/09
nova = shyguy lmfao
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26 / M / NO
Posted 9/10/09 , edited 9/24/09
Gin: Ass Clown
Chad: Rocky bubowa
Hitsugaya: Short rounds
Grimmjow: Pantara God
Nell: Love Godess (Kill Ichigo for me LMFAO)
Soi Fon: Master of Hookers
Ichigo: Ladie's man (He attracts like every chick in the show)
Kenpachi: Hercules
Yamamoto: Herbert
Aizen: Awsome Strategist
Quincey: Nerd!!!!!!
Tousen: Stuck up and thinks he's stronger than everyone.
Ulquioora: Emo with Sasuke
Orihime: Annoying princess bitch
Rukia: Soft hearted and caring
Kon: Squeeky and funny!
Urahara: I think he does weed? Nah... Too cool for that
Tessai: Will be absolute murder of Urahara.
Yoruichi: Hottest tan skin babe ever.
Goku: ?????? You will die by Ichigo. How the hell did he get in here. Oh right! Instant Transmision.
Matsumoto: YEAH!!!!!!!! Boobies!!!!!!!!!
Toushiro: Short, Mouthy, But cool and smart!

Very good thread I loved this. I will think of more!
Posted 9/18/09
ichigo :ORANGEE !! :D
rukia : chappigirl :)
toshiro : ice prince :)
kenpachi : big dadi ! :D
yama-jii : grandpa ! :))
yachiru : baby girl :D
inoue : annoying princess
ikkaku : pingpong XD
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23 / F
Posted 2/16/10
Ulquiorra = BATMAN
Ichigo = Strawberry
Inoue = Princess
Ishida = Mr. Pencil
Tatsuki = Karate kid
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26 / F / Texas
Posted 2/18/10
Ichigo- fire head
Orihime- bouncing pom pom
Chad- El Macho
Uryru- Smartypants
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