Wind Storms In Kentucky
Posted 9/16/08
My power was out for over 48hrs because of the windstorms that happened here from hurricane Ike. I know that it could have been a lot worse like the people in Texas and Louisiana but I am happy that the power finally came back on, but on the bad side we lost all of your food 500 dollars worth >.<. If any one lives in KY feel free to post in this thread or just post your comments. There is a link below with more info thanks ^^
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Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/17/08

I want a hurricane named after me. "Hurricane ----" sounds awesome and destructive. @_@

Hurricane Ike
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Posted 9/16/08
HOW many friggen natural disaster occurred this weekend???!!!

this shit is in the borderline area of my brain that's labeled .... i dont give a fuck area !
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Posted 9/17/08

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