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Post Reply Let's learn KOREAN!
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Posted 12/9/07
[Geureom, jeohi jibe oseyo. Naeiri je saeng-iriyeyo.]
Then I’d like to invite you over to my place. It’s my birthday tomorrow.

[A, geuraeyo. Myeossijjeume galkkayo?]
Oh really ? What time should I get there?

[Ibe majeusiljji moreugesseoyo.]
I hope you enjoy the dinner.

[Saeng-il chukahamnida.]
Happy birthday to you.

Sarang-haneun Cheolsussi-ui saeng-il chukahamnida.]
Happy birthday, dear Cheolsu. Happy birthday to you.
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Posted 12/9/07

All lady explains the alphabet
Posted 12/9/07
i found an awesome place to learn korean.
if you are familiar with theres a now.
i highly recommend both.
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Posted 12/9/07
Thanks a lot,
Korean is pretty hard comparing it to Japanese which I am trying to learn right now, I'll just study along so I can go chat with Bi Rain and DBSK xD

LMAO I'm dreaming >-<!
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30 / F / in minho's room
Posted 12/10/07
wow. this is cool. i tried to learn korean before as well as japanese but i was just too impatient. wahha.. poor me...

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22 / F / Somewhere over th...
Posted 12/10/07
kamsahamnida! I'm learning korean now! i'm so happy it's so cool!
Posted 12/10/07
yayyyyyyyy please help me learn korean!!!!! plzzzzzzz??? hehhe Gamsahamnida
Posted 12/11/07

just for your infomation about the alphabet...
i learn korean...

for // ㅅ s // and // ㅊ ch // and // ㅈ j // and // ㅆ ss // and //ㅉ jj // when it is in the end of a character you pronounce it "t"...


delicious ::: the spelling is like 'mas da' but pronounce it "mat da'..
you're right ::: spelling 'maj da' but pronounce "mat da" ...(more info down there)

it has the same pronounce right??
But note this..when changing 's'/'j'/'ch'/'ss'/'jj' to 't' when an 'alphabet after' the character is consonant...

if the alphabet is vowel.... the you just pronounce it the way they are...

example :-

I don't know = "Mol lass eo" just pronounce it the same...(the line alphabet is vowel)
and for the delicious actually it was more comman like this...
delicious = "mas da" but people say "mas it da"
::: so pronounce it like "mashitta" instead because they pronounce "si" = "shi"

but people sometimes pronounce some character like this :-

//ㅁ m// pronounce it 'b' (so for the you're right = "mat da" you pronounce it "bat da" or "bat ta"...)

//ㄴ n// pronounce it 'd' (like .. me = 'na' but some pronounce it "da"...)

the pronouce is somewhat learn it continuously...
more info to go next time...

enjoy learning here..!!
Posted 12/13/07
o thankies!! im learning korean~~!!! lolz
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Posted 12/13/07
Wa..! Thanks ! This is cool!
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22 / F / Malaysia,South Ea...
Posted 12/13/07
woow soo many words that hard to pronouns here korean is really hard to learn oh well at least i know some words thank you so much!!!!!
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28 / F / lion city
Posted 12/13/07
days of the week

monday - woryoil
tuesday - hwayoil
wednesday - suyoil
thursday - mogyoil
friday - geumyoil
saturday - toyoil
sunday - iryoil

months of the year

january - irwol
february - iwol
march - samwol
april - sawol
may - owol
june - yuwol
july - chirwol
august - parwol
september - kuwol
october - siwol
november - sibirwol
december - sibiwol
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26 / M / Minnesota
Posted 12/15/07
annyonghaseyo danny imnida
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F / NY
Posted 12/15/07
anyoung danny!! lool xD
Posted 12/16/07
annyeong haseyo danny!!
jeoneun amaya rago haeyo..!!
man na seuh bangabseumnida!!
chinguneun ija!!

hello danny!!
i am amaya!!
nice to meet you!!
let's be friend!!

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