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Post Reply What is ur favourite card in 5D's ?
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25 / M / Canada
Posted 8/16/09 , edited 8/16/09
I have a several favorites.
-Stardust Dragon
-Black Rose Dragon
-Speed Warrior
-Junk Synchron
-Nitro Warrior
-Blackwing Armor Master
-Morphtronic Celfon
-Morphtronic Boomboxen
-Goyo Guardian
-Turbo Synchron
-Savior Star Dragon
and my all time favorite.........

Junk Warrior

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30 / M / Aboard the Hyperion
Posted 2/6/10
Although it is certainly not the "most powerful" card alone, my favorite is Silent Magician LV8. Not being affected by any spell card is a good effect but I enjoy it much more trying to special summon this card in duels. Not only do I have to meet the requirements, but I also need to make sure I prevent any interference fulfilling those requirements, which takes skills and putting my skills to the test is what I find thrilling in dueling with a deck that includes this card as the central theme.
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18 / M / GA brunswick
Posted 10/29/10 , edited 10/29/10
mine is
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